냐아옹 냐아옹!!😻ㅎㅎㅎ새벽따나시가왔어요!!!😆😆로하로하!!!잘자용💜💜💜알러븅😗😗
#안녕히주무세요 #사랑해요💜 #오늘하루 #수고했어용😚 #뿌뿌

Meow meow!!😻ㅎㅎㅎDawn Ddana time is here!!!😆😆 Roha Roha!!! Sleep well💜💜💜 I love you😗😗
#Goodnight #ILoveYou💜 #GoodJob #Today😚 #PpuPpu

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Dear Victims!

It’s been a wonderful year… The Battle Born Tour brought us joy, happiness and gave us memories that we’ll never forget. I cherish the fact that thanks to The Killers 2013 was the greatest year of my life. I’ve met amazing Victims, met the band, talked with them, had a chance to confess them that I owe them so much and my life wouldn’t be the same without their music.

We’ve been together for so long, peaches… so many moments that put a smile upon my face. And it’s all thanks to you.. funny conversations, new interviews, photos, livestreams. I had a blast and it was because of you!

I hope you all spend this night with your friends, family and the next 2014 will be fantastic. Mark bless you!

I love you all, Ania.