yr: 2014

É estranho, sabe, ninguém ficou tanto tempo comigo assim, nunca conseguiram me suportar por mais de um ano. Normalmente a amizade começa em janeiro, e quando chega em dezembro eu já não sei por onde essa pessoa anda.
—  O diário de Cléver Braatz

Self Love Challenge  (January 4-February 1)

By: toethefinishline and anna-learns-to-love-herself!

This is a challenge we created to help you start the new years off right! We have divided it into four weeks; self love/acceptance, motivation/productivity, spreading love, and exercising. 

Every week we will post a more detailed explanation for the week. There will be 6 challenges to complete throughout the week so you will have one day off (: Every other day you can complete the challenges and post about them so we can see what you did ! When you post them please tag #2014selflove.

We will be giving away a small prize to our favorite and most spirited participant once the challenge is over ! 

All of the challenges are designed to help you lead a happier life! We are aware that not everyone enjoys the same things so if there are ever any activities that make you unhappy or you know will not help you PLEASE skip them! This challenge is about being the healthiest & happiest version of you that you can be and you are the only one in control of happiness & health! 

We hope that everyone has an amazing New Years and that you all start your new year off to a great start! We are here if you need anything or have any questions!


Casey and Anna