I, I saw a picture of you today
At an art exhibit
On memory lane

home of the strange ! !!!!

okay so my rambled thoughts on ytg’s third album hots under the cut (i’m not some fancy music critic ok i’m just a kid who really fucking likes music and really fucking likes young the giant) >> 

(also this is so much longer than i intended it to be im sorry)

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ALBUM REVIEW: Young the Giant - Home of the Strange

Young the Giant’s latest album, Home of the Strange, is not what I anticipated, but what I really needed. I remember very vividly the days when I was too young to realize the dark message between the band’s breakout song and my intro to soft rock, “Cough Syrup.”

Upon hearing of the release of a new album and after taking in the single “Something to Believe In,” I could tell the band was switching up their sound. It wasn’t until my third listen that I realized the song was about questioning religion, and I was reassured that regardless of style-switching, Young The Giant continues to conquer difficult subject matter in their not-so-soft-rock-anymore tunes.

Home of the Strange begins with a hauntingly faint xylophone intro and ends in a beautifully fast-paced and chaotic fit of sounds. The album is a journey that stops in the land of soft ballads (“Titus Was Born,” “Art Exhibit”), pays multiple visits to the very danceable kingdom of funky basslines (“Elsewhere,” “Silvertongue,” “Nothing’s Over”), and has frequent flyer points to the always-angsty alt-rock hole in the wall (“Something to Believe In,” “Jungle Youth”) with a lot of connecting flights between two or more genres encapsulated in a single song. The lyrics range from social commentary on the seemingly unachievable American Dream to the overwhelmingly seductive powers language carries.

Although I was taken aback by the sudden hardening of the rock found on Young the Giant’s latest album, I am not at all less of a fan of this album than their earlier ones. This just means there will be a lot more aggressive head-bobbing in their audiences when they go on tour this fall, which I am so here for.

-Meg Mowery  


Young The Giant: Art Exhibit (In The Open)

Watch Young The Giant’s In The Open session for their track ‘Art Exhibit’ in the video above! 

The Original version of ‘Art Exhibit’ is on Young The Giant’s new album Home of the Strange! Download your copy today on iTunes


worst part of the 1800s was missing the debut of young the giant’s newest album tbh

just the kinda funk i like in my rock xx

And he says, “I’ve got you written
In a black book by the railroad track.
You see, I know your fate.”
 And I say, “You’ve got to listen,
I’m a songbird with a brand new track
You underestimate.“