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good afternoon everyone i hope youre all safe and doing ok!! today id like to remind you all that mistakes are a natural process of learning and life, i know its really easy to beat yourself up over even the smallest of mishaps but youre doing a great job and you just gotta keep going. youre not a hopeless failure for making a mistake and you always have a chance to do better. youve come so far already and you deserve to be proud of yourself


I just………love how @markiplier came by @therealjacksepticeye‘s panel okay. theyre so precious gosh that tweet killed me


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Why I dislike AqAdvisor.

I’ve seen AqAdvisor gaining traction again and I am really not a fan. It has a lot of flaws, so much so that I don’t at all recommend bothering with it. I think it’s too easy for it to mislead you. Really, I’m sugar coating it. I think it’s a nice idea, but the calculator just doesn’t actually apply to real life tanks, so to me its pretty much worthless. I cannot stand how much positive attention this thing gets when it can so often be very VERY wrong.

Just check this out:

I trimmed it down to the important bits, but this is me just playing around real quick to see how ridiculous I can get this. I would hope you can all look at it and immediately see the things wrong with this imaginary tank without my help, but just in case I picked some fish you’re unfamiliar with I’ll break it down.

So first off, I started out with a 180g tank (the favorite of “monster” fish keepers that like to keep their fish in undersized tanks - I guess 180g just feels really big or something), with 200g filter capacity. I overshot the filter because one of AqAdvisor’s biggest flaws is that everything revolves around filtration capacity - it seems to run on the premise that overfiltering effectively creates a larger usable volume. I’m sure I could get really ridiculous and make a tiny tank with massive filtration capacity, and REALLY see how far I can push it. Maybe I’ll do that next.

Then I started tossing in a horrible mix of incompatible fishes, to see what it would let me get away with. Let’s look at those:
1 x “Lima Shovelnose Catfish”, Sorubim lima - A 19.9″ SL fish that really ought to have a tank no smaller than 500g based on size alone. Aqadvisor thinks it’s acceptable to house a fish in an tank closer to 3 times its length. I have so many complaints with this, but I’ll move on.
5 x “Neon Tetra”, Paracheirodon innesi - A schooling fish naturally found in massive groups, that really ought to be 12+. Aqadvisor let me put a minimum of 5. Oh hey also, check that out. S. lima is a huge predatory catfish, but AqAdvisor isn’t concerned about these little guys getting eaten.
1 x “Guppy”, Poecilia reticulata - These are social, shoaling fish that should not be housed singly. But AqAdvisor thinks a solo guppy is okay, and doesn’t think S. lima is going to eat this lonely little fish either. Also hardwater to brackish? But supposedly they’re compatible with all these soft water fishes.
1 x Royal Pleco, Panaque nigrolineatus - This is no small fish either, maxing out at 13.4″ SL. But AqAdvisor is only concerned about the availability of wood for this fish. This fish does actually fit in this tank size (bare minimum based on size, without waste or activity taken into account), and the tank being overfiltered is good for it being a pleco. I mostly tossed this one in here to see if a waste producing machine would make a measurable impact on water quality values. (Hint: It didn’t.)
5 x Denisoni Barb, Puntius (Sahyadria) denisonii - Tossed them in for fun. 5 is apparently an acceptable shoal size. Another group to fill space. They are river fish though. (See WCMMs below.)
5 x “Galaxy Rasbora”, Danio margaritatus - See my notes on neons, except wow true nano, still supposedly not S. lima food. Maybe AqAdvisor just thinks these fish are too small for the cat to notice or care? (Not accurate.)
5 x “White Cloud Mountain Minnow”, Tanichthys albonubes - Same notes as above small schooling fish, but I’m skeptical about how well their water needs match these other fish. These are clear water, basically hillstream fish that like it cool. The others are tropical, and I know off the top of my head that Neon Tetras are blackwater fish. But AqAdvisor is fine with them living together.
1 x Licorice Gourami, Parosphromenus dessineri - Hang on, hang on, REALLY? Monster cats in little tanks is a special sore spot for me, but I think this upsets me the most. I can have a solo rare fish from a disappearing habitat that needs to be preserved by the hobby, in this mess of a tank? A blackwater specialist that belongs in a breeding project? And oh hey, snack sized for S. lima. But nope, AqAdvisor has no qualms with this.
1 x Zebra Oto, Otocinclus cocama - Did a zebra just for fun. But hey, ALL otos are shoaling fish that require large social groups and established tanks. I’m hesitant to even suggest that 6 is a sufficient minimum - they’d do best if you shoot for more. Aqadvisor let me keep one solo, maybe they thought it was intentionally in there as another snack for the S. lima. (Either way, it will be.)
1x Dwarf Cory, Corydoras hastatus - Also a shoaling fish that needs a group, which AqAdvisor somehow seems completely unaware of. Also will be S. lima food.
1 x African Butterfly Cichlid, Anomalochromis thomasi - Okay, I was trying to last minute tack on the African Butterfly Fish and grabbed this guy by mistake. I know nothing of cichlids. I’m sure there’s something wrong with him being here too, who knows. (For those curious, if I had added the ABF it wouldn’t have told me anything about it eating my nanofish - it just warned me that they jump. Thanks AqAdvisor.)

