you have aradia, who runs a nice little channel about the supernatural and things of that sort.
you’ve got tavros who has a gaming channel but hardly actually does more than fun games or reactions to horror stuff, he always cries. always.
then there’s sollux who does gaming, mainly a lot of rpgs and games that aren’t supposed to be cheatable yet he always manages. karkat is a complete mix of everything from gaming to product reviews to just plain angry rant videos. it’s absolutely hilarious, a lot of ranting about dave being a dick.
nepeta uploads everything cats as well as shipping things, and videos of her friends. kanaya and rose run a beauty channel together, rose tends to put up some supernatural related videos at times.
terezi is one of those that just jumps in on random videos, plays games with vriska mostly. And vriskas channel is just? not a lot of videos. but she fucks around with friends when they do gaming colabs.
equius just pops in on nepeta’s videos every once in a while.
gamzee doesn’t have a channel and a lot of people are convinced he’s like this weird dude the others made up for dramatic effect. eridan had a channel but just criticized the harry potter movies and explained how the physics of magics don’t work.
feferi joins nepeta and just uploads sea life videos every once in a while, not to mention a lot of beauty things.
jake and john both have humorous gaming channels, jade is usually the one telling them to calm down. occasionally jake does movie review but he had to stop because he loved literally every movie he would review.
jane has a baking channel and roxy pops in sometimes, not to forget roxy is the ultimate girl gamer out of the bunch. beats everyone else at all of the games, frequent vlogging.
callie likes to join on janes channel, appears in roxys vlogs often as does jane, caliborn has an awful anime channel that only dirk avidly follows.
dirk has morning drawing session for fun, and he’s one that uploads music remixes and shit. not to mention horse stuff. lots of random horse related things.
and then
there’s dave
the memeing shit

hiii yes its the follow forever i said i was gunna post that one time ( i was sick pls) So i hit 2K!!! 2.2k since i neglected to make this on time oops

so without furtherado lets start

my d&p various other ytbrs faves:

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thank you honestly for 2K it means so much to me to be apart of these communities and to share my interests with you guys

i probably missed loads of my friends and im sorry if i did i finished this around midnight pls dont yell at me i am soft

Would anyone like to look me in the eyes and tell me that Dave doesn’t post a shit ton of videos that are meant to be dumb teasing flirting with karkat, to which karkat always responds with cursing in the comments and/or an ever so graceful “FUCK OFF”. Everyone thinks he’s genuinely pissed about it but nope he’s flustered to hell and back and can only respond in Rage

Ver vídeos de mis Ytbrs favs me hace tan feliz, me desahoga y me aleja de la realidad. Créanme que si no fuera por esto, dejaría que todos mis problemas me consumieran y justo ahora estaría mas depresiva que nunca. O tal vez ya no seguiría en este mundo.