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Evil Pike

I know that the one off battle royals aren’t supposed to be canon to the story of vox machina. However, can we just imagine the four way fight between Vax, Keyleth, Percy, and Pike as a nightmare that Pike has randomly one night. Because with the lava and the fact it’s her friends, but not those that are closest to her like Grog or Scanlan, and her whole being evil and using extremely powerful and terrifying necrotic spells like Harm, gives off a dreamlike state. Now imagine her watching in horror as her best friends kill each other viciously and with little remorse. Seeing Percy killed by Vax and suddenly incinerated. Seeing Vax trying to kill Keyleth but then Keyleth turns it around and pushes him into lava. Then worst of all, herself. Being yanked into lava, having her armor melting and her skin burning, just barely able to climb out. Then shoving Keyleth into lava as well, grabbing her by the hair and saying “I need to kill you.” Then shoving Keyleth screaming bloody murder into the fire.
Does anyone else see Pike awakening in her bed clutching her symbol of Sarenrae with a bead of sweat rolling down her face? Just, it was so brutal and intense and she saw herself smiling at the thought at using such powerful spells, and I just want this to be something that Pike would be so disturbed by that she would cry.


Bach to the Future