my bestie @thechosenoneschosen gave me a big birthday box full of incredibly adorable fandom cupcakes (the pink ghost from Star Butterfly’s dress KILLED ME) and A LOT of blue food (Yes, just like in Percy Jackson *screams for another 10 minutes* SHE EVEN BEHEADED THE BLUE CHOCOLATE BEARS OKAYYY, OCTAVIAN WHO?) Gurl, what a freaking QUEEN, thank youuu! 

The cupcakes are from, left to right: How to Train your Dragon (the viking helmet was awfully detailed omg, also, HI BUD!), Star vs. the Forces of Evil (Marco’s mariachi sombrero salfjheañkdk), Doctor Who (but of course Ten and Eleven had to be here oc), Percy Jackson (I spent like 5 minutes gushing about Annabeth’s Yankees hat SO CUTE and Poseidon sign looks so badass LOOK AT IT) and Miraculous Ladybug (I was so excited I didn’t recognize Chat Noir’s ring yes I’m an idiot) 

  • leo: you'd fancy a piece of chocolate cake?
  • nico: no thank you I'm not hungry
  • leo: a cookie?
  • nico: no thanks
  • leo: something to drink?
  • nico: I'm killing you right now
  • *percy approaches*
  • percy: ehi guys I made a bunch of cupcakes, they suck lol I wanted to give them to Mrs. O'Leary
  • nico: cupcakes? no way I love cupcakes give them to me I'll eat them all please you're so good at baking
  • percy: thank youuu neeks!
  • *gives cupcakes to Nico and leaves*
  • leo:
  • nico:
  • leo:
  • nico:
  • leo: ... you serious man?
  • nico: fuck off