Monster High: Ghouls Rule

Yep, I went there

I’ve had my eye on the dolls for a long time because they’re so interesting and different. Then I saw that there was a movie so I picked it up to check it out. 

To be totally honest with you it was pretty good. The girls all have their own personalities and interests and the animation was great. On top of that if you’re sharp you may pick up some shout outs to other things.

For instance at the end of the movie there is a super short dance number but the dance moves and song are DEFIANTLY a shout out to the Zombie dnace routine on a season of “So You Think You Can Dance”. For people who don’t know the show then you may know the song:

Ramalama (bang bang) by Roisin Murphy

Over all I urge you to open your mind and give it a shot. It’s full of cheesy puns and a few extremely girly moments, because it IS a movie for children ;)