YoYoDrop – Monkeyfinger Caesar


Monkeyfinger has announced their newest model, the Caesar. Designed by Monkeyfinger team manager Chris Allen, the Caesar should be available in stores soon! The “Galactic Blood” colorway will be a Monkeyfinger.ca exclusive, but the rest of the colors will be available through all Monkeyfinger retailers. Each Caesar whips with Monkeyfinger’s trademark hand-stitched pouch, and the [&hellip

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Co-Lab Drop Details

April 18th is almost here!

Friday is finally your chance to pick up the collaboration yoyo between Gsquaredyoyos and MonkeyfingeR! Words cannot describe how excited we are to finally release this yoyo to you!
You can pick up a Co-Lab from 5 online retailers. Numbers are very limited! (~75 available)

Gsquaredyoyos.com release time is at 5:30 EST. We have the 4 colorways you see in this picture. Frostbite, Arkham Night, and Snozberry Speckles are exclusive to our store!

Monkeyfinger.ca will also be having their release at 5:30 Est. Check their FB for colors.

Yoyocommunity.com will have the Party Time color at their Midnight release!

Yoyoz.co.uk has a mix of colors. Release time TBA

YoyoExpert.com has their exclusive Dragon Slayer Edition. Release time TBA #yoyodrop #yoyonews #ryanleejohnsondesign #todaysthrow