Once upon a time the prince of the penguins, Nagisa Hazuki, saved a young man from drowning. He discovered it was Rei Ryugazaki, the handsome prince of the butterflies. Falling in love with him, the penguin prince took his captive guest home, and they lived happily ever after….At least I think. The end.

The first of the doodle pics I said I’d draw, and one that I felt was very needed at this moment. I hope you like it Daph~

I decided I wanted to draw for Gemsona Week, and so of course I did myself, Yoyo!

Since my birthday is in October, I went with the Fire Opal, and my gem is placed on my throat just above my clavicle.

Most often I’m just playing with fire, as usual, but fire swords come in handy when you need a weapon in a pinch~

    It was often difficult for someone to be so perfect, except when you were him, simple as that. There just wasn’t anything to truly see wrong with his current situation, and Steam clearly had been thinking about such thoughts. It was perhaps the one moment in his entire life he had to stop and thank the anons that most of the time pestered his normally peaceful existence. Magic anons, those silly little irritations that disrupted day to day activity had finally done something wonderful, something right. So very right. They had given him what he had always wanted, at least something he never realized he had wanted, until now. Perfection. For how else could you describe what he had become, what he was, other than that?

    Lately he had been brimming with confidence, invigoration, strength, all the things he had lacked as his previous self, ever since he had…changed. For the better that is, such improvement the young Once-ler had never seen before. As a genius, an inventor, Steam was always striving for more out of his creations, perfecting them. It was a new and once unknown thought that such a concept could be associated with himself as well. All weakness he had felt before, those pathetic little things like fear and inhibition, were all gone, cast aside, leaving once again, only perfection. Who was he to question why it had been done in the first place, and wonder when he would be forced to have to feel such petty things again. If he went about it the right way, as things appeared to be going thus far, perhaps never. Steam much preferred what he had become, and planned on keeping it that way. Returning to what he had once been was a step back from improvement, and as it stood now, anything less than perfect was simply a mistake.

Poptart with a poptart. If he eats it, is it cannibalism?

I got a new brush that I really like, and wanted to doodle with it in Sai, so I decided to draw Swone. I did some things that I don’t normally do, such as attempting to draw him entirely from memory, to see if I could. I only glanced at a reference for coloring, and didn’t change the lines. I’m very pleased with myself actually. Py made sure I didn’t cheat, lol.

Another is that I actually had a sketch layer. I don’t do that really, so I wanted to see about starting with one. I left it there to show that I did indeed try sketching first. I usually just start drawing, and clean up my lines as I go.

So even though it’s a fair bit of time past the anniversary, I still wanted to do the Lorax Anniversary Challenge. I promised myself I’d get to them eventually, no matter how long it took. So here is the first of them…

~Askblog Appreciation~

Of course it would be Onag that I drew for this, was there any doubt? He is my absolute favorite of the ask blogs, and I will always adore him. There is so much to love about this precious guy, and I owe a lot to him overall. Felt like drawing one of his cutie snarky grins, as he obviously seems to be teasing whoever is on the other end of the phone. Since he’s shopping at Whole Foods, I’m certain he must of gotten his hands on some good coupons. Environment friendly re-usable bags ftw!

Ask blogs as a whole in the fandom are incredible though. I love so many of them! Every character is creative, every mod inspiring and amazing! So much time and effort goes into what they do, I must say that completely, I appreciate everyone and every ask blog. I cannot thank you all enough for all the hard work and dedication that you do. You’re awesome~