ytff singapore

The day I met Troye and Tyler.
I think it was the best day of my entire life. I waited for 10 hours but who gives a fuck.

I took a Polaroid with Tyler. It’s on the back of my phone.

I told asked Troye “is it okay if I’m on the left jnstead?” And he said “ah your left side’s the better side huh?”

We had conversations. REAL LIFE CONVERSATIONS.




Dear Journal,

I’m going to write this post as if it were the 25th of May. So, on the 25th, I went for my very first concert. I went to the YouTube FanFest 2014!

It was fantastic! Our day started at 11am, after church and breakfast. We went to the Pan Pacific Hotel where all the stars were staying. Nathaniel went to queue up for the show because we wanted front row seats. I stayed at the hotel. 

After a while, a car pulled up and Superwoman’s mom stepped out followed by Superwoman herself. It was exhilarating! Seeing my absolute favourite YouTuber in person like that was just WOW! She waved and walked past us though. She later tweeted her apologies and said that she was feeling unwell.

Later,  car with two guys came like from behind the hotel. The windows were tinted but I was so sure it was Troye Sivan and Tyler Oakley because i could see Tyler’s hair.

An hour or so later, when no one else came, I went to find Nat. He was in the queue so I stood with him. It was really hot and I was sweaty.Then the cars started arriving. First some Jakarta Beat Boxing group came. Then, Vsauce, the science guy from YouTube. Then finally Superwoman arrived! She was so fabulous! She was waving at us and even asked to take a picture of the crowd.

Shortly after that, at 3.05pm (it was so hot we were counting every second), they finally let us in. We rushed forward and I ended up getting a place right at the stage! My elbows were literally on the stage! Nat was a little behind me.

The concert was so awesome! Ryan Higa was first. Then Bethany Mota. For her performance, Ryan Higa came out to do her hair on stage. Then Vsauce came out. Then the Jakarta Beat Boxing people. Then finally, SUPERWOMAN!

She ran out on stage and was so confident. She yelled out , “WAD UP EVERYONE IT’S YOUR GIRL SUPERWOMAN!” And we all went WILD! Seeing her do that live was incredible. 

I then threw my pink and white bracelet on stage for her. It was later collected up to be given to her.

Anyway, she was walking around a lot and at one point she was standing directly over me. I was so mesmerised by her that when I got home to watch the live stream, I realised I barely heard half of what she said.

She did a ‘Wad up hat reference’. Then she referred to us as Loony Toons and then did a 'Wad up T-Shirt Referance’ thing. Of course i was screaming and screaming because she did that live and I was just so freaking happy.

She told us that she was not better then us and that we were awesome ourselves and I was so touched but we all know she is way cooler.

After the show, she immediately had to rush to the airport for her flight to Sydney. Nat and I stayed for the whole show. We watched Tosh Rock perform and Shigga Shay touched my hand three times.

After that, Nat and I ran back to Pan Pacific. When we got there, Superwoman was already signing autographs and taking pictures. We tried to get one too but the crowd was massive. 

She was incredible with the crowd though. When we got kind of rowdy, she was just like, 'C'mon guys. We are all unicorns. Let’s be gentle.“ 

She had to go really soon after that. She stepped back and was like, 'Guys, please go eat something and get a drink. Thank you for coming out. One love Superwoman and that is a wrap and…ZOOP!”

We were all going crazy. It was so sad when she left. 

Later, Bethany Mota came. She was swarmed when she got out. So much so that the security had to form a circle around her with their arms and bring her inside. She could not sign autographs of take pictures because the crowd was too crazy.

Overall it was a FANTASTIC day. It was so good being able to see my idols in real life.




YouTube FanFest 2014 Singapore
Day 1 (24th afternoon) and Day 2 (25th afternoon) the-burden-of-liberation told me she’s taking me with her cuz she had an extra free ticket for the Ryan Higa Meet and Greet, along with the show tickets too. So basically I panicked, jumped around the house and then finally wrote Ryan and Lilly(again) cards. :D

We saw Ryan and we took selfies with him and it was awesome. We gave him a fan and he was pretty excited and we were excited seeing him so confused and happy ahah!

We met and talked to Sean and Greg tooo and I TOUCHED GREG’S MUSTACHE AND WOW ITS REAL AND SO FABULOUS! :D

Later we went for the show and we saw Lilly agaaaaaain! I threw the card and hopefully she saw it and laughed over how stupid I am :P

Oh wow that was an amazing weekend. I literally had to take a day off from school to take in everything and sleep cuz it was so tiring standing and waiting for hours in the sun, but so worth it!