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Some Character Trivia from Pedal Sign (Updated on 10/19)

I’ll be translating some character trivia from pedal sign!! I’ll only translate a few since my Japanese isn’t very good haha (it’d be best to wait for a better translation w) and there might be some mistakes so I’ll apologize in advance orz and there are spoilers for the manga so be careful!!

Updated trivia from Japan Cup Pedal Sign event will be bolded. (10/18)

New Trivia from Utsunomiyashi Forest Park Pedal Sign event (10/19)will be bolded and italic


-Sensei might draw out Makishima’s visit to Toudou’s Inn.
-The shampoo he uses is around 2000yen, it’s the kind of shampoo which is often used in beauty parlors
-Q” Is Maki-chan popular in England?” A”Since he’s a foreigner he kinda is~ but since he’s a delicate/careful sort of person ((probably means he’s wary 24/7)) he’s mistaken as a rebellious person”

-Makishima’s original hair color is brown

-He started riding at around the age of 11-12

-Makishima started using ‘sho’ around the same time he started riding, he started using it because he saw it on tv.

-His uncle is also in England

-The reason behind his nickname for Tadokoro will be revealed in his Spare Bike

-He dyed his hair in his 2nd year of Middle school

-Makishima likes sweets and chinese food. His favorite is spring rolls.


-Is confirmed to be in the Physics Department in Yonan

-Q”Is Kinjou popular in universty?” A”He’s stealthily gaining popularity, people don’t tell him though.”

-Kinjou might be getting his own Spare Bike in the future.

-When Kinjou got his driver’s license he likes to drive to different places to bike.

-Kinjou started road racing because it looked fast.


-His type of girls is the ‘pure’ type

-Has a driver’s license

-Has a brother

-Like drinking Royal Milk Tea in the afternoon and chocolate
-He cooks
-He enjoys reading recipe books
-He enjoys watching the sea on his road bikes and looking at clothes in a shopping mall without buying anything (window shopping) on his days off

-Q”After the 1st year training camp, was things awkward between Imaizumi-kun and Teshima-san?” A”No, he’s not that kind of person”

-He is best at cooking Fried Rice.

-The background of his phone is a group picture of everyone after their Inter-High victory.((unsure about this im sorry)

-His favorite sushi is squid

-On White Day he made cakes as a return gift.

-His email address is his own birthday

-In sensei’s image Teshima would have a brother.

-He plays the DS and his cell phone etc on his days off

-Q”Does Aoyagi-kun have any siblings or pets?”A”He owns a dog that doesn’t bark!!”

-Q”Is Aoyagi-kun using good shampoo?” A”Yes, he is. He switched shampoos after he became a 3rd year,that’s why his hair is silky now!”

-Aoyagi used to have a cat

-Aoyagi likes drawing scenery

-Q”How popular is Aoyagi?” A”Aoyagi-kun received 1 chocolate during Valentines, 2 at best. Q”Eh, Aoyagi is less popular than Junta?” A”That’s because he tends to hide behind Teshima a lot, if he shows himself off properly his popularity would skyrocket.”

-His treasure is the matching helmets he got with Teshima.

-His favorite type of onigiri is dried plum
-He uses a 398yen shampoo his mom bought.
-He’s Kaburagi’s favorite senpai ((more like only senpai lmao))

-He sents countless of letters to Makishima although Makishima hasn’t replied once, he does keep them at hand though.

-Onoda still finds Arakita scary.

-His father is a government worker. ((finally something bout his dad))

-Sensei gave Onoda a BMC because he thought it was cool.


-Naruko is good at Onsen Table Tennis as well

-Naruko’s sister might also have red hair.

-Naruko’s type of girl is the caring type

-Naruko cooks for his brothers.It seems like he has yet to let Onoda and Imaizumi try his cooking.

-If Naruko were to go professional his team would be Blitzen because it’s red, Sensei says.

-He doesn’t share a room with his siblings.

-Naruko received his Pinarello as a reward from his parents.

-He has 3 siblings, 2 in elementary , 1 in middle school

-Naruko’s first love was the daughter of the candy shop’s owner he visits a lot, he was 10-11 then.

-Naruko grew 2cm after the 1st inter-high.

-Naruko’s weakness is running into a girl when he leaves the toilet from taking a dump.


-If Imaizumi were to go professional his team would be Shimano because it’s blue, Sensei says.

-Imaizumi listen to any movie soundtracks ranging from Romance to Action.

-His father works in World Trade Relationships.

-Reason why he likes Tamagoyaki is just for the calories, that’s it.


-Kaburagi is the 4th son in his family.

