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Shiver had a really good werewolf mythology, not like anything I've seen- I would recommend it. But TW for child abuse (I read it a while ago. and I can't remember how graphic it was but it is definitely there)

oh COOL I’d love to see how that plays out ! I’m sometimes wary of stief but she has v cool ideas about magic and for sure does her research 

Also very good to know, thank you so much for your thoughts 

god.. I’m gonna have to read this aren’t I… my summer reading list is 16 km long

boohoohoo, ro has a disability and they’re just a kid whine whine whine whine whine ;((((. who the actual fuck cares? if they are a kid, the better learn fast. the site is full of people that understand how things work, and the fact that there are people telling me/you/us to leave them alone is fucking idiotic. drill this into their head so they don’t forget. they’ll have to learn it some time. i hope ro reads this and gets a fucking clue. that, or they fuck right off the site.