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11 Poetry Collections To Read If You Love Warsan Shire
To every reader who was completely obsessed with poet Warsan Shire before she became, as the New York Times wrote: “the backbone of Beyoncé’s [latest] album,” (pats self on back) congratulations: you’re officially cooler than Queen Bey… at least in this one and only instance. And if you weren’t already a member of Ms. Shire’s ever-growing list of readers, chances are you’re about to be. If you caught the premiere of Lemonade on HBO last Saturday, April 23, which credited the Kenyan-born Somali poet with the album’s “film adaptation and poetry,” then you’ve probably done your fair share of Googling: who is Warsan Shire? What else has she written? And, most importantly, where can I read more of her work? The good news is that the feminist poet’s work is widely available: Shire’s debut chapbook, Teaching My Mother How To Give Birth— a small but formidable poetic force — was published in 2011, her spoken-word album warsan “vs.” melancholy is available on Bandcamp, and her first book-length poetry collection, Extreme Girlhood, is forthcoming. And, though Shire’s most enthusiastic readers consider her in a class of poetry all her own, there are tons of other powerhouse poets to satiate your poetic appetite until Extreme Girlhood is published. Here are 11 poets to read if you love Warsan Shire. And let’s be honest, it’s impossible not to love her.

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