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cici x chandler


where was their first date ? on a boat in hyde park. abel was there to make sure no one drowned.
what my muse would do to cheer your’s up ? cici shows him pictures of jen in lingerie bc that always cheers her up.
who wakes the other up with kisses ( and where ) ? chandler once tried kissing cici on the forehead while she slept and immediately her eyes opened n he got a nice kick.
who would pour water on the other to wake them up ? cici is all about baptising chandler awake.
who would start a food fight while baking or cooking ? neither bc why would they ever be baking when abel is literally right there.
who would suggest putting marijuana in the brownies ? chandler tries it and cici calls his sister and tells her that he’s experimenting with heroin. 
who said i love you first and how ( or when ) did they say it ? chandler thought this is what cici meant when she said “go penis !” until abel told him that was actually her breaking up with him for the week.
who would get into a physical altercation over the other ? both but mostly for the memes.
who insists on purchasing a pet together ( and what kind of pet ) ? after ethan and mari bring their bunny to the turn up function, chandler suggests they get one. cici still thinks the plan is to eat it. don’t tell the vegan cult.
who is louder ( in and out of bed ) ? chandler’s louder in general but smexually, the issue is weird finishing faces.
who takes more risks ( in and out of bed ) ? they both need to calm down irl (chandler more visibly, bc cici is always doing extra shit in disguise) but cici has read one too many mandy fics and it shows.
who would bring up the word ‘daddy’ first ? chandler as a joke between pictures of pants in ims but cici immediately calls him and starts yelling so that’s cancelled.
what is their shared, favourite kink ? it’s horrible.
who is more dominant ? cici.
who sings in the shower ? both but cici only allows lil yachty or the phantom of the opera soundtrack.
who washes the other’s hair in the shower ? neither after chandler got shampoo in cici’s eye and she bleached his hair while he slept as revenge.
who initiates shower sex despite being in a rush ? cici declared the shower a no hoe zone.
who teases the other under the table at dinner with the family ? cici but sometimes she just kicks him instead.
who has the weirder taste in music ? they both have horrible playlists.
who would initiate dancing in the rain ? they’d both throw a tantrum if they got caught in the rain for more than two seconds.
who would be the one to suggest marriage ? neither thank god. abel ruins it by making a joke.
what would they name their children ? clementine, ferdinand and the second coming of cecile.
who would their children take after more ? chandler’s eyebrows, cici’s bullshit.

i found a copy of ys used at my local record store once and keeping it in my car has been like the best decision, it’s so fun to try to hit all the high notes lmao, also it makes long-ass drives feel a lot shorter if you can be like “oh, from chapel hill to asheville is only, 3 ½ listens of ys”

Don’t change

Hi everyone~ Angst-fluff scenario requested by vanillasolstice

Jimin angst- fluff (1 889 words)



Harsh words bring you down more than good words lift your mood up.

~Jimin POV~

 I was doing a pause from all those tiring dance practices so I decided to spend a little time on twitter to see all the comments our precious A.R.M.Ys are sending to us. But I saw unexpected comments. Harsh and hurtful comments.

“Where are your abs?”

“How can he be so fat?”

“No more dream performances won’t be amazing anymore!”

“Park Jimin isn’t in my bias list anymore. He sucks!”

 All of them were echoing in my head. They were becoming so loud I couldn’t hear the music and the members’ laughs that were fulfilling the practice room.

“Time to return bro.” Taehyung warn me by putting his hand on my shoulder.

“I’m coming.” I muttered as I kept on scrolling down our twitter notifications.

“He could star in the next big mama movie tbh ㅋㅋㅋ”

“Am I this fat?” I touched my tummy through my tee shirt.

 I put my phone back into my bag and joined the members to dance again and again.
 I shouldn’t eat as much as I do these days. Maybe only one meal a day would help me to make my abs appear again? I should do that so my fans won’t be disappointed in our coming up concerts.

