It is important to understand that your thoughts can attract things you do not want. Whatever you fear most and think about often or obsessively can also manifest. For example, you may love hiking, but your greatest fear is that someday you’ll encounter a rattlesnake. Repetitive thoughts that are charged with fear can set up the experience unless you let go of it. It is better to banish such dark thoughts. Don’t give up hiking in the desert. Instead, be measured, thoughtful, studied, and prudent about undertaking such a hike. Know what precautions to take in order to have a safe hike. Replace your fearful thoughts with a surefire belief in a higher power working through you and with you at all times ensuring your safety.
—  Be Aware of Your Thoughts
1. Clear the clutter, confusion, and negativity from your mind.
2. Set forth the intention to manifest something. Make a mental declaration of your intent.
3. Be expectant. Be ready to receive. Believe you deserve it, and it is already yours.
4. Visualize yourself having it.
5. Feel and express gratitude for the blessings you already have, the gifts of the universe that the higher power makes available to you, and for the power that makes possible each manifestation.
6. Repeat these steps often each day.
—  Follow the Six Basic Steps of Manifesting