Hey guys! Just to let everyone know this blog still really loves Tian//Shan! 

I felt like now was the right time to distance myself from it since it’s become apparent more than ever that the updates and progression revolving around the two of them has become fewer and the wait for chapters has become so much longer in-between. On top of that I’m a Tian//Shan fan only; so most of the material as of lately hasn’t been of interest for me. I also have many other interests so this was the perfect time to revert back into a multi-fandom blog. I’ve honestly been thinking about changing it for a while since it’s always been difficult for me to have a blog focused on mainly one thing lol. 

I also won’t be posting any 1//9 da//ys related content on this blog anymore so if you wanna fangirl/boy about them just hit me up in chat.


vall-y  asked:

So did anyone found out what songs 25 and 26 on shinjis walkman are? .v.

Episode 2 - A-2 (“Background Music” - S² Works, Disc-01, track 02) and  B-4 (“Fly Me To the Moon” - S² Works, Disc-01, track 27)

Episode 4 - “Aoi Legend” (Track 3 - Lilia ~from Ys~) and “You Are the Only One” (Track 1 - Lilia ~from Ys~)

Episode 9 -  “Aoi Legend” (Lilia ~from Ys~ - Track 3) and “Tôi Sora no Yakusoku” (Lilia ~from Ys~ - Track 8)

Episode 15 - “You Are the Only One” (Track 1 - Lilia ~from Ys~)

Episode 23 - “Ryoute Ippai no Yume"  (Gyuu - Track 4- Okui Masami)

Episode 24 - ”Ode to Joy" - Beethoven


I will always choose you

One of the zillion things I love about the finale is that it’s peppered with all these little self-referential moments - it’s not really a fanservice since they have always been there, but the fact that SJN and the whole production team made the time and effort to include them despite the tight liveshooting schedule is what makes them so special. It’s so adorable how gradually and without realizing it, both YS and JH have adopted each other’s habits. Here we have a flustrated and depressed JH in his full YS mode, singing Song Chang Sik’s “Gladly, gladly, let’s forget it” while tapping his feet in the rhythm. He got infected for the first time when he was tailing YS in episode 9 and now he does it even when he’s alone. LOL! I think he is the perfect future son-in-law for the Chae family. And just like then, he catches himself, looking around in embarrassement and checking if anyone isn’t looking - as if anybody could be that crazy to feel blue while lounging on the ledge because it’s not something most mortals would do, so the only people you could possibly meet THERE would be Superman, Spiderman, Batman and perhaps Iljimae.

“If we catch that old man and we still can’t fix the problem, then let’s run away together.There are so many places in the world where no one can ever find us. So don’t you worry. I’ll look into it.” - YS

What does a man do when the woman he loves publicly forsakes everything, her past and present, in order to spend her future with him? He answers in kind but not with words but with actions because some emotions are so strong that there are no words powerful or eloquent enough to contain and express them. YS has proven her love and devotion for JH so many times and in doing she saved his life in so many ways, that he can’t do anything less than fight for her and win for her. He would have done anything in his powers, paid all his money, to prevent her from hearing his forced confession. He knew she would blame herself and he would have done anything to spare her the pain. Well, when Ahjumma starts calling you “Jung Hoo-ya”, you should know a cataclysm is upon you. 

I think YS completely shocked JH with her proposition and how far would she go to stay by his side, because when she offers to leave with him, in that moment one of his most secret and innermost wishes comes true - to find someone who would never abandon him. Without a second thought she leaves everything behind, abandons everything else BUT HIM. After a life time of abandonment here is finally a woman who wouldn’t abandon him for anyone or anything else. I think a small part of him longs to take her on that offer and hide on some deserted paradise where no one would ever find them, however, he doesn’t do it because he loves her too much to do that. He would never allow her to sacrifice herself and her life for him. She deserves everything, not a lifetime of hiding and isolation, and he isn’t someone who would run away from a fight. That’s why he is fighting now - to stay by her side forever.