~Your POV~

 You don’t know what to do with Jimin anymore. You are so worried these days you can barely sleep. You don’t see him as much as you used to. He is always stuck in the practice room. He comes back to sleep with you when you are already sleeping and when you wake up; he has already left to work. He spends about 18 hours a day in this freaking practice room.

 You even asked to his band mates and they answered they don’t know what is going on. They noticed he was more focused on practice than having fun, he wasn’t really smiling anymore and is already all sweaty when they arrive in the morning. They also said when they are all leaving, he is still practicing hard but they don’t know anything more.

“Jimin… What is going on babe?” You opened the fridge to cook your own breakfast.

 As you were moving things in it, struggling to find the butter, you realized the amount doesn’t decrease as fast as it used to a few days ago.

 You closed the fridge with the butter in your hand. You put it on the table and looked at it after opening it.
 The traces you left with the knives yesterday were still there and the amount hasn’t changed a tiny bit.

 You checked everything you could think about: sausages, cereals, his favorite chocolate bars.
Nothing has changed. There are as many sausages as there was a few days ago; his chocolate bars were still untouched even if you bought them last week.
Was he eating in the practice room or was he simply not eating at all?

“Tonight I’ll stay up and wait for your explanations Park Jimin. I can’t let you ruin your health like that.” You weren’t hungry anymore so you tidied the mess you’ve done in the kitchen.

 You went to work and as soon as you were back home you tried to call your boyfriend; in vain.
 You miserably waited for him to call you back after all your calls but he only called you at 9 pm when you were watching TV under some blankets and one of his chocolate bars in your hand; they are really good to relieve stress.

“Hello?” Jimin’s voice called through the phone.

“How are you honey? I’m worried, will you be there soon?”

“I have to practice some more. I’m just doing a pause right now.” He weakly explained.

“So you’ll be there late at night…” You sighed.

“I’m so sorry babe but I gotta go again.”

“Please take care of you.” You almost cried.

“Hm.” He hanged up the phone.

 Even if you’ll have to wait until 3 am you will. It wasn’t a short night that will stop you.

 You tried to focus on your movies marathon, waiting for him, but your thoughts were only focused on your boyfriend.

 You were fast asleep when some noises in the hallway woke you up. You checked your phone; it was 1 am. You turned off the TV which was still playing on some thrillers movies and stepped out of the living room to meet your boyfriend.

“That’s when you come back? 1 am?” You switched on the lights as you saw him removing his sneakers.

“You’re still up?”

“Yes. Why are you hiding me things?” You crossed your arms over your stomach.

“I’m not hiding you any-…”

“Why aren’t you eating then? Why do you barely sleep, why are you spending all your time at the practice room?” You got a lump in your throat.

“I’m so worried, can’t you see? I’m missing you so bad these days Jimin… Please explain me what’s wrong.” Unwanted tears started to be shed on your cheeks.

“I’m so sorry (Y/N). I didn’t realize I could have made you worry so much you’ll be waiting for me to be back.” He jumped on you; his arms wrapped around you really tightly.

“I-I…” His shaky voice tried to find a way to explain you everything.

“I am practicing hard now because I don’t want to disappoint my fans. I want them to be happy.” He cried, still hugging you tight.

“What are you saying?”

“Some of them said I was fat and I wasn’t handsome enough… Some of them send me really bashful comments. I thought you might feel the same about my body. I thought you didn’t like me as much as you did before now that my abs disappeared and I was kind of chubby… So I started to feel guilty, I started to felt like it’s all my fault and I treated myself very harshly. As you know I slept only 5 hours every day, spending the rest of my time to practice. I didn’t eat properly either.” He sobbed as you rubbed his back, crying with him.

“I told myself to eat only one meal a day so the results of my training would appear quicker." 

"You what?”

“I’m so sorry babe.” His knees flinched and you struggled to keep him standing.

“You…” A dozen tears were streaming down your face.

“I should go to sleep…” He coughs.

You palmed his sweaty forehead.

“Oh my god Jimin you have fever! Come with me upstairs.” You took his hands as you started to go up the stairs.

“I’m not letting you sleep with this fever. Have a hot bath to make it cool down so you could relax too.” You turned on the hot water so it was flowing down into the bathtub.