Take a look at the temperature range. These fish can only be housed together in a way that some of them don’t end up in inhospitable conditions if they are maintained at this one precise temperature. (That means they’re incompatible!) That pH range is a bit narrow too.

And the only note is the concern about providing the pleco wood. At least they don’t want the kiddo (a xylivore) to starve. But for those unfamiliar, AqAdvisor DOES let you know about incompatibility issues right here in this note section if the species has had anything programmed in about it. It doesn’t think these fish are incompatible at all.

AND IT SAYS I’M STILL OVERFILTERING, ONLY NEED TO CHANGE 18% PER WEEK, AND AM ONLY 66% STOCKED! The Panaque alone could be a fully stocked tank. The Sorubim is an overstocked tank. This is ridiculous. This is unacceptable.

This is why you don’t use AqAdvisor.

(Anyone else feel free to see what other horrible stocking it lets you get away with and add them on!)

If the only person who sees your progress is you, then thats just as valid as anyone else noticing it.

You’re a person and if you’re fighting every day against something like art block, depression or anything else, and no one notices but you? Good job!! You’re doing great and should feel proud of yourself, because you are the one whose fighting this, and everyone goes at a different pace.

Things will ease soon, and your progress will be out on display in time, keep going!

well idk if my ears will ever recover but that was so fucking lovely asdkfsldfsdf. i loved watching them yell and support each other in real time and i loved that bit where they were giving moving advice and phil was all sentimental about taking photos of your empty rooms and knowing the memories youve made there don’t come from the rooms themselves and dan didnt rly know how to react so he just resorted to making sarcastic gagging noises and i loved when phil definitely said ‘swish swish bitch’ instead of ‘bish’ and the way they giggled and looked at each other when someone asked phil to show his leg bruise and just the way that banter in general comes so naturally to them. theyre so fucking funny and good and this was so so fun

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Best thing about FMA:B is that Nina is still remembered and a very defining part of a lot of their convictions towards people and alchemy. Al's conversation with Gracia highlights even some of the seemingly unimportant plot-related arcs from the very beginning still have large ripples through the FMA storyline. Because Nina originally felt like a lesson in human cruelty, but ended up being a lesson on humanitarianism.


This is also one of my absolute favorite little details. The biggest complaint I have about a lot of long-running, save-the-world type shows is that the characters will go through so many traumatic experiences that–for the sake of convenience–the writers just start to forget the early ones. There will be something so vital, so life-changing that happens in early episodes that just kinda gets…phased out. The writers are bored of it. The writers have decided bigger/cooler things need to happen instead. The writers just frigging forget, or change their minds, because that was still test-phase stuff for their characters and they want to renege on the characters caring so much about “early traumatic event”

Not Fullmetal Alchemist. 

Not Nina.

The impact she has on the Elrics is lasting. It’s consistent. It’s real. It’s never. damn. forgotten. 

The final chapter. Within the final 20 pages of the entire series, we get this

Here Al is trying to overhaul his and Ed’s entire life philosophy. He is attempting to reject the core ideas of alchemy. He’s trying to prove an entire different system of equivalence. Because he has not forgotten Nina. Because Ed has not forgotten. Because they refuse to forget.

Nina died in chapter 5.

And it is her memory that motivates the boys’ final actions in the final chapter: chapter 108

Because the consequences in this series are real, and the effects are lasting, and nothing is done just for shock, and nothing is thrown away

and nothing

is ever


btw friends i have the absolute BEST idea for pre-order rewards for book 3 (aka if you pre-order, i’m gonna send you a little something in the post (mail) to say thank you): i think i’m gonna make 3 different designs of enamel pin, one for each of my books, and you can choose which one you want if you pre-order book 3

This isn’t an update or anything but I thought I’d let you all know why I didn’t post yesterday and all I can say is I got sucked into a really good jikook fan fic. Whoopsss👀  I’m not usually one that reads member x member fan fics but fuck, I literally spent hours reading this 170k piece of art and I’m still in the process of finishing it. Ugh just literal praises to the author cause if you didn’t already know, I live for angst and slow burns and this fic does both so well, my heart hurts. If you’re curious, here’s the fic!! Just a fair warning that it does contain smut but if you’re already following me, I’m sure you’ll be ok with it haha💗


I was tagged by the ever lovely @trans-lexi​ & @laura491​ for my 2016 selfies. Its been a hell of a year, and despite the heartache and struggle and pain I’m somehow still here and better yet I’m actually making progress coming out - to my parents, to my doctor, to my friends - so I guess I can begrudgingly say I’m almost kinda proud of myself. May the same continue next year; maybe finally start HRT?? We’ll see I guess! Lets hope 2017 goes easier on us all 💖

I’m not sure whos not done it yet so please if youve not do go for it and also let me know because Id love to see and share your beautiful faces 😚💖