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What’s a fuzzy navel and what’s the cutest thing on earth? :T

A fuzzy navel is a mixed drink made from peach schnapps and orange juice.  I love eet~

OJ is my favorite thing to drink so I pretty much love anything that mixes well with OJ XD

And I have no idea what the cutest thing on earth would be.  Probably like a tiny kitten with a heart shaped spot on his bum or chest with big blue eyes and soft little mew that melts your soul with adorableness.

Hermione “Alright Ron, its a Horcrux we have to destroy it.  Teddymort is only getting stronger." 

Ron:  "I can’t… its cute has burned right into my soul…."   *Snuggles the cute thing lovingly.*

Harry and Hermione:  "We’re fucked…”

Else where:

Teddymort:  “Were the fuck is my nose!  Every thing tastes like shit now…” *Slaughters some muggle-borns due to my utter lack of taste.*

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Woah, wait, since when are messages only allowed to be 500 characters or less?

probably pretty recently, since I don’t remember not being able to use the enter key in messages until today.