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I just wanted to point out that I think Louis' shirt is specialmade?? Because the font is kind of like those where you can make your own tshirt you know? Not a font you'd use on a massproduced tshirt. So, he got it made aspecially for this occasion????????

I literally can’t find it anywhere, so I think you may be right that it’s customized (or it just isn’t out yet).


I flew in to Philly today specifically to see the boys and I am so glad I did! Although I didn’t sit right off the catwalk this time, I DID sit with the lovely Susan who I met for the first time in person today!! It was amazing to actually meet one of my best tumblr friends in real life and she is a total sweetheart and badass who I wish lived in Tennessee! We met up before the show and hit it off immediately. Basically Susan is amazing, had so much fun dancing away with you!!

As for the show here is what I recall:

1. Rainbows everywhere! We had a rainbow and ace flag and were amazed to see multiple groups of rainbow directioners in our section 123 and in the stadium! So many people complimented Susan on her rainbow tutu and we were so happy!

2. Louis sounded amazing! He nailed his solos and my heart soared whenever he sang. He was SO CONFIDENT tonight!!! The crowd in Philly was loud and proud and I think that helped a lot. We were LOUD.

3. Louis started the show in the white YSL tee shirt and changed into a black vest later on. It was monumental to me lol.

4. Harry pranced like a maniac and his hair was so long and beautiful.

5. Harry kept stepping off the stage and onto this big speaker closer to the fans and every time my heart stopped. It looked dangerous! A few times Louis was close by and you could see him watch Harry to make sure he didn’t fall.

6. A couple times Harry and Louis went offstage together for a LONG time. Like a very long time. Interesting…

7. LOUIS SANG TO HARRY DURING 18 and it was so obvious. Susan and I were screaming.

8. They randomly did the Prince of Belair rap and it was hilarious. So fun to hear live.

9. Harry as usual talked to all the men in the crowd and did a bit with the ladies vs. the men screaming. The ladies obviously outnumber the men. He is so lovely and silly oh my god.

10. Nothing really notable happened. Even Lilo was very toned down which surprised me. I think Niall was still sick but he sounded incredible. Harry seemed like he might be a bit sick too?

Overall we had a great time just dancing our butts off and singing our hearts out. My voice is shot! It was a totally different experience from my last concert but so much fun and just chill. I loved being there with another one direction friend so I could freak out accordingly. Thank you Susan for enduring my moaning and crying whenever Louis opened his beautiful mouth :-).