youve had enough

Hearing sorry can make the night better

Well working in any deli is tiring enough. But closing at 8 is always the best time of the night. Well tonight was a normal night i guess. Im always happy to tell people we are closed. (I dont mean to make it sound happy but damn… Its a nice thing to turn people away when youve had enough cor one night) well i had this one guy come up. He was only looking at the case. Before he could even get his train of thought in order i simply tell him that we are closed for the night.

He snapped back “i didnt even say anything!”

I calmly explained to him that I didn’t want him to figure out what to get then be let down because of not getting it.

Again he sharply snapped back with his original statement.

I told him sorry and went on my happy way cleaning the slicers for the night.

About 10 minutes later, the same guy came up. Yelled out “ma'am” i thought, here we go again.

When i approached the counter the guy actually told me sorry for being so rude to me like he was. That he hadnt felt all that great tonight and was in a grouchy mood.

It made my night. You rarely even get people like that to admit to things and be nice enough to come back and say sorry for stuff.

Everything, is what you mean to me🌍

No word seems big enough to describe how you make me feel or how much I love you.
It is such a unique feeling and a feeling so strong I cant imagine living without you.

I adore you with my entire heart and am so passionate about you. I love everything about you, especially the things you hate I love more.
I can deal with every side of you and I know you better than I know myself. I love you just for you.

I know you prefer to be the little spoon and I know you love falling asleep on my chest, which I do to because I can hold you and I feel like im keeping you safe.
I know just how you like you toast, coffee or tea. I know which type of soup you like. I know what you mean when you use your unique phrases or sayings like A TURN.
Or I know exactly when youve truly HAD ENOUGH
I know how you hate it when I beat you on PlayStation but I know how much you love winding me up when I loose.
I know you like your showers extra hot and I know you have huffy times when youre eyebrows arent on fleek.
I know exactly what you need when you’re ill or what you want after work. I know how to talk to you and reassure you if your feeling negative. I know how to deal with you when you’re in your moods because after all you are human and nobody is happy 24/7 365days a year. I know just what stupid jokes to tell when you need cheering up and I know just how tight to hug you.
I know I cant go a day without you
I know I want to spend my life with you and I know just how much I love you.

The only thing I dont know is what “shan thing” you’re going to say next😉

I love you to the moon and back, to infinity and beyond!



when youre playing mccree and youve had just about enough of people shutting down your ulti - Vi ♥


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so heres my gAY™ lockscreen

cute homescreen that i have probably since ‘88 rly cant remember anything else on the home one

the last song i was listening to is ‘maruhan’ by kid milli more liek *king milli tbh

and the last selfie i took. and that ones perfectly fine, bc youve had eNOUGH of my face, so fortunately its not here again

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nightly haz ask: all your friends telling you that its OBVIOUS hes into you and youre like im gonna prove you wrong so you go to harry for help and hes like yeah sure so you guys are all over each other im talking snuggles hugs from behind flirting teasing all of it and one night at the bar harry tells you a joke and youre tipsy so you laugh hard and haz just storms over and "whats so funny" and you just laugh more saying "HARRY TOLD ME YOU THREATENED HIM IF HE DIDNT LEAVE ME ALONE" 1/2

2/2 and now haz is really mad and says “i think youve had enough were going home” and harry winks at you and when you get home youre like wtf is wrong with you and he just curses before kissing you bc he knew what harry was doing and he just mumbles “your friends were right im crazy about you” and super snuggles and him taking care of your hangover the next morning


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I have a killer headache right now pls help

identify why you have the headache
make sure youve had enough to eat and drink
sleep if you can
try to stay away from light
drink herbal tea
try to not be too stressed

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I just kinda need to get this out of my system and tell someone this and you seemed like a nice enough person?? But gosh, i’ve realized lately that i might kind of be in love with my best friend of five years, but she came out as aromantic last month, so there goes any chance of me actually getting the courage to tell her because i dont wanna put her in that position. Its just. Gosh. I can imagine myself marrying her. Its so hard not to say anything, but i know its best that I don’t

hi! and honestly there’s nothing wrong with getting it out of your system and i completely relate to being in love with someone you dont really have a chance with, and although it’s super difficult and painful at the moment i can promise that once youve had enough time to process it you will absolutely start looking at other people and going ‘oh? maybe?’ 

the most important thing is that you let yourself start looking at other people in an ‘oh? maybe?’ kinda light rather than staying loyal to an imaginary idea of what might happen

i hope things work out for you as best as they can and that you let yourself feel those negative emotions and then move on because that’s going to be the healthiest thing for both of you <3

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Modern au where Javerts coworkers drag Javert out for drinks and he ends up drunk calling Valjean and ranting about how frustratingly attractive Valjean is

“javert i think youve had quite enough-”