-He is 171cm (might change in the future)

-His birthday is 15th January

Misc Sohoku

-Tadokoro would be surprisingly the fastest to get married.

-Q”Do Teshima and Aoyagi ever get into arguments?” A”Ah..well sometimes” Q”Such as?” A”When they’re choosing what to eat.” Q”Who apologizes first?” A”It would be Teshima”

Hakone Gakuen


-Q”How did Fukutomi get his pet turtle?” A”While he was cycling he saw it in the middle on the road. After that he picked it up and put it in his pocket and brought it home.”

-In Meisou he’s in the Department of Law. (Sensei answered on reflex for this)

-When Fukutomi was Captain everyone was in seperate classes.

-Aki-chan is confirmed to be a papillon, not a collie
-On Toudou’s birthday he was the first to wish him
-He takes 2 minutes in the bath
-Q”Between glamourous girls, slender girls and girls who look like Rurumo ((from sensei’s other series magimogi rurumo, shes a loli)) which type does Arakita like?” A ” He likes the big type I suppose”
-Q”When is Arakita most fired up?” A “When he’s sending Fukutomi to the goal line, carrying out orders”

-Q”Does Arakita still hate baseball?” A”Hm…I wonder..I guess he’s okay with it now.” -Q”Which baseball team did Arakita root for while he was younger?” A”Hmm..the team from his hometown,Yokohama”

-He can cook somewhat

-He calls Onoda ‘Onoda-chan’ because he acknowledged his skills.

-Q”Do Fukutomi and Arakita still meet up even after graduation?” A”He visits him every weekend.”

-Reasons why Arakita chose Yonan

He wanted to ride against Fukutomi and Shinkai in a real match

He figured a public university (Yonan) would be better for Science instead of a private university (Meisou)

-Arakita does the ‘Gabu Gabu’ pose because it looked strong

-Arakita is best at making scrambled eggs.

-Between Kinokonoyama and Takenokonori sweets Arakita prefers takenokonori

-Only uses ‘-chan’ on the people he acknowledges

-His sisters might make an appearance.

-Has a driver’s license

-Calls his sister by name. (To be revealed)
-Q”Is Toudou a cat person, dog person or a bird person?” A”Hmm…probably a bird person”
-Q”During his ‘Mountain God’ party how did he send an invitation to Sakamichi-kun?” A”He got his address from either Manami or Maki-chan”

-Q”When is Toudou most quiet or in the peak of his concentration?” A”Ummm…(thinks for awhile) you’ll find out in spare bike”

-Toudou has his own signature which is ‘TODO’ in capitals.

-His favorite color is Orange, when he sees things in Orange he goes ‘Kyun~’

-Received around 20 chocolates during Valentines.

-It seems like he has thick earlobes

-Will reappear in the manga after things settled down

-His monthly allowance is 4500 yen

-When Toudou said Manami’s visual overlaps his and he’s worried that Manami will be popular with the girls means that Toudou thinks Manami looks cool

-Q”Are there any boys in his fanclub?” A”No *laughs”

-His type of girl is the thoughtful type

-Toudou’s first love was on the daughter (a year younger) of one of the inn helpers who usually comes to play , he was around 10-11 then


-The two get along well. Since the two is always busy the two do not practice together
-Hayato’s and Yuuto’s hair take after their parents respectively, it seems like Hayato did not dye his hair .
-Q”I heard that Hayato-kun like Japanese sweets, how about Yuuto-kun?” A “He likes sweet things as well, although he prefers cake and western sweets.”

-Q”How much rice does Shinkai eats?” A”He eats 2 bowls per meal This is just a reflex answer though!!”

-Yuuto rides a Cervelo because he loves his brother.

-Yuuto chose to enroll into Hakone because thats where his brother went and it’s a strong school.

-Q”Does Yuuto have any girlish wishes?” A”Well, he wishes to be a girl.” Yuuto wanting to be a girl is also due to his complex about Shinkai (will be explained in the future)

-Yuuto’s ‘spirit animal’ would be a Prairie dog.

-Yuuto is 176cm

-His road racer is white.

-Yuuto’s favorite food is veggies.

-Shinkai’s favorite homemade food is Tamagoyaki (like Imaizumi)

-Shinkai started to road racing because he saw his father’s friend ride once and thought it was cool.

-Shinkai’s father is a Physician in Yokohama.

-Shinkai chose the Cervelo because the logo looked cool.

-In Meisou Shinkai is in the Engineering Department (also reflex answer)

-Shinkai calls people by their first name or uses ‘-kun’ on teammates and people from other schools is because he wanted to come off as a friendly person

-Q”The change in Izumida really surprised me!!” A”Well, he is a captain now”

-Q”He really is working hard at acting like a captain towards his juniors” A”That’s a given, however he acts differently around Manami” ((lmao izumida is done with manami’s shit i bet))

-Q”Why did Izumida grow his hair out in his 3rd year?” A”He shaved to show his fighting spirit. But there’s no special reason as to why he grew it out.”

