i never really seem to hate you - an april and andy fanmix, bc they’re the cutest

1. toothpaste kisses - the maccabees // 2. mad love - neon trees // 3. anyone else but you - the moldy peaches // 4.  you and i - ingrid michaelson // 5. i hate seagulls - kate nash // 6. into something good - the bird and the bee // 7. first day of my life - bright eyes // 8. five years time - noah and the whale // 9. kiss me slowly - parachute // 10. home - edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros // 11. the way you look tonight - mouse rat 

The Company Party - Jiyong (G-Dragon) & Seung-Hyun (Seungri)

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“I am thee fucking G-Dragon after all.”

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Word Count: 1,274

Summary: Annoyed with the atmosphere of the Company party, Ash, Seungri, & Jiyong decide to create their own fun in one of Jiyong’s studios, before an unexpected guest catches them in the act.

Contains: Rough Sex, Threesome, Prescription drug use, NYONGTORY

lmao I laughed too hard at the ending because that would totally happen

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Reminder: Ash is not a character, it’s just a replacement for Y/N in the summary section.


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Friendly reminder that the Italy brothers are completely adorable, flirtatious, ladies men

The Suave is strong with these two


I was putting together an entirely different post when I became entirely accountably completely unaccountably distracted by the jeans worn by Young Ozzie (brown leather jacket) and by John the incompetent blackmailer (dark jacket).

Are they the same jeans, I asked myself, looking at how they appear to be identically faded – identically very very faded – with the same tag on the back right pocket; and if they are, is it possible they were actually Peter’s Real Life jeans of circa 1986?

The answer to the first questions is almost definitely yes (based as shown on the strictest possible SCIENCE!) and I like to think the answer to the second question is yes as well because why not?  I mean, if it’s true for his specs, why can’t it also be true for his jeans? 

Here they are at night. See how they glow!