DA Character Reference Chart: aka. ‘Underwear I would like to own’

Left to right: Elspeth ‘Wren’ Lavellan, Rosalyn Adaar, Ilynwe Lavellan, Nydha’sa’nalinaë (Nydha), Jocelyn Hawke, Kestrel Mahariel, Ysobel Surana

Respective class: Mage (Arcane Warrior), Archer, Mage (Rift), Mage (Weird fade shit), Mage (Force), Rogue (Dual-wield), Mage (Entropy)

I’ve been meaning to draw all my ladies together in one picture for ages, and here they are in all their glory. This started as a height and body type exercise, and finally got finished. Underwear was picked to reflect their personalities and tastes, though if this was truly accurate Wren and Nydha would be going nude. Nydha is technically Arlathan era, however she has a fic of her own so she gets to join the team. 


Stuff I doodled in school. I tried to draw Ysobel, but it just didn’t end up looking like her.

Taken with my phone. OTL;; I was too lazy to bring out my other comp to scan them. I’ll do it tomorrow hopefully, and then re-upload. Just making sure you guys know I’m alive.