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if you don't actually think the moon landing was faked then do you believe that there are aliens on the moon? buzz aldrin said he saw some alien stuff up there but he also wouldn't swear on the bible that he stepped foot on the moon so i wonder what's goin on.

on the moon: no at least no evidence anyone has ever seen

but aliens are out there for sure and i have no doubt humans have met them before.

i know y'all gonna jump on me with the “weather balloon” and “missile testing” story the government gave us but this is a UFO

this isn’t some blurry andorid phone footage but hd stuff from multiple accounts. When this happened it was even trending on twitter.

how often do you think the government does missile testing around highly populated areas?

Happy Monday! I hope you had a good weekend. 😎 My weekend was great! Lots of walking and yummy food as usual. 😜 I posted a weekend vlog on my channel if you’re curious to see what I’ve been up to: 🌸 This morning for 2nd breakfast I have this pretty pink oatmeal. I mashed up some raspberries and stirred them into the hemp milk and water as it warmed on the stove top. I also added a spoonful of jam. 🍓👅