Here’s a little story:

When I was around 12 or 13, I was really into doing my nails every day because I was convinced that if I did this, I’d be the baddest bitch on the block and the other tricks at school would really see me for what I was: the HBIC, of course.

So anyway, I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup at 13 (eyeroll) so, instead, I’d do my nails like a motherfucker. I went through so much nail polish remover and millions of cotton balls and finally my mom got really fed up with having to clean up after me because I was messy. She bought me one of these little spongey pods that I still to this day don’t care to learn the name of, because to me they’ll always be the spongey nail polish remover pods.

The basis of this really boring, poorly written story is to tell you guys that my spongey pod turned BLACK after two or three weeks of use. It was disgusting. But today I was at Target and being nostalgic for my thirteen year old “haven’t become a woman because I haven’t started my period yet” self and I saw these.

So yeah. Duh. I bought one.

Who’s got bets for how long it takes this one to turn gross? I’m going with a month.

Please don’t think I’m unhygienic now,

My new fall go-to when I want to steer clear of the reds for a while and feel as gloomy as the east coast weather is called Asphalt in the CND Shellac.

It’s so different and not as “I may hate my life a little” (even though I don’t! But you get what I’m saying, right?) as black can sometimes be.

It’s okay that it remind me a little of whiskey rocks too, right? Y'all wouldn’t judge me because of that, would ya?