Best Friends Forever ? (Part 6)

Plot: You, Liam and Mason have been best friends for a couple of months, but suddenly one of them start to avoiding you. Being worried with you friends as always, you start to look for answers and sometimes some secrets should be kept in secret. 

I could hear someone screaming, and my first thought was to help whoever was in pain. But I couldn’t move my body properly. My head was heavy, everything was spinning around.

Slowly, I was starting to be in control of my body again, so I turned around and what I saw made me wanna puke.

Across the room , 3 people were doing something to someone, the person who was screaming, I thought. But they didn’t looked like people at all. They seemed to have some kinda of metal masks, I weird clothes, and their walk were like a robot.

“One more” one of them said, with a metal voice that hurted my ears.

“The last one before the girl. “ the other said.

“Hope he doesn’t fail like the others.” Someone next to me said, and when a looked my heart stopped. Theo.

“If he fail, we have her.” One of them said, I couldn’t know which one was who. They all looked the same.

“Yes, she won’t fail.” Another one said.

“Why you are so sure she’s not going to fail?” Theo said. And then I realized that he didn’t noticed that I was awake, so I tried to be as quiet as I could be.

“She’s different from any supernatural we’ve ever met.” One of them started to walk towards me, so I had to close my eyes and pretend I was still knocked out.

“How different?” Theo asked.

“Can’t you sense the air next to her? Can’t you smell her? She’s a witch.”

“A witch? But I thought they were extinct!” Theo said.

“So do we. But then we saw her and we realized how well hidden they all were.”

“But now you have one. So let’s start this.” Theo said, taking my arm.

“Get your hands off her!!” I heard someone screaming, a voice that I knew to well.

I made the first thing that came to my mind. I screamed.


Note: okay, it’s almost in the end folks. Hope you are really liking it. I would love to see you sending some requests. I don’t bite, I promise. Also, would you watch my vlog if I started one?? Love yall! Talk to u tomorrow :)

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Joe Sugg: Bath Time

Request: A joe sugg imagine where y/n is taking a bath and a bit later joe comes back home and joins her (fluffy with some kissy stuff).

I sunk down into the hot bath. I think it was safe to say I had to worlds worst day. I took a deep breath and slowly let it out as I rubbed my temples. I’ve had this headache since I woke up and the events of today have only made it worse. This bath is much needed. Just as you thought you finally had some peace and quiet, there was a knock on the bathroom door. “What?” you groaned. “It’s me. Can I come in?” Joe asked. “Sure.” you mumbled, really just wanting to be alone. “You alright?” he sat down on a stool in front of the bath tub. You simply shrugged your shoulders in response. “Well, ok then.” Joe said as he stood up to take his clothes off. “What are you doing?” you questioned. “I want you to feel better so that’s what I’m going to do.” Before you knew it, Joe was stepping into the bath tub with you. He sat behind you as you pressed your back into his stomach. “So, what even happened?” he asked. You began to tell him all about your day and he listened to every word. “I’m really sorry, baby.” he mumbled as he moved your hair to one side to expose your neck. He leant down and started giving you light kisses on your neck. You lied your head back on his shoulder and closed you eyes. Maybe this wasn’t the worlds worst day.

Joe Sugg: You're Home!

Request: can you pleasee do a joe one where he comes back from travelling surprises you and theres alot of hugs and kisses i just want it to be cute and fluffy 💓 thank you x


You were sat in the living room of yours, Joe’s, and Caspar’s apartment. The two of them were traveling in Germany, but you had to stay home because of your college schedule. You were extremely happy for Joe getting to travel, but it does kind of suck considering you can almost never go with him.

You finally decided to migrate from the living room to the kitchen table to get some homework done. After a few minutes, you heard the front door opening. You’d be lying if you said you weren’t scared. The only people who have keys to the house were you and the two guys. You stood up and walked towards the door slowly, with your phone in you hand ready to dial 911. The door opened and in walked…Joe?
“Joe you scared me!” you exclaimed as you put your phone back in your pocket. “Sorry.” he laughed. “Wait…YOUR'E HOME!” you screamed. You hadn’t realized until now that he was home 2 days early. “I am!” he laughed. You ran over to him and gave him a huge hug. “What are you doing home so early?” you questioned. “I just missed you so much and thought you were probably kind of lonely so why not?” he said. “I love you.” you said as you kissed him. “I love you so much more.”


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Scars May Not Fade- Part 4

The wait is over, I finally wrote! Here is part four of SMNF

Part 3:


We walked into the ice cream parlor, the cold brisk air hitting me through my thin long sleeve shirt sending a shiver up my spine as the heat of the Florida heat vanished from my body. I gently rubbed my arms for a moment as I looked around the small parlor. 

