Quick Headcanon Dump

Because chaoticskeletons can’t use her phone

  • Mel knows Transform and probably uses this ability to mimic or mess with Ali on a semi-daily basis
  • Mel likes spooning, and is obviously usually the little spoon
  • When Mel is in bubble kitty form she is distracted very easily by kitty toys and gets high on catnip. She prefers pink shiny yarn.
  • Yvonne’s house is actually a very big very fancy birdcage on some mountain somewhere
  • When Yvonne is startled she makes falcon screeching noises because she’s a regal fuckin derp of a doombird
  • The easiest way to calm Mel down after a fight is just aggressively hug her for like five seconds because her huge warm heart fuckin sucks at holding grudges
  • Mavis may be a logic based freak of nature but she is very cuddly, though not many people actually bother to cuddle her in the first place to find out