I’ve been wanting to draw Yrrlox more often but I just couldn’t get him right ever.
So I sketched him a lot and finally I managed some results that I like. I drew him in different ways such as his farmer look and when he doesn’t have his helmet on. I also forgot about his ride or should I say “pet” closdyne who is sorta like a big slender legged arachnid creature.

I also wanted to establish his home as being mostly some wood and a pile of sticks accompanied by a chimney and a spherical window.

Double also I’ve been meaning to get a story up and going for him but here’s sort of what I’m beginning with:

Yrrlox is a simple farmer, who lives a simple life with no complaints under a solitary kingdom. One day a letter is sent to him stating that the king is looking for recruits. He takes this opportunity and meets with the king who then gives him the necessary armor and weapon for a war he was about to start. A petty war over different skin colour with little to no resistance from the alleged “enemy”, as Yrrlox sees the unnecessary violence he grows dubious of the king’s will and flees from the kingdom, taking the armor and mace with him which he later paints into different colours. The king irritated with this sends the general after him. And so Yrrlox wanders the world telling whoever he meets tale of his experience and that petty differences make petty arguments, that everyone should love eachother for their greatest qualities and not disliked for their smallest flaws.

Venusaur, or as everyone likes to call it, LAZY BUM THE POKEMON.
I wanted to break that tradition by having it run… for food but I digress.

I hope the cracks aren’t too horrible and that the number is actually legible.
As for the background, it felt really lacking so I did something a bit different for once.
But I do love me some happy Venosaur, plus not many people seem to draw it as a female with the seed on top and everything.