Been tagged again :)

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I was tagged by: just-a-youtube-blog

1. What is your favourite food? - It’s food, how am i supposed to choose? :D

2. Who is your celeb/ technically just awesome to you and are well known crush? - Niall Horan and Alfie Deyes and Jack Harries

3. Top five turn-ons? - Awkwardness (in a good way), a good sense of humor, outgoing, good personality, chilled.

4. Favourite sound? - Quietness, wind blowing and rain or water murmur

5. Favourite band? - If group/band then 1D and Little Mix, if band-band then probably Green Day, Coldplay or Mcfly.

6. Favourite song/s at the moment? - too many :D

7. Where would you like to live? - In an English environment preferably UK

8. Favourite accent? - British and Irish

9. Best quote? - I know too many quotes (i own a quotes notebook), but one of my favorites would be: “Life is too short to be sitting around miserable” - Rihanna

10. Favourite eye colour? - Every eye color is gorgeous, i don’t have a favorite.

11. Do you like cheese? - Yes

My questions:

1.Favorite musician(s)?

2.What/who inspires you?

3.Favorite twitter account?

4.Favorite youtuber?

5.Something important for you?

6.One food that you would never give up?

7.Favorite person in the world? (Doesn’t have to be “famous”)

8.Favorite sweet?


10.Favorite person on tumblr?

11.Person you look up to/want to be like in the future?

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