Okay so since Kelley asked and 8thpower offered to help...

Someone came up with the theory that the number of sweeps trolls live is based on their blood color, like highbloods live longer than lower bloods do. So someone wanted a Gamzee/Karkat fic based on that fact.

Here’s what I have so far.

> It’s an AU where SGrub never happened (just to keep me from confusing timelines and shit)

> Gamzee has always been sopored up and never went crazy.

>He and Karkat become matesprits

>Karkat dies around xx sweeps old (I need to decide on an actual number)

>The story will be written from Gamzee’s point of view, telling the story, and how he deals with the loss of his long time matesprit.

What I need help with is just HOW Gamzee would deal with the loss. I can’t decide if I want this story to be incredibly angst-ridden with little to no fluff, and maybe a bad ending, or if I want an angsty story with a semi-good ending. Just how would Gamzee deal with the death of his matesprit? And there are a few other details I can’t think of right now that I can’t work out either.