youve come a long way

I’ll Never Forget Him

Summary: When Dan slips and tells the entirety of the internet a secret about Phil, he tries desperately to cover it up. He just doesn’t try hard enough.

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: None 

Word Count: 1,271

A/N: I really hope you guys enjoy this one. I’ve spent over three months crafting it to make sure that the whole thing is perfect. This really means a lot to me so please enjoy yes yes.

Hello crafties!

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Welp, Sambones…

You’re old. That’s for sure. Over these vast 21 years I’ve seen a whole lot outa you: The seven year old who wanted to wear nothing but underwear, the nine year old who assumed any and all noise was surely someone puking their brains out and not in any way just a cough, the kid just knew she’d grow up to be either a pirate or the bride of Orlando Bloom, the graduation into the regal Legolas, the wounded warrior who took on the death of not one but two grandparents, the ‘normal’ girl…with college and a boyfriend and a job…the whole nine.I’ve seen you cope with the reality that you’d have to give that dream up and I’ve seen you come out as tough as nails for all of that mess and more. I got the behind-the-scenes view of your battle with the loss of your whole family, world, and future….and I watched you pick yourself up more times than any human being should have to. -All the while having more grace than a ballerina on ice-skates. I’ve seen quiet turn into silent strength.Watched you turn monster into human. Witnessed rejected be utilized and turned into openness.

Honestly, I could go on all day but I feel cheesy enough as is and I’m honestly not sure I’m even making sense. So, I’ll wrap'r up by saying this: Earlier you told me that your perfect day would be a day where everything went right. Where you could wake up and have every move be the move you wanted to make and the results be the results you’d predicted. No surprises. No mistakes. A day where everything was exactly how it should be. Well…(pardon my mushiness, here, but…) I agree with you. But, see…'right’ for me is simply having you around. Next to me in the passenger seat. I don’t care if I get a flat tire or have gluten sneak into my meal or if I feel fat as hell or Ronan pukes in his cage….I don’t care if it’s the worst day on earth. It’s worth it as long as yours is the face I see when it’s over. SO! That being said. -Drink up! Party down! Love life and buy so much alcohol it hurts! Cuz, in the words of pure awesome itself, everything is dust in the wind. Enjoy your time while you’ve got it, kid. And always remember…you’re my favorite little Shadow.