“I’m going to cook you a soup, it will be ready in about thirty minutes.” You exited the room.

“Wait!” He half screamed.

“What?” You turned on your heels.

“Thank you.” He weakly smile.

“I would do anything for you.” You dried your tears with the top of your hand.

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay. It happens.” You left him alone in the bathroom as you walked down the stairs and headed to the kitchen so you could start to prepare him his soup.

 You can understand people leaving some hard comments but you will never understand how some of them enjoy dragging them down. You will never understand why they do that; not that they can’t express their opinions but sometimes opinions are meant to stay in your mind, not to be all over a network platform or to offend somebody purposely.

It’s sad how words have the power to affect him that much it changes his way of living, his habits and hobbies.

You remember one day you were attending to one of their concerts from backstage but at the end, when Jimin came back from their last performance he collapsed on the ground; his legs couldn’t bear him anymore. He was so exhausted and lacking energy though he was giving everything on stage. You knew he would act like he was alright in front of his fans but you were able to see his hidden side: he was so weak.

 You kept on sighing with tear in your eyes as you turned off the gas before pouring the soup into a bowl, nearly burning your fingertips.
 You let it cool down on the table next to one of his favorite chocolate bar he hasn’t eaten for so long.
You walked up the stairs to the bathroom and softly knocked on the door.

“Dinner is ready.”You sang but the door was slammed open, Jimin was standing in front of you with only a towel hanging from his waist.

You stifled a scream as you realize how his body changed in a short amount of time.

“I’m going to put on some clothes; I’ll be in the kitchen in a minute.” He kissed your forehead before passing over you, walking to your bedroom.

You waited for him, standing on a kitchen’s chair; staring blankly at the steam that was escaping the soup bowl.

“Sorry it’s late. You should go to sleep.” He pated your shoulder as he sat next to you.

“Do you feel better?” You purposely ignored his previous advice and palmed his forehead; the fever had nearly disappeared.

“Much better all thanks to you babe.” He smiled before starting to eat the meal you cooked him. Even thought it wasn’t his brightest smile it still warmed your heart.

“Promise me you won’t do that again.” You took his free hand which was resting on the table.

“I promise I won’t.”

“Those girls aren’t really your fans… You shouldn’t take care of their comments. You really are perfect the way you are. I know it sounds cheesy but it’s true, I prefer to see you happy without your abs than to see you sad with them. I still love you. Don’t change for anyone babe." 

"I know…I won’t!” He took the bowl in his hands to swallow the rest of the soup.

“Was it good?” You grinned.

“I would say it was delicious.” He smiled back at you.

“Do you want some medicines before going to sleep?”

“No I’m ok. I will just eat this chocolate bar and go to sleep; I’m exhausted!”

“And so do I.” You yawned as you waited for him to finish it.

You both went to bed right after, leaving the dishes into the sink. You changed yourself into your pajamas before joining your sleepy boyfriend in bed. He widely opened his arms for you to come against him. He directly put his arms on your back and rubbed the top of your thigh.

“I’ll never be able to thank you enough (Y/N). honestly.” His raspy voice filled the room as his breath was crashing on your hair.

“Please don’t do this to me again. I can’t stand seeing you sick like that because of those haters. You shouldn’t be so self conscious and be happy instead because I’m like your true fans. We don’t want your abs back; we just want you to smile forever.” You thought as you fell asleep, your head on his chest.


So here it is… This scenario is really sad to us A.R.M.Ys, we all know how Jimin can be hurt when it comes to that, and we all kind of suffer because of this… But some haters keep on sending him those kind of comments and it makes me (and you I guess) even more sad. So I’m asking you; could you maybe promote this scenario? I don’t know maybe some haters will stop to send him bad comments and stuff?

The worst in all this story is they haven’t really somebody to take care of them since they are hiding everything even to the members not to worry them. Their families aren’t really aware of what is going on either. So I’m begging you to stop sending them such horrible messages, let’s be the one to take care of them.

Thank you so much~