 There were green and red lamp shade lights hanging from the roof to give the white walls and floor a splash of color. There were only three small round tables with two tall green metal stools and one small table which if Dan tried to sit at, his knees would most likely come to his mouth.

One wall had a serve yourself line where there were at least twenty different soft serve flavors from a machine. Next to that was a small table with two different sized bowls to get. Big, and even bigger. This line lead to the cashier where there was a toppings bar to add things like cookie crumbling’s, hot fudge, gummy bears. The works.

Dan smiled glancing to me and nodded to the tables before he spoke “unless you want to sit outside, it’s a bit warmer out there.”. I glanced out the large window wall behind us and looked to the four tables outside and then to Dan with a nod. “Sure, that’s fine by me. It is a lot colder here.” I responded with a grin on my lips. Dan nodded fixing his fringe before we moved to the self-serve line.

“How is this a small bowl?” Dan mumbled to himself grabbing the blue cardboard bowl that had an S on it. “Does the ‘S’ stand for ‘Similar in size?’” he added as he looked to me. I let out a soft laugh and a shrug. “It probably means “Sorry but this is the smallest we have.” I retorted which got a chuckle from Dan.

We filled our “small” bowls halfway before we added a few toppings. Since I got myself a cookie dough Nutella ice cream concoction, I added a few crumbled oreo cookies to mine. Dan had gotten himself a reeses cup chocolate trinity mixture and added some hot fudge to the top. He looked to me raising a brow as he looked at my icecream choices to me. “I’ll pay for it.” He offered as he dug into his pocket and pulled his black flakey wallet out.

Before I had a chance to respond, he had took my ice cream and his and put it on the scale. “Um Dan.” I said as he took out the ten dollars to pay then looked at me confused. I took a deep breath and smiled “thanks.” I said softly. He nodded a little grin on his lips as he handed me my ice cream then took his thanking the cashier. “Lets grab our seats!” He said and walked to the door holding it open for me.

We both sat down at the green metal bench table that reminded me of the tables from highschool that would be outside the whole day. I took a bite of my dessert and nodded in approval, mostly to myself. “So, I checked out your channel.” Dan said like he had earlier. “and I was wondering if you possibly wanted to do a collab while we are here?” He looked up at me as he took a bite of his food.

My inner fangirl was shrieking right now with excitement. He actually wanted to do a collab, Danisnotonfire wants to collab with me? I took a deep breath as he looked at me awaiting my response. “I would love to.” I replied nodding keeping my fangirl underwraps. He already knew I was a fan, I wasn’t going to scare him away because of it. I was terrified that if I had responded the way my brain was screaming he would leave me alone at that moment, change his number and pretend we even met.

Dan grinned excitedly “Great, well how does tomorrow at five sound? We could film in your hotel room if that is okay? Mine may be… a little messy.” He chuckled making me laugh along. “That’s fine, I’ll straighten up my room a little, don’t want your fans seeing my clothes sprawled on the spare bed.” I replied. My room wasn’t super messy, just my clothes folded and placed all on the bed so I could grab them, change, and head out.

“Then tomorrow at Five, I’ll text you to let you know I’m on my way, and maybe we could grab dinner afterwards?” He said shrugging as if it was an everyday thing to invite one of his fans to make a collab video with him, and go out to eat afterwards. I smiled trying not to stammer as I said “Perfect, at five.”

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1. Spell your name in song titles (links will lead to YouTube videos)

Radioactive - Imagine Dragons

Happy Little Pill - Troye Sivan

I Write Sins Not Tragedies - PATD 

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes - Cinderella

2. Why did you choose your URL?

Because it’s a pun and who doesn’t loves puns. 

3. Middle name?

Victoria Rebecca

4. If you could be a fictional being, what would you be? 

I would be Hannah from PLL because she’s fierce, sassy and hot af.

5. Favorite color?

Rose gold or purple.

6. Favorite song?

At the minute, My Demons by Starset

7. Top 4 fandoms?

1. Phandom

2. The Wanted / TWFanmily

3. Harry Potter


8. Why do you enjoy Tumblr?

Everyone is really nice and it’s probably one of the most non-judgemental and open forms of social media there is which I think is amazing. It’s also like the number one place for any fandom to get together and just make friends over the same things and just be complete nerds together. 

9. Tag nine mutuals. (or just blogs you love)

lets-get-high-on-v youtuber-club phanicking ranbowllama123 pastel-hufflepuff moonlight-teen phanaticals dreaming-the-night-away fizzyphanta

you dont have to do this obviously but its fun to get to know ppl and stuff yay.

