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Person Of Interest Cast @ Comic-Con 2015: TVGuide’s Yacht (!!)

A little late to the party, TVGuide, in posting the vid, but….better late than never!

The cast is ADORBS!!!

Side note: Amy Acker LOVES “Penny Dreadful!” Fuck Yeah! One of me fav shows (also very underrated like POI!) and Eva Green! I can see Amy & Eva playing a scene. It’d be bloody brilliant! ;D
Man sheds tears of joy, finding song after decades of searching that reminded him of his mother
This man is from Congo. One day he and his mother went to a Chinese grocer there and heard a song playing over the PA system. The mother liked it so much she asked the owner about it and the owner gave her the tape. The mother would listen to the song a lot and the man came to associate it with her (but of course, since it was all in Chinese they didn’t know what it was called, who sang it, or anything about it). Later, the mother and the man emigrated to South Africa, and somewhere in the process, the tape was lost. Soon after, the mother died. The man was heartbroken that he had lost the song which always reminded him of his mother. For 20 years he has worked as cab driver, and every time he got an Asian person in his cab, he would hum the song to see if the person could tell him what it was, but no one ever knew. Finally, one day, he had his first ever Taiwanese passengers; it turns out the song was Taiwanese, and they knew it immediately. What you see in the video is him reacting after hearing the song again after 20 years.

This is the song: 羅大佑 - 戀曲1990 (Translation:  Lo Ta-yu - Love Song 1990)

Mark’s grown up so fast since his last TV appearance.

I am so proud of him, he’s come a long way from starting with nothing to building a massively loving community where friends are made.

Thank you Mark for always entertaining us and dedicating yourself to make a change in the world.❤️

P.S 2013 Mark is such a cutie.
Also I’ve found the video of Mark’s first television debut that I’ll leave here (since the link on his channel is no longer available).😊

Last newsletter for a while

Hi everybody,

It’s bittersweet to write the last newsletter for this Nikki Nack tour.  Only 8 shows left!  But it also feels like we started this journey a LONG time ago.  

This year and a half has been chock full of new experiences, new landscapes, new perspectives.  I think I can speak for the band and say that we are all grateful to have such exceptional audiences to perform for.  You are invested, responsive, and present in a way I couldn’t have imagined when I started this project almost a decade ago.

Thank you, sincerely, for all the support.  I’ve had some of the best shows of my life over this past year.

Some final items of note:

1. LAST COOL VIDEO!  Our new and final Nikki Nack video is an animation by Sarah Pupo for “Rocking Chair,” featuring Sam Amidon:

2. LAST EIGHT SHOWS!  Texas this weekend, Santa Monica Pier, Chicago with Calexico, Oakdale, CA, Boston with The Decemberists, Champaign-Urbana, IL, Bloomington, IN, and Cincinnati, OH.

3. NATE HAS HIS OWN ALBUM! Soon after we stop touring, Nate will be releasing a solo album under his Naytronix moniker.  It’s out on October 16th but you can order it NOW to make sure you get your fill of his bass playing and songwriting while tune-yards is on a break. Future tour dates and his stellar new video, directed by SNEAL, are at

4. COOL SHOW WITH LAURIE ANDERSON!  I’ve had the honor of working with Laurie Anderson on her latest creation, Habeas Corpus, which will debut Oct 2-4 in NYC.  Info here.

5. I HAVE A BLOG!  Follow me here on Tumblr since I’m sure to have some interesting adventures between albums…I’ll be posting about my upcoming producing and writing work, as well as stuff about The Water Fountain fund that we started with your help this year.

6. WATER ON THE BRAIN!  As you go about your life on this planet made of so much water, keep The Water Fountain fund in mind, but more importantly, the great orgs we dispersed the money to, in New Orleans, California, and Haiti.  We’ll track the progress of these and other organizations as they fight important battles.

Finally, I want to thank the hard-working band and crew who toured so many miles to bring this music to so many people: Shaun Bengson, Nate Brenner, Haley Dekle, John “DJ Fitz” Fitzgerald, Mark Henkel, Jo Lampert, Dani Markham, Jake McLaughlin, Abigail Nessen-Bengson, Olivia Oyama, Moira Smiley, and Zach Teesdale.  These tours couldn’t have happened without you all.

Happy September, happy fall, and may you be surrounded by good music, always.

Love, Merrill