yt: litrally

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Bad news: hottest two days of the year, and our power went out. Not the company’s problem, ours–we blew a breaker box that has to be replaced, and it’s old & rare so it took two days. (If I owe you messages, etc., that’s why. The hassling.) Good news: this meant we got to stay in a hotel for two nights (had no internet last night, but the marvelous bed was worth it). Best news: sleeping in strange beds gives my guy the coolest dreams.

Him: Oh man, I had a Cumberbatch dream last night.

Me: Goddamn you. What?

Him: I was trying to use my iPhone, but I couldn’t figure it out, you know how it is in dreams. And Benedict came floating by in this cool hoverchair–

Me: He has a hoverchair. He would.

Him: And he scooped me up into his lap and showed me how to use my iPhone.

Me: Oh my god. Warren. The psychoanalytic–cheezis, if you have a phallic object, it’s your iPhone. And Benedict–

Him: Showed me how to use it. Shut up, the next part is best. So then suddenly we were in the Old West, and I was John–

Me: You are way too tall.

Him: –and we were playing cards, and I cleaned up. And Sherlock looks at me with that sort of baffled, you know, arrogance, and asked how I did it. And I said, “Hey, I was in the army. We played a lot of cards.”

Me: …


Him: Says you.


Like if you love how dan says litrally! sooo adorable :3



My friend just asked me what i was doing and this is how the convo went
  • Friend: What are do doing right now
  • Me: tumblr...
  • Friend: i would get a tumblr but i know it would ruin my life
  • Me: That s a really good way of looking at it
  • Friend: yeah, but tumblr sounds super cool
  • Me: ...
  • Friend: its how u know everything and u seem like u can see the future
  • Me:
  • Friend:
  • Me:
  • Friend
  • Me: bye