Joe Sugg: Happy Birthday

Request: Hey love, I just love love your imagines so i could you do one for me with Joe? Like its my birthday and he do something special but that means a lot for me?

You slowly opened your eyes as you felt Joe kissing your nose. “Good morning beautiful. And happy birthday.” he says as he kisses you again but this time on the lips. “Thanks.” you giggled as you sat up. On you bedside table, you saw a tray with toast, eggs, and strawberries. “Babe, what’s all this?” you asked motioning to the tray. “Your breakfast.” he said proudly. “Joe, you didn’t have to do that.” you told him. “I wanted. It’s your day so you deserve a nice breakfast in bed.” he picked up the tray and put it on your lap. He crawled in bed next you and the two of you shared the breakfast because you knew you couldn’t finish 3 whole eggs in your own with two other things still on the plate.

After breakfast, Joe went to his closet to get your birthday present. “I would give it to you at your party, but I thought you might wanna use it today.” he says excitedly as he set the wrapped, fairly large box in front of you. You slowly tore off the wrapping paper but needed help to rip the tape on the box. Joe found a pair of scissors and ripped the tape open, and let you open the box. You pulled the flaps open and pulled out a brand new Michael Kors tote. “Aw, Joe!” you exclaimed. “Do you like it?” he asked with a smile on his face. “I love it! Thank you so much.” you said as you got up to wrap your arms around him.

Several hours later, you, Joe, Caspar, Oli, Zoe, Alfie, Marcus, Jim, and Tanya were all sat a table in a hibachi restaurant. After eating, you decided to open all your presents. You got lots of jewelry, gift cards, and makeup, but what you weren’t expecting was another present from Joe. “Ok, guys this is the last present.” Joe explained as you looked confused trying to figure out who you missed. Joe stood up, pushed his chair in, turned your chair around, and got on one knee. The tears instantly started to fill your eyes. “Y/f/n, we’ve been through a lot together. Good and bad. I can always count on you to be there me when I need you. You’re my rock. You keep me sane. And that’s why I wanna ask you…” he said as he pulled a black box out of his pocket. “Will you marry me?” he asked. You covered your mouth as the tears started to flow. You nodded your head, almost unable to speak. Joe laughed as he put the ring on your finger and stood up to hug you. All of your friends were just as surprised as you were. As you were hugging you heard not only your friends, but the entire restaurant cheering for the two of you happy. “Happy birthday, darling.” Joe said.

Imagine Hannah trying to make you feel better after finals.

“I don’t know, Hannah. I just feel like I didn’t do my best. I think I could’ve done better.” “You did great, relax!” She smiles at you, trying her best to assure you that you did do your best.


AU - Dan gets a pet spider

// Sooo. I was scrolling through my blog and stumbled upon my Prank Call video imagine, and thought ‘Hey! This would make a good AU.’ And…yeah. I would really appreciate not only some feedback, but an idea for a next AU, so it’ll be a bit easier for me and I would be able to get in some of your ideas! :) Ask/Request box here! //

Oli White: Clumsy

“Request: Oli meeting you and keeps stumbling over his words and acting all clumsy and cute because he’s developed a crush on you

Authors Note:You’re a youtuber in this one :)

You walked into the party with your best friend Zoe. She went to go talk to some other YouTubers as you went to grab a drink. As you were pouring ice into your cup you felt a tap on your shoulder. You turned around to see a very nervous looking Oli White. “Uh, hey.” he said as he wiped his palms on his pants. “Hey.It’s Oli, right?” you asked making sure you hadn’t mistaken him for someone else. You’ve only seen a few of his videos so you don’t know him very well. “Yeah. Well I’ve watched a lot of your videos and you’re pretty cool and so I just thought we could meet each other.” “Oh, awesome. I’ve seen some of your videos too. It’s great to finally meet you.” you said. He stood next to you to make drink too. He scooped up the ice and went to pour it into his cup, but missed terribly and the ice went all over the floor. You chuckled lightly. He bent down to pick up the ice, but when he went to stand up, he hit his head on the table nearly knocking over all the bottles on the table. “You poor thing.” you laughed as he stood up rubbing his head. “ Well I’ve already embarressed myself enough so what’s one more?” he laughed. “What?” you asked. “The real reason why I wanted to come over and introduce myself was because I have a slight crush on you and I just wanted to ask if you would like to grab coffee with me sometime. “I would love that. Just no spilling ice everywhere.” you joked. “No promises.” he laughed.