-Has an older brother which is older by 4 years

-He likes girls ((i think this means he appreciates ladies idk lmao))
-His favorite food (besides onigiri) is yakisoba
-His hated food is bell peppers.
-His cellphone bg is a picture of a mountain
-Q”Will Manami continue on to university?” A”He will.”
-Q”Besides Sakamichi and the rest of them, does Manami have any other friends his age?” A”He does, they might make an appearance”

-Q”Which part of Manami is the hardest to draw?” A”His hair since there’s a great amount of it (it’s hard to balance it out) ”

-Q” Is Manami a Science or Humanities student?” A”He’s a Science student surprisingly along with President.”

-Manami usually refers to himself as ‘ore’. He uses ‘boku’ around Sakamichi because he wanted to (for no reason basically)

-Q”Does Manami still keep in contact with Toudou (after graduation)?” A”Somewhat, Manami isn’t really the type to reply messages and such.”


-He is 174cm

-His birthday is on the 4th of February

-His ‘spirit animal’ is a leopard/panther.

-Arakita calls Kuroda ‘Kuroda-chan’

-His favorite food is hamburgers

-His hair has some blue highlights


-His birthday is 2nd November

-He gets along well with Doubashi since they sympathize with each other the pain of having a bigger body.


-Has 2 older brothers

-His favorite food is cucumbers

-He’s 179cm

Misc HakoGaku
-Q”Between Sohoku and Hakogaku members who else contacts each other besides Toudou and Makishima?” A”Kinjou and Fukutomi does sometimes, Shinkai and Tadokoro do too.”
-Q”Has the Hakone members been on a trip together?’ A”They went to the pool together once.”
-Q”It’s been mentioned that Manami-kun cried after the match and I suppose the other (normal) members cried out of sadness too, but how about Fuku-chan and the rest? Did they not cry after the match?” A”Aah, everyone cried after they went home.” ((wow not okay))
-Current popular HakoGaku members. Manami > Yuuto > Ashikiba > Kuroda >Izumida

-The most athletic in the club is Kuroda while the least is Izumida (surprisingly)

-Q”Is there really a reason in the mesh of colours in Manami, Maki-chan’s and Shinkai-kun’s hair while you colour?” A” Manami’s is light reflecting off it (the yellow) and Maki-chan’s (the red) and Shinkai’s(the blue) is highlights.”

-Q”Do any of the characters name their bikes?” A”Fukutomi names his beloved bike ‘Gian’

-Q”How about the other characters?” A”Shinkai’s Cervelo is called ‘Velo’…..I’m sorry I just came up with it just now”

-Q”Do the HakoGaku 3rd years still keep in contact with each other? A”Since they’re in ‘enemy’ schools its usually just things like ‘I didn’t ride today’”

-Ashikiba, Kuroda and Izumida live in dorms

-Out of the all the 3rd years Fukutomi and Arakita are most likely to drink when they are of legal age, Shinkai and Toudou drink sometimes.

-HakoGaku students would visit home once every 1-2 months.

-If Makishima wasn’t Toudou’s rival and Manami was his classmate they would most likely be rivals. However, Toudou wouldn’t give him a nickname like ‘Maki-chan’ instead it’d be more like ‘Who the heck is this guy.



-Has a pet tortoise

-Goes to a university in Kyoto

-He’s still doing road racing.

-Besides riding he enjoys taking pictures of bridges because he likes how balanced it is (he doesn’t show it to his teammates though) He also likes buildings.

-Has a little sister

-Ishigaki might get his own Spare Bike.


-Q”Does he have any friends in class?” A”His relationships with his classmates are a little..complicated”

-His De Rosa was not a hand me down, he chose it himself

-The Yuki-chan who appeared in Book 18 in 3 panels might be making another appearance

-Midousuji wears black gloves because he hands are dry


-Mizuta removes his braces by the end of his 3rd year


-His type of girls are the ones with good meat

-Komari’s favorite food is chicken tender


-The Yonan jersey color scheme is confirmed to be Yellow-Green and Yellow with White lines.

-Depending on the situation Kinjou would be the one assisting Arakita to the goal instead.

-Kinjou and Arakita live in separate apartments, sometimes they’ll go for food together

-If sensei could draw the match between Yonan and Meisou he’d do it right away.

Wataru sensei
-Q”Who is sensei’s favorite characters?” A”Teshima-san and Ishigaki-san”