The moment I got a taste for bigger things I couldn’t settle for less. Now that it’s within me to do so much more I can’t see myself vlogging again. It’s not enough…” - Bertie Gilbert

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sorry I’ve only been posting boring things about me failing at being a grown up so here have some doodles of another Fox Song character

I actually finished the first FS book ages ago so if this print for TPoH works out I might try getting that done too

anyway this is Bertie, he doesn’t appear in the first book but that’s probably because he needs his own, so I will have to start working on that too

Owl Post / Bertie

True. But you can’t house/potty train a newborn in a week. Dog food doesn’t cost as much and they only eat twice a day. They both have their pros and cons, which almost evens them out. Here, I’ve got a question for you that’ll make or break your decision on which is easier. Would you rather have ten children or ten dogs?

Well, Higgs, I almost just said I yearn for the day I distract you again, but I’ve come up with a solution to that problem. Attached is my Transfiguration homework. Have fun.

Did you want to argue for me? Is that what you mean?

You hit the nail on the head. All of those things weren’t her secrets to tell. They weren’t really secrets, all except for one, but still. No excuse. But I suppose that means you caught the eating bit. Remember when I said I didn’t want my dad to be taboo? I think it’s time to expand that. We can talk about my dad, Sadie, and my present and past problems, which now includes my very, very short eating disorder.

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