Quick Headcanon Dump

Because chaoticskeletons can’t use her phone

  • Mel knows Transform and probably uses this ability to mimic or mess with Ali on a semi-daily basis
  • Mel likes spooning, and is obviously usually the little spoon
  • When Mel is in bubble kitty form she is distracted very easily by kitty toys and gets high on catnip. She prefers pink shiny yarn.
  • Yvonne’s house is actually a very big very fancy birdcage on some mountain somewhere
  • When Yvonne is startled she makes falcon screeching noises because she’s a regal fuckin derp of a doombird
  • The easiest way to calm Mel down after a fight is just aggressively hug her for like five seconds because her huge warm heart fuckin sucks at holding grudges
  • Mavis may be a logic based freak of nature but she is very cuddly, though not many people actually bother to cuddle her in the first place to find out
9 More Days

Honestly, I’m not yet prepare anything for your special day. But, like I did before (2014 and 2015), I promise to make your birthday feels special as you are to me. :) In every year to year, I always keep trying to make your special day memorable. Because I know, there’s a reason that I won’t tell here.


I will forever remember the look of the sky today. It was like a volcanic eruption in the heavenly dark sky as we travel home from our fieldtrip. Today was a good day. It was my first field trip as a teacher and I was with my Yakal class. They’ve grown so much before my eyes from the first day I saw them. I will miss them, I already do. It is a painful reality to leave them because of circumstances that they didn’t even have any doing with. I am wholeheartedly sorry my loves. You gave me reason to wake up and get up every day despite the shitty environment that I am in. You guys made me wonder and smile every day. Thank you for giving me a minute piece of each of your infinities. I will forever treasure each and everyone of you. I will forever be your fan babies, always. Whenever the world becomes a bitch and cruel, remember that Teacher always believes in you. Many people will yry to bring you down I tell you, but remember this: I love you and you are amazing. Thank you and I am sorry my babies, my Yakal.

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I'm sorry about your grandpa *guves you hugs n loves and happy things* if you need to talk or anything I'm here for you <3

haaa tthanj you yur sso sweet … imrealy ddrained i cnt realy reply llong sor yry

I’m a work in progress or at least I thought I was I guess I really am too much of a failure to improve but IM YRYING!!!! IM FUXKING TRYING TO IMPEOVE!!!! I need help I keep saying I need help I need help I need help and I csnt get it… I should fuxking die I’ll never get better and I’ll only keep making him miserable