This reminds me of three things: (1) positive thinking has to, at some point, turn into positive doing. (2) don’t tell me, show me, and (3) “what you are shouts so loudly in my ears I cannot hear what you say.” I hope we all have a good today. Please remember that we’re all in this together; be kind to everyone you meet today. Do something good for someone today and you’ll do something good for Him. Let’s make the right choices today fam #ypowr #thinkgood #dogood #blessed #choice #Him #chooseHim (Taken with instagram)

Just signed up for my first official race! It’s the 5K, but this is what my training calls for on Week 6; to run a 5K. Who’s coming with me? It’ll be fun! It’s this Sunday in Elk Grove! C'mon! I just decided to do this 10 minutes ago and signed up just like that. Let me know if you’re interested! @illessness is going and she doesn’t even know yet ;) … #ypowr #running #run #5K #health #fitness (Taken with instagram)