PART 2!!!

Mugman wanted to make everyone flowercrowns!

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Andrew and Neil being instigators and partners in crime. Maybe some pranks involved ;) love ya, thanx.

  • so i think neil and andrew would mostly be all over fucking with the team in ways so subtle that the team doesn’t even know it’s happening
  • especially nicky
  • for example i think they would definitely have entirely normal conversations in russian but in like really seductive tones just to drive nicky crazy
  • during a break in practice:
    • neil, lowering his voice and staring intently at andrew: [in russian] do you think i need to read over my essay again before i turn it in?
    • andrew, smiling slowly: [in russian] do you want me to read it?
    • neil, giggling (to the extent he could giggle at all): [in russian] do you have time to?
    • andrew with a wink: [in russian] yeah, before night practice.
    • neil, running a hand up andrew’s arm: [in russian] cool.
    • nicky and matt: what are they sayiNG
  • or alternatively saying things in german they would never actually say just to mess with nicky
    • andrew, in the car on the way to columbia: [in german] can’t wait to get you back to the house later
    • neil: [in german] oh yeah? what’re you going to do?
    • nicky, in the back seat, leaning all the way forward: yeah andrew, what’re you going to do?
    • andrew: [in german] that thing you loved last time
    • neil and andrew: [simultaneously remembering andrew’s spot-on impression of wymack he unveiled last weekend in columbia]
    • neil: [in german] can’t wait
    • kevin: i don’t want to know
    • aaron: kill me now
  • they would definitely try to mess with the bets that the rest of the team placed on them
  • sometimes andrew deliberately does something he knows renee bet on
  • the first time they hold hands is when they and nicky are waiting for the rest of the team to arrive for a movie night
  • neil and andrew nod at each other, deliberately clasp hands over a pillow, and wait for nicky to notice
  • when nicky does, he tries to discretely dive for his phone to document the moment
    • it is not discrete
  • when he finally gets his camera/snapchat open, they’re sitting a foot apart and looking opposite directions
  • nobody at movie night believes nicky
  • neil and andrew share a subtle smile when nicky finally storms out of the room indignantly

Bronze portrait of Alexander the Great

Greek or Roman, Late Hellenistic to Hadrianic
ca. 150 B.C —138 A.D.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC

Alexander the Great cultivated a visual image that projected his forceful character and leadership.  Since there are no surviving fourth-century B.C. portraits attributed to his official court sculptor, Lysippos, later sculptures such as this monumental bronze provide an idea of his appearance.  His portrait became the most famous in history and has been emulated by countless leaders from Hellenistic times to the present.

Divine cult centered around Alexander the Great arose during his lifetime and continued after his death in 323 B.C.  He was worshipped in Greek cities, frequently in association with his successors, the Hellenistic kings who divided and ruled the vast kingdom he had created.  The cult of Alexander continued during Roman times particularly in Macedonia, his homeland, and in Asia Minor, where cities traced their foundations to his rule.  This posthumous portrait with long “leonine” hair recalling Alexander’s divine association with the hero Herakles, was probably from a cult statue.