• Jeeves:in my experience, ladies who spell Gladys with a W are seldom noted for their reliability, sir. it gives them romantic notions.
  • Bertie:with a W, Jeeves? no, no, no, no. you spell it with a G.
  • Jeeves:mm, if i might draw your attention to the signature on the portrait, sir? (Gwladys Pendlebury)
  • Bertie:good lord! G-W?!
  • Jeeves:i blame Alfred, Lord Tennyson, and his Idylls of the King, sir. it also accounts for Katherine, Isobel, and Ethel -- all spelled with a Y. but Gladys with a W is a particularly virulent form, sir.

ectogam asked:

my name is ysobel(but i go by izzy), my favourite colour is purple, my favourite ships are gamkar or any femslash, my favourite ice cream flavour is mint chocolate chip, and sadly no cats


hella sweet

I am down w/ all of those things minus the no cats


Stuff I doodled in school. I tried to draw Ysobel, but it just didn’t end up looking like her.

Taken with my phone. OTL;; I was too lazy to bring out my other comp to scan them. I’ll do it tomorrow hopefully, and then re-upload. Just making sure you guys know I’m alive.