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I recently reached 5000 follower which is awesome thank you so much! 💚  I wanted to make a post of all my fav blogs for a long time now and now seems like a great time to do so ^-^ (In no order)

@peikkotanssi @lacrimisnubium @moonshadows-moonstones @greenreblooming @mydododied @aetheric-aesthetic @mithrildis @sailleengladelling @my-minor-heaven @curuni @quiet-nymph @bright-witch @theburningcreation @arccitius @thursarn @nemithyst @dhyngetal @luna-intheforest @erilentiya @yidneth @buron @phoenixfeatherxlight @dame-wolf @elvishkid @elf-of-lorien @tempetes @lunarlightforge @faeoftheoaks @morganathewitch @yggdrasill– @forndom @inatt @miras-enchanted-realm @jasminne @nordfjell @naturespiritheart @tigernightstar @theendlessforest @elvenforestgirl @nilenia @moody-nature @celticrealm @sweetd3lights @faeyrin @faeralyn @the-enchanted-storybook @litheriel @lavenderwaterwitch @rivermusic @folkforestwitch @megarah-moon @floralwaterwitch @wildlxng @elvensoul @taurnil-son-of-the-nature @spiritofthewoods @thedruidsforest @niiv @farbeyondthequiet @hobbitheart @dehanginggarden @ysambre-fauntography @wonder-of-north @earthen-soul @kissedbythepixies @norsevikingqueen @moon-spells @thegardennymph @godsinthemountains @elfenhain @myelvenkingdom @witchingtime @hecatewitch @thesilvanelves @silvaris @witching-huntress @elwethiel-daughter-of-the-forest @dewdropdwelling @forest-faerie-spirit @realmofthenymphs @norse-forge @voiceofnature @elfofthewoodlandrealm @grandfatherhermit @90377 @beckoningforest @annethearcher @norsefaery @elvenrealm @trolltail @pagan-pride @fallen-from-the-stars @ghostsiren

If you look for enchanting blogs I would highly recommend following those named above 💚

I finally got around to creating a masterpost of all of my favorite blogs since I do seem to get asked that question quite frequently! Soo here they are! (in no particular order) …and I am quite sure I’ve forgotten some people so I will add them when I remember :’)

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