yr loved

i would say my guilty pleasure show is ghost adventures but I 100% love 39 yr old zak bagans running his 2006 myspace ass around screaming about poltergeists scratching the living shit outta him w/ his super gelled hair not a centimeter outta place while aaron’s just in the distance crying


·· I’ll stop fighting once you’ve shattered my heart into a thousand pieces. ··
                                                                      - Happy Birthday Riley


“Was Andrew really under the bee’s spell when he said Akko was bewitching in episode 10? It’s up to you to decide that, it’s a lot more fun that way - LWA_jp


pew pew pew!!

((ALSO!!! thank you guys for 1.4k!!! ;u; what the heck where do y’all come from ;;; big thanks to the ones who are still with me and welcome to the new peeps!! i hope you enjoy your stay and talk to me sometime! <33)))