Make It Stop

Joe stirs at the sound of someone groaning lightly from the other room. Blinking his eyes open, he stares over at the light streaming through the crack of the bathroom door, grimacing as he hears Jack getting sick. Loudly.

“Babe?” Joe calls out, rolling onto his back as he waits for a response, but all he gets is another groan. Sighing, he pushes himself up and out of the bed, padding over to the bathroom, opening the door a little further, squinting at the light. “Jack?”

“Sorry,” The younger man mumbles, hunched over the toilet, running a hand through his hair, leaving it sticking up. “Go back to sleep.”

“And leave you in here?” Joe questions, “Nice try. Do you need anything?”

“No,” Jack replies, gripping the edge of the toilet tighter as he lurches forward, and Joe closes his eyes as he listens to his boyfriend get sick once again.

He shuffles forward, crouching down beside Jack, rubbing his back gently, “Want to come back to bed?”

“Yeah,” Jack sighs, resting his forehead on the cool porcelain, “I don’t think there’s anything left to come out.”

“What a lovely image, cheers,” Joe grumbles, flushing the toilet before helping Jack standing, frowning as the other man stumbles into him. “You really don’t feel good, do you?”

“Not really,” Jack leans against Joe heavily as they make their way back towards the bed, curling up on his side once he’s lowered into it. Groaning quietly, he wraps his arms around his stomach, burying his face into the pillow.

“I’m going to go grab you something,” Joe leans over, kissing the top of Jack’s head quickly, “Okay?”

All he gets in response is groaning.

When he walks back into the room, some medication and a bottle in hand, he stops in his tracks, frowning over at Jack.

“Hey, you okay?”

“No,” Jack says weakly, wiping roughly at the tears on his face. “It hurts.”

“Oh, babe…” Joe crosses the room quickly, climbing into bed and pulling Jack into his arms, “I didn’t realize it was that bad.”

“I want it to stop.” The younger man mumbles against Joe’s skin, the cold tears mixing with his warm breath. “Make it stop.”

“I can try, want to attempt to take some medication?”

Jack shakes his head, his grip around his stomach tightening, another groan slipping from his lips.

“It’ll help, come on,” Joe reaches over for the pills and water, nudging Jack’s shoulder until he pulls back, his skin pale and shining with a layer of sweat, the fever still clutching tightly to his body.

While he sips the water, Joe runs his fingers through Jack’s hair again, his eyes focused on his boyfriends face, catching the small grimaces.

“Let’s try and get some more sleep, yeah?”

“I don’t think I’ll be able to,” Jack sighs, letting Joe remove the water bottle from his hand, settling back down against the slim body.

“Just try, okay? I’m sure you’ll feel better in the morning.”

“And if I don’t?”

“We’ll figure it out then.” Joe drops another quick kiss on the top of Jack’s head, tugging the blanket over them. “Don’t worry bout waking me up again, I’m here to help.”

“Alright, thanks.” Jack’s words slur together as he drifts off.

Joe wakes up once again, this time to the sound of small whimpers coming from the body sprawled across him.

It only takes a moment for him to realize that Jack’s fever has produced a nightmare, and his boyfriend shifts in his sleep, more whimpers slipping from his lips.

“Oh, Jack,” Joe sighs, running his fingers along Jack’s back, trying to sooth him. He wanted to wake him from the nightmare, but Joe’s hoping to simply calm him, rather than interrupt the sleep the sick man was finally getting.

It was never easy for Joe to see Jack in pain, and this flu had come out of nowhere, hitting the younger man hard. All he wanted to do was wave his hand and make everything better, but as for right now, he was just trying his best to help Jack shift back into a peaceful sleep.

Without even realizing it, Joe begins to hum softly, some random tune from his own childhood, one he briefly recalls his own mother humming to him while he was sick.

A short while later, he feels Jack begin to relax against him, the whimpers fading away, his breathing evening out once again.

Letting out his own breath, Joe closes his eyes, continuing to hum, slowly drifting off to sleep, his hand coming to a stop on Jack’s back.

The next morning, Jack wakes up complaining and grumbling, which is how Joe knows he is on the road to recovery.

They don’t acknowledge the brief moment of weakness from the night previous, Joe knowing that Jack would only get embarrassed about crying over an illness, but the two don’t need to discuss it to know that it’s fine it happened, the pain had simply gotten to be too much.

