As you might know, my ultimate dream is to become a yoga teacher. I am currently saving for a 200H certification but all of this costs a lot of money.
Some of you told me before that they would love me to do instructional videos and I always reply that I don’t have the knowledge and I’m not certified.
So if you want this to happen and make my dream come true :

Please help me !

Thank you

Last day of my adventure here in Greece and tomorrow I will officially be a certified yogi :) Oh life, who would have known I’d swirl out all the way here! And little me, how happy I am you held on during those dark, hard days when you just wanted to fold it and give up. The adventures awaiting for all of us are worth sticking around for, I promise 💙🌎


I did it!!! I’m officially a 200h certified Integral Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga Teacher! Holy macaroni, who would have thought.. I feel so much gratitude, love and happiness blooming inside me. Thank you all for encouraging me through all this, for showing me belonging when I’ve been lonely, and for pushing me to never stop learning 🙏♡🌿💙🌎

// Charlotte Eriksson

Good morning! Day 02 of YTT starts and I knocked out really early last night because the early morning + asana practice + additional 60 min class killed me. But I’m ready for Day 2 with (an aching body and) lots of positivity! 💪🙏

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Y'all, I’ve fallen into the beautiful world of @codyapp and @meghancurrieyoga is the new love of my life. My boo @wanderingwill named her as one of his teacher inspirations during our #ytt at @ashevilleyogacenter and the name stuck with me- especially because Will’s #armbalance game is so damn dreamy & I wanted to know the keys to his progress.

I’m following the plans in Meghan’s “Power Medicine” bundle and her approach is so dope- it’s a slower pace than my practice typically takes, but the heart openings make me feel like I’m cranking open parts of my body that have been closed for decades. She’s just so..agh, I can’t. If I talk about it anymore I’ll probably sound like a potential stalker. She’s the fucking bomb. Sometimes all it takes is a new teacher to stimulate your practice, and I’m so grateful for the new challenges presented by this delicious approach to yoga.

Btw, hey new followers! If you want to learn more about my journey, watch tutorial videos, find my local & national teaching schedule (including my tour dates w/ @nolatrees), or book a private yoga session, click the link in my instagram header!

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A ganglion cyst has formed in the back of my left wrist, causing pain when I flex my wrist downwards. Giving my left wrist a break for the next week at least from any forms of handstands and even arm balances. This means replacing them with all the forearm variations and more pincha practice! While it is not too serious yet, learning to take cues from the body and taking a step back from the practice can be difficult - especially when I only just started my 300hr YTT. But I believe I need patience more than anything else right now. Also hoping that taping my wrist will provide more support to my wrist during my practice and teaching! 😌💪🏻 #breathe

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As much as I’ve loved it here in AVL, I’m pretty fucking excited to get back home. I miss my pets, roommate, friends, and family- not to mention the fact that I’m practically jumping out of my skin to start teaching locally in the Raleigh-Durham area. I found this video of my #kapotasana progress that I recorded before I left for #ytt and I was reminded of how much I miss practicing in my living room with Dallas by my side- it’s the little things, you know?

I couldn’t have asked for more from this experience- my heart and soul have literally been cracked open and I just want every person on the planet to feel the same way. I know the horizon is vast and I’m excited to practice with all of you as soon possible.

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Kathleen Crandall blindfolded practicing at a Tribe Yoga Training.  Practice blindfolded to cultivate pratyahara. Pratyahara practices lead to a profound state of relaxation, expanded self-awareness, and inner stability helping us to tune in to our the more subtle aspects of our Being.

ॐ☯The Art of Yoga☯ॐ

Hello friends!!!

I leave in for Costa Rica in less than two months and payment is due in less than one month! I have a couple hundred left to go to reach my goal.

Please consider donating instead of that coffee you get in the morning. If every person on my Facebook group donated only $1, I would get $156. If every follower on tumblr donated 50 cents, I would have enough to reach my goal! Every dollar counts. Please help me make my dream come true . I will be so eternally grateful (:

Donate to my GoFundMe! Thank you <333

I led my first class today during YTT and it felt surreal. I have been so caught up with a million and one things these days that I haven’t been able to fully appreciate the milestones I’ve reached with my YTT. I must say that today’s class was fun, exciting, and I’m glad my YTT mates enjoyed themselves. I can get used to this, I really can 😌 #angiedoesytt

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