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But can you imagine new dad harry out and about with his gf whike wearing a baby wrap

ACTUAL TEXT from @inkedferns when I told her about this ask: “ARE PEOPLE HACKING YOUR IMESSAGE!?” Because yes, I have imagined it MANY TIMES, in many ways, and so has she. This won’t be the last of him with it. x. 

He’s a pop star, he’s a rock star, he’s an actor, and he’s a would-have-been-baker, could-have-been-lawyer. There’s a lot of things Harry is, was, and could still be, but there is one that will wind its presence into all hypotheticals and realities: Dad

He’s proudest of this title most of all.

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The signs as Harry aesthetics

aries: colourful blouses, scented candles, ysl, mascara.

taurus: cross necklaces, skinny jeans, band tees, art.

gemini: black-and-white tattoos, long coats, tummy on display, dark curtains.

cancer: cryptic tweets, being polite, black heeled boots, feminism.

leo: three buttons down, rainbows, poetry, bananas.

virgo: glitter boots, headbands, working out, hats.

libra: braids, songwriting, horsebackriding, striped jeans.

scorpio: nail polish, expensive watches, photography, playing guitar.

sagittarius: rings, short shorts, being a tease, scrabble.

capricorn: snapbacks, dancing and prancing, frozen yogurt, charity.

aquarius: nike, cleansings, walking dogs, packers.

pisces: crotch grabbing, sunglasses, side-swept fringe, hard nipples.