Although Joe is quite happy to hear Jack complaining, because that means he isn’t in the same place as the night before, that he’s getting better, that he no longer has to worry.

But because Joe is still a considerate and caring boyfriend, and because Jack will only get annoying, he dotes on Jack throughout the day. Providing him with cuddles in bed, bringing him warm soup and hot tea, and letting Jack choose whatever movies he wanted on Netflix.

The two doze off and on throughout the day, both not having enough energy to do much else, but neither having anything else planned.

And when they finally decide to call it a night, with Jack feeling distinctly better than the night before, the younger man curls up against Joe once again.

“Hey, babe?”


“Thanks, for taking care of me.”


Once Jack has closed his eyes, Joe smiles down at him, humming softly, his fingers tracing patterns into the bare skin, feeling him relax almost instantly, letting out a content sigh.


Well this is one of my own ideas that I had stuck in my head for soo damn long and somehow, I couldn’t write it down because I had too many things I wanted to write and kind of forgot about it. But then it came back to me and I HAD to write it so there you go, hope you enjoy xx

Joe frowned as he felt the daylight hitting his face through the curtains of his room. He groaned and rolled over, about to get back to sleep when he suddenly noticed something not so unusual. Someone was laying next to him, in his own bed and his eyes were now fully opened. He wasn’t surprised to see who was the person he had shared a bed with on the previous night but there was something surprising him though. He did not feel like his head was about to explode which meant that he hadn’t drank the night before. And when the girl who had quickly became one of his closest friends was in his bed, he was usually drunk. 

He jumped out of his thoughts when she opened her own eyes, frowning at the light. She smiled as she noticed Joe watching her and he smiled back. But she quickly noticed as well. They weren’t drunk. And the memories floated  back in their minds. The night has been wild for them and even though, it wasn’t the first time it had happened, far from it, something felt different. 

“What the hell happened?” Y/N asked, frowning as she looked at the blue-eyed boy in front of her. “The real question is why it happened, not what.” Joe stated, sending her the same expression. And awkwardness suddenly filled the both of them for the first time. They both looked away from each other and up to the ceiling. “Was it bad though?” Y/N questioned after a short moment of silence. A smile formed on Joe’s lips as he clearly remembered everything. “It was incredible.” Joe admitted, now fully grinning as he turned his head to the side to watch her. The same smile was plastered on her face. “It really was.” She said after letting out a content sigh. “I don’t thing we have ever fucked like this.” Joe exclaimed, the two friends exchanging a smile. But again, it was different. “I feel like we did not just fuck last night, Joe.” Y/N admitted, turning on her side to watch him properly. A frown appeared on his face as he repeated her movements. “What do you mean?” The dark blonde asked, confusion itched across his face. “Can I ask you something?” Y/N asked, nerves suddenly flashing her body. Joe sent her a warming smile as he brushed a piece of hair out of her face. “Sure, anything.” He replied as he watched her take a deep breath. 

“Are you seeing someone else?” The question made Joe frown even more. It was evident for him that they were a thing, that they were more friends but maybe he had been imagining it. “Of course not. Are you?” Joe replied, brushing his fingers against her cheek as he analysed her face. He took a moment to realize how green and beautiful her eyes were. “No, I’m not.” Y/N affirmed, leaning onto his touch. “I was kind of scared that you were.” She explained and Joe’s look softened. It really was different between them. But a good kind of different. 

Should we change that?” Joe suddenly, eyes still not looking away from her and she was the one being confused. “Change what?” She replied, a slight hint of worry in her voice. “Our relationship.” Joe admitted as he shifted slightly closer to her, their faces only inches away. Joe had been wanting to ask her for a while but figured that he should wait until a conversation like this one would show up. “Y/N, I don’t just want nights with you. I want to be able to take you on a proper cool date.” Joe started and a smile appeared on her face as the words flew out of his mouth. “I want to be able to kiss you in front of our other friends. I want to be able to sleep with you. And by that, I don’t mean sex of course.” He rambled, making her laugh. “I just want a relationship with you, if you’re alright with that.” Joe said, waiting for her reaction and felt himself relax when she gave the most flawless smile he had ever seen. Y/N did not wait anymore longer to close the distance between and connected their lips together in a long loving kiss. “Of course, I am fine with that.” She mumbled against his lips after she had pulled away, earning Joe to chase for her lips again.

The young man felt like the tension between them was now different. But it wasn’t uncomfortable, it felt like home.


I love moon bean ♡ Taehyung Video Diary Au ♡

this is too much for me to handle 😭💕 I Recommend army and taehyung stans to watch this ♡

calfreezy imagine: lovebite (SMUT)

REQUESTED:  ‘Can you write me a Cal imagine? (Freezy) where you have sex with Cal and he gives you a lovebite? And the boys notices and finds out you’re together?’

It had been a couple of hours since we had got back from the club. The flat was dark, London’s night lights shining in through the balcony, and I made it to be at least four in the morning. Everybody else was asleep.

The only reason I was here in the Halo Tower was because I had been too drunk to get home safely, but now I was beginning to sober. That was a common theme throughout my night outs; I was always the drunkest, but it didn’t last as long, and as soon as it hit bedtime I was usually over it. On this occasion I was still tipsy but it was manageable. I could make decisions for myself.

There was one particular decision I wanted to make in this moment, and that, required Mr Calfreezy himself. I wanted him. I didn’t know if it was the alcohol, or the way he looked in a button up, but I wanted him.

In a move most probably made by the alcohol in my veins I made my way to his bedroom, knocking my small fist on his door. To my surprise I was greeted with a ‘come in’.

“Cal? Are you awake?”

In the dark settings I could still make out his features. I noticed him sitting up against the headboard of his king size bed. 

“Yeah, are you alright?”

His voice was only slightly slurred, a significant difference from what it sounded like earlier on tonight. I edged closer towards his bed. My hand lingered on his wall.

“Yeah,” I answered. “Can I turn the light on?”

“Sure,” he responded and I turned the switch. The light unveiled Cal, sitting up under his duvet, shirtless but his lower body hidden. The air was sucked out of my chest. His stomach was toned, abs forming. Wow. 

He moved over in his bed, patting the empty space beside him and pulling back his duvet. I sat down gingerly.

“What’s going on?”

“I can’t sleep. I’m not drunk anymore.”

“Yes you are,” he smirked, laughing slightly. “You just can’t tell. But I agree, you’re not as bad as you were earlier.”

I pouted. “Don’t laugh at me.”

“Hey, I’m sorry,” his cold hand touched my shoulder, leaving goosebumps on my arm. “I’m not laughing at you.”

“You better not be.”

I watched as his eyes widened, before narrowing. “Or what?” He asked, his voice laced with curiosity. Fuck it.

“Or this.”

I almost lunged forward, grabbing Cal’s face and pressing my lips eagerly onto his. Seemingly shocked, but in no way arguing he reciprocated the action, placing both hands on my hips underneath the tshirt dress I was wearing as a night gown. I climbed on top of him. As I straddled him I groaned; both the feeling of his hands tracing over the lace of my underwear and the thin material of his boxers separating our areas, I did not know which feeling was more intense. The noise radiating from my throat into his caused him to groan too, a sound that made my skin heat. I began grinding against him.

The contact of our mouths was broken momentarily as Cal ripped the tshirt dress off of me. He tossed it to the floor, flipping me to be underneath him now. Another moan left my mouth as he moved his lips to my neck. He sucked the skin, grazing it with his teeth in several areas, and I wrapped my arms around the bare skin of his back letting my nails sink in.

“Are you on the pill?” He asked, and I nodded. He then began to kiss down my body, sucking on the skin from my collarbones right down to my cleavage, as his hand made it’s way to my pants. I squirmed at the way the material rubbed against me.

“Don’t tease,” I groaned. Cal silently obliged, dragging the lace down past my leg and eventually tossing them to the floor. As his fingers moved inside me I struggled to catch my breath.

Fed up of the foreplay, I pulled at his boxers, the white Calvin Klein material becoming see through as it stretched over his erection. Freezy quickly disposed of them and in no time placed himself inside of me.

Our moans filled the air. The windows seemed to steam up outside of the slowly coming sunset, and it wasn’t long at all before we both reached our climax, and Cal gave way on top of me. I rolled over, making space for him to lie behind me and in no time, we were both asleep.


It was the glisten of sunlight peaking through the windows that woke me originally, although the artificial light coming from the ceiling did not help the case. I squinted as I tried to figure out my surroundings. The small, homely room was not familiar, and was definitely not where I’d ended up last night…

And then I remembered. I rolled over apprehensively; but there was no one there. It was an empty space of creased bedsheets. The manly scent of aftershave overwhelmed me as I stood, searching for my clothes on the floor. God did I hope everyone else was still awake, I thought as I picked up last nights dress and panties and put them back on - gross. 

As I made my way out of the room, I heard voices from the living room.

“Y/n, is that you?”

Fuck. Lux and Harry were here. They knew I had stayed last night, but would Cal have told them about last night? How would he act around me?

I walked in shame to the living room, feeling incredibly hungover and messy as I was confronted by the three boys sitting on the sofa.

“Hi,” I murmured, brushing my hair behind my ear.

“Alright Y/n? How you feeling?”

They acted seemingly normal. I took Harry’s question to be a reference to my drunken state last night, and I felt reassured. I took a seat on the chair closest to the TV.

“I’m fine, how are you?”

“I’m fin- Jesus fucking Christ Y/n!”

Harry’s eyes widened as he looked up at me. I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion as Freezy mouthed me a quick ‘sorry’, his eyes lit up in humour. 

“Who the fuck gave you those?”

“Gave me what?”

“The fucking marks all over your neck and chest! Did you get attacked by leeches in the night?” Lux exclaimed, assumedly having noticed too now. I felt my face heat as I realised what was hiding behind the rips in my shirt, and the uncovered skin of my neck. Shit.

The lovebites.

“Did you get those at the club? I don’t remember you having them when we brought you home.” Harry and Lux came closer. They both examined my neck, piecing together a puzzle between them as to how the hickeys got there.

“Um,” I squeaked, covering my neck with my hand. I avoided Freezy’s eye as he remained on the sofa, a smirk masked behind his hand. 

“Well come on, who was it?” Harry persisted. Lux stepped back suddenly, giving me a look.

“Hang on a fucking second,” Lux interjected as his eyes moved to Freezy. “Young Callum…you’re being very quiet, you know.”

“Am I?” He asked, faking oblivion and I cringed. Yep, he’s figured it out.

“Yes, you are. Why is it you weren’t surprised to see the hickeys, Cal?”

“Well I-” 

“You didn’t get up to see them either,” Lux interrupted again, acting as a detective almost. I somehow wished the ground would swallow me whole. Fucking curse drunk Y/n and her poor decision making. “Could it be you’ve…seen them before?”

Cal looked sheepish, and so did I, I imagined. Harry’s jaw dropped as him and Lux looked at eachother.

“You two fucked!” He exclaimed. I covered my face, only to have my arms pulled away by Lux.

“No no, no hiding now Y/n, did you or did you not fuck Freezy last night?”

“Callum fuck off!” I yelled as I continued to hide my face. Both him and Harry exploded into childish laughter.

“Oh my God, Freezy you dirty dog.” Harry laughed, and Freezy stood up. He walked over to me and grabbed me.

“Fuck off you two, it’s not that deep why you being deep about it?” His tone was slightly annoyed however his face was covered with a sheepish smile as he pulled me on top of him, taking my space on the chair. I hid my blushed face in his chest.

“Oh sorry we’ll just let you have part two shall we?” Lux laughed as him and Harry continued to take the piss. I sensed Freezy hold up a middle finger from behind my back.

“Nah but on a real, on a real, what does this mean for you two? One night stand or more?”

Cal placed a hand on my back.

“We’ll see. Now fuck off you cunts.”

Boyfriend Tag!

Boyfriend Tag

(That nobody asked for but I granted.)

Previous fic:

1. Where did we meet?

Jack: We met at a party I believe?

Joe: Wrong, we met when Josh called Casper and I to tell us that you guys were going to be his new roommates, then we all met up for lunch, where you fell in deep love with me.

Jack: I wouldn’t quite tell the story like that, in fact it was you who was so awestruck by my beauty that you wouldn’t stop blushing every time I talk to you.

Joe: Please you barely even talked to me, you spent so much time flirting with the waitress.

Jack: When I could’ve been flirting with the man of my dreams I know.

2. Where/when was our first kiss?

Joe: Our first kiss was at the Crazy Monkey bar, when we got so pissed drunk that we ended up making out on the dance floor.

Jack: That doesn’t count as our real first kiss, the morning after is when you either gave me the option of kissing you or forgetting everything that happened the night before.

Joe: God I’m so dramatic!

Jack: It’s cute, and it made me realize that I almost lost you.

Joe: Thanks babe.

3. Who said “I love you” first?

Joe: Mr. Jack Maynard who spent a week planning the whole thing out, to make it extra special for me.

Jack: Which backfired horrible when Casper knocked the cake, that said I loved you on it, on the ground because he’s a clumsy idiot.

Joe: Jack I didn’t a big gesture anyways, besides it’s the thought that really counts.

4. When is my birthday?

Jack: You should know this one.

Joe: Of course I know when you’re birthday is, it’s November 23rd, 2 days after Connors. I would hate you f I was him.

Jack: Why? What did I do?

Joe: combined birthdays are the worse nobody wants to share their special day, especially not with someone like you who’s an attention hog.

Jack: Hey I’m not an attention hog, it’s not fault the people love me.

Joe: Like you didn’t throw a fit every time someone said happy birthday Conor, okay when’s my birthday?

Jack: Way too easy, September 8th, the greatest day of my life.

Joe: And why’s that?

Jack: It was the day my Soulmate was born, duh.

Joe: Stop being sweet.

5. Where does my family come from?

Joe: Brighton.
Jack: Wiltshire.

6. When did you meet my parents?

Jack: I’ve met your sister on plenty occasions, but I’ve only met your mom and dad three times. That first time being when you took me home with you on Christmas holiday, and I swear your dad hated me.

Joe: My dad did not hate you, he just didn’t like the color in your hair.

Jack: What’s wrong with the color in my hair?

Joe: I don’t know, I actually like it a lot.

Jack: Whatever, when have you met my family?

Joe: I met Conor the same day I met you, and now I see him at least twice out of a week, I’ve met Anna one time when you she came down from Brighton, and I’ve met you’re mom and dad, on New Years Eve when we went to Brighton after we spent Christmas with my family.

Jack: Correct.

7. What is the one thing you wish I didn’t do?

Joe: Tread carefully Maynard, this could end you up with no text from me for a week.

Jack: Please, you can barely leave me alone for an hour, but the one thing would have to be calling yourself old, or call yourself names in generally.I really hate when you do that, because you’re not any of the things you call yourself.

Joe (blushing a bit): Yeah yeah, I know you hate how insecure I am because “I’m perfect,” you tell me I’m beautiful everyday, and everyday you get a kiss for it.

Jack: Can I get a kiss now?

Joe: Maybe after we get done filming. Now the one thing that I wish you didn’t do is leave things around. You’re one of the messiest people I know, not worse than Casper but it’s pretty close.

Jack: Why clean up when I have you to do it for me?

Joe: I warned you.

8. Where was our first date?

Jack: Wagamamas, he loves it there, and so I thought why not have our first date there?

Joe: I actually don’t remember, does that make me horrible? I mean now that you said it’s coming back to me but if somebody asked me I would sit there for a minute and think about it.

Jack: Wow Sugg, just wow.

8. What eye color did you wish I had

Jack: I don’t think I wish you had a different eye color, blue fits you quite well, but I guess green would look nice on you too.

Joe: I agree, I like your blue eyes, but if I had to change them maybe purple just to be different.

Jack: There is no such thing as purple eyes.

Joe: Is too! Look it up.

Jack: Knowing you you’re probably right, you spend way too much time looking up unimportant things.

9. One food I don’t like

Joe: Jack doesn’t like pickles or chilis, but no one likes chilis.

Jack: Joseph doesn’t like Lemons, Chili’s, Onions.

10. My favourite alcoholic drink?

Joe: Jack’s favorite alcoholic beverage is Rosé.

Jacks: Joe’s is a simple Jack Daniels whiskey.

Joe: You know me so well.

11. What is my height?

Jack: Am I allowed to say it?

Joe: If you have too…

Jack: You’re not that short you’re 5’8 ½.

Joe: It’s still pretty sure, you’re 5’9.

Jack: You’re ½ short than me.

Joe: Way to rub it in my face.

12. Who is my BFF?

Joe: You Don’t like to admit it but we all know it’s Mikey, Mr. Michael Pierce.

Jack: Unfortunately, for you I would say Oli because you two are really close, we’re all close but Casper is close with Josh, I’m close with Mikey, Conor’s close with Anth.

Joe: I am close with Oli aren’t I? In fact besides you I call him the most.

14