ytf crew

things only the YTF fandom will understand
  • Team Juan & Team Too
  • “Strippers..lots of strippers”
  • You mean like THIS?
  • Little Miss Double Rainbow Girly Cookies
  • It’s about to get epic up in here, epic up in here, epicupicapear
  • But I’m not racist.
  • Eat some cucumbers
  • NaNa is SO hot!
  • Marcus Peabody
  • Bieber Fever
  • “Hello friends, I hope you’ve all been well…”
  • Caeland 
  • “Hey Jafar, are those dudes doggin’ us?”
  • YoMama Crew
  • ShamWOOHOO!
  • “Hey little poopsie woopsie toopsie woopsie doopsie coopsie boopsie woopsie!”
  • Girls are like M&M’s.
  • 20 laughs, 20 faces
  • He’s Linning and He Knows It
  • nice guys finish last.
  • Duke is a goner.
  • He is so gh-etto. 
  • “HEY IT’S FREEEEEDdie Wong.”
  • Snape a good dude.

Here’s the video where they confirm that YTF does not mean YouTube Family :)

YTF Concert in HAWAII!!!!!!

YEAH SON!!! YTF is kick starting their concert tour in HAWAII (Oahu to be exact) on October 9th @ The Hawaii Theater.

So that means Ryan Higa, KevJumba, Chester See, D-Trix, JRA, Andrew Garcia, & Victor King will be performing live for a 3 hour performance of dances, songs, and skits!

*A bonus……for all you KPOP fans out there, After School’s graduate, Bekah, might even be there too! ^__^*

It’s gonna be AWESOME!!!
Awwww shizz man!!! I needs to buy me my tickets, NOW!!!
I suggest you do too!


Last night babe and I went to Chai’s Island Bistro to celebrate D-Trix and Andrew Garcia’s birthday. Chai’s wasn’t too poppin so went up to the Villas with Kaulana and DJ Koole. Throughout the night we had blast and partied it up VIP Style with Kaulana, DJ Koole, Babe, the YTF Crew enclosed by ropes and a security guard. It was an amazing and fun night to remember. 


Audrey Magazine/KoreAm Journal caught up with the YTF crew before they embarked on their six city tour. Stay tuned for a part 2 of this exclusive interview.