LONDON IS CALLING… Me over in June. and I am adding a little bit of art sight seeing to my to-do list. As it turns out, New York is not the only bustling city with a contemporary art portfolio, and we are seeing an expansion of the genre, not just in major galleries like the Tate Modern. Mayfair seems to be an up and coming hot spot for contemporary art enthusiasts like David Zwirner, who will be opening the entirety of a Georgian town house for exhibitions of Luc Tuyman and Yan Pei-Ming’s worksAccording to Zwirner, International clientele find London a much more accessible city than New York, which is much further for European and Middle Eastern collectors to travel.

A space housing Andy Warhol’s lesser known Indian paintings, will also open in Mayfair this October. This marks the first showing of these works anywhere, (let alone in London,) and is already creating a buzz worldwide. Not too shabby London, not too shabby. 


Artist: Yto Barrada, I loved these images the most. I used them for my photography paper at uni. Studied the idea of Third Culture, and how it feels to not be able to identify with a culture even the country you are from. Her work is just covered with themes of displacement and this concept of being lost in a world that you should technically belong to. Wonderful.