Blush (gadreelXreader)

words: 1081
warnings: fluff, angst-y
request: ‘i have a request for a gadreel fic if you’re still taking them! :) i’m not sure if you’re wanting details but i was thinking of him and cas staying at the bunker with the brothers and reader, cas wants reader to show gadreel how to adjust to human life. gads is really curious about everything, reader finds it cute. the usual cute fluff ensues. can be smutty if you want!! thank you!’ - @team3willbenough 

summary: reader has a crush on gadreel and they all celebrate a successful hunt. Castiel makes a remark about her crush and she retreats embarrassed. Gadreel finds her and confesses.

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“Good job guys, to us,” you shouted, slightly drunk.

Dean, Sam and you held your beers up, Cas following your heels understanding the reference and Gadreel looking at all of you, oblivious. You waited a moment before explaining, a smile pulling at the corners of your lips.

“We’re celebrating. You lift you bottle and clink it with ours, come on Gad,” you laughed, waggling your eyebrows and holding your beer higher.

He pondered the thought before holding up his beer as well and you all clinked glasses.

“That took forever,” Dean scoffed.

You rolled your eyes and took a swig of your beer. The hunt had been very successful, especially with all the back up, Gadreel had even joined the party. His entrance into you and the boys’ life had been quite a shock, but you enjoyed him. Castiel seemed happy to have him around as he now seemed a veteran in the human world. He was proud to not be the clueless person for once and it was precious.

Gadreel was fun to have around he was inquisitive and it was just captivating.

“How did this celebratory glass thing occur?”
“Oh shit, it just happened ok, I don’t want to explain the universe to you,” Dean grunted.
“You don’t need to explain it, I know exactly how that occurred,” he said, furrowing his brow.

Laughter escaped your lips and Cas smiled.

“You’ll have to excuse him, he doesn’t understand much about you humans.”
“Oh yes Cas and you are just the expert,” you replied.

You rolled your eyes and gave Gadreel a sympathetic smile.

“I’m just curious about many things is all,” he responded, looking at your face.
“Don’t worry I’m sure Y/N could teach you,” Castiel grinned.

Dean and Sam laughed.

“That was ballsy,” Sam smiled.

You rolled your eyes and looked down at your hands to your empty beer.

“I’m going to the kitchen,” you muttered, waving your beer in the air.

The boys had constantly been on your case about your fascination with Gadreel. I mean could you blame yourself, he was just beautiful and you were a sucker for innocence. You opened up the fridge and pulled out a beer. In one swift motion you twisted the cap off and swiveled your body to the open kitchen.

“Gadreel,” you said shocked.

He stood a few feet away from you, hands in his pockets. He was so silent entering, you would have never known he was there had you not turned to toss the cap in the garbage.

“I didn’t mean to frighten you,” he spoke.
“You didn’t, I was just shocked I guess,” you smiled, brightly.

The open fridge was the only thing illuminating the room, covering the two of you in creamy light.

“Can I ask you something?”
“You just did,” you winked.
“Oh. Well how about two things? I just used one more so I’m going to say the last one now.”

You grinned, a silent laugh falling from your lips.

“What did Castiel mean by you teaching me?”

You inwardly blushed but replied.

“It’s stupid, they always tease me about you.”
“Because I, um- I like you,” you tucked your hair behind your hair avoiding his gaze, “I mean a little. They just being mean.”

“Oh. You are very beautiful Y/N, I don’t need to understand human things to know that.”

A full blush splayed across your cheeks and you swallowed nervously.

“Especially when your cheeks flush, it makes me smile.”
“Oh shush, flattery will get you no where” you responded.
“Are you sure? I have heard flattery goes far.”

You looked at his sparkling eyes and smiled. In a swift motion his lips met yours and his hand cupped your face. He pulled away a moment after, leaving you breathless.

“Oh,” you smiled.
You kissed him once more and wrapped your hands around his neck. The lights flickered on around you and you quickly pulled away.

“Didn’t mean to interrupt,” Dean smirked.
“Not a goddamn word Winchester,” you sneered.

Your voice was we though, overjoyed from the kiss. Dean held his hands out in mock surrender and you marched out of the kitchen, grabbing Gadreel’s hand and pulling him along. His hand gripped yours tighter and you blushed yet again. You couldn’t deny your excitement in you newfound relationship.

“So what exactly do I need to learn?”
“Well you seem pretty skilled in the kissing department, so we can check that off the list.”

When the two of you walked into the living room you took a seat on the couch with him, kees leaning towards his. His hand went to your thigh and you blushed for the umpteenth time.

“That was faster than I thought it would be,” Sam acknowledged.

Dean walked in hand outstretched to Sam. Unwillingly Sam reached into his pocket and pulled out a twenty, slapping it onto his brothers hand.

“You were betting on us?”
“I need the money Y/N,” Dean smiled.

You flicked him off, tongue stuck out. It went on like that, the night that is, bickering and name calling. You told stories and laughed, Gadreel’s body scooting closer and closer to you until his arm was wrapped around you and you were nearly on his lap. A yawn escaped your lips and your eyes flitted to each guy. Drowsiness covered Sam and Dean’s face too.

“I’m gonna head off, night guys,” you said waving and standing.

Gadreel looked up at you from the couch, unsure of what to do.

“Are you coming?” you questioned.

He quickly nodded and you saluted the three reaming boys.

When you got to your room you quickly pulled your shirt from you body, replacing it with a sweatshirt and then taking your pants off. You could feel Gadreel’s eyes on your back and you smirked.

You crawled into your bed and motioned for Gadreel to follow. When he laid on the bed next to you, realization hit you.

“Oh you don’t even sleep, you can go back and stay up with Castiel if you want,” you offered.
“No, I’d like to stay with you.”

You nodded and snuggled up to him, laying your head in the crook of his arm and curling into him. His arms snaked around you and traced patterns on your sleeve.

“Goodnight Y/N,” he whispered, placing a kiss on your lips.
“You’ll stay?”
“I’ll be here when you wake,” he assured.

You yawned and nodded, kissing him once more and drifting off to sleep.