April’s Quick Update

For the sake of transparency, I want to let you all know the exact amount of things left in our excel sheet.

  • 169 typos/spelling fuck ups
  • 33 bugs/glitches/crashes
  • A general review to ensure everything is fixed/working as intended
  • One last QA round to make sure the game won’t crash on a larger number of computers with different specs and operating systems

I don’t think that’s enough to give you a good forecast on the release date, but hopefully some of you might appreciate this rather specific update about our current tasks.

HUGE thanks to our publisher Ysbryd Games who’s helping us big time in polishing Valhalla as much as we possibly can.

The Prologue+Full Game offer has ended!

That’s right, the super sale has ended, and we increased the price of the full game to $14.99. We want to thank everyone who bought Prologue, since the extra income has been saving our butts on a constant basis. Don’t worry, if you bought Prologue you also get the full game (and Steam key), just like we promised.

Gotta go, we have a game to finish! we’ll be checking out the inbox if you have any questions about anything in this post. Feel free to reach us at sup@sukeban.moe as well.