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the ‘no longer human’ (2010) that you probably haven’t seen (and nakahara chuuya’s significant role in dazai osamu’s life)

You read that right. ‘Ningen shikkaku’, or as we know it, ‘No Longer Human’ had a movie that came out on 2010, directed by Genjiro Arato and starring Toma Ikuta as Oba Yozo (and to a lesser extent, Dazai Osamu). 

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anonymous asked:

i feel like youve answered something like this months ago, but do you think reading no longer human provides deeper insight to dazai's character? i feel like nlh's protag is mostly fueled by fear and an incredibly defeating attitude while bsd's dazai's motivations feel like they stem from a different place? both wear masks, but i feel like dazai is still just a more confident character in general?

A year ago I would’ve said yes, but to be honest right now I don’t feel that way anymore. I do concede that BSD Dazai is not too dissimilar with NLH’s Oba Yozo; Oba Yozo, in turn, was written by Dazai to be heavily based from himself. Asagiri seems to borrow character elements and traits from Yozo, but that’s all there is to it, because BSD Dazai is his own character, with his own goals, aspirations, flaws and good points. Aside from that, Asagiri tends to subvert expectations by reversing relationships or giving characters personalities that would surprise people already familiar with the authors. When BSD came out, there were actually a few readers who kept on asking why Akutagawa was the main antagonist and why he respected Dazai so much when in real life, it was Dazai who was infamous for being Akutagawa’s great admirer.

With that being said, I think No Longer Human is a good book, so try to read it anwyay!


Ningen Shikkaku (No Longer Human) is a novel written by Osamu Dazai, finished in 1948. In June of that year, he committed double suicide with his lover, Yamazaki Tomie, drowning themselves in the Tamagawa Canal in Tokyo near his home. His last words were: “I can no longer write.” Following his death, Ningen Shikkaku was published.

Above is a photo of Osamu Dazai with his family. Below a screen cap of Oda Yozo, the main character in Ningen Shikkaku, from the anime adaptation of the story in the Aoi Bungaku series.

Osamu Dazai shared many striking similarities to his character Oba Yozo– Their development, involvements with women, alcohol, drugs, and suicide. This surviving photo of a teenage Dazai pictured with his family supports the idea that Ningen Shikkaku is semi-autobiographical. His smile is much broader than everyone else’s. It stands out from his other family members. It is smile that looks forced. A lonely smile. As though to hide something within. A mask.
No Longer Human & BSD Dazai (Translator’s Introduction)

I thought about giving No Longer Human (English translation) another read and comparing the protagonist (Oba Yozo) to BSD Dazai to explore his character (and/or make headcanons??) because Dazai is an enigma.

So it starts with the translator’s introduction about the Dazai (the author) and the book. He mentions Dostoyevsky briefly, and since we posted chapter 42 recently…why not?

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