yoyo girl


Here, to remind you you’re not just giving something up, you’re joining a team. They handed those out at the formation of S.H.I.E.L.D. That one in particular belonged to Agent Peggy Carter.

I can’t, thank you, but I can’t take this.

Just hold on to it for me. I’ll only lose track of it on the Zephyr.

Protect iKON from the evils of this world

Yoyo: *naming 5 member girl groups* BIG BANG

BI: Whales are mammals? Rats are reptiles? Toronto? 

June: *washes his phone because he thinks it’s waterproof*

Bobby: *tastes ocean water* It’s salty! 

Chanu: *worries because he has no swim wear to go swimming on the plane*

Jinhwan: *buys chips because he wants something sweet* These are salty, so…

Dong: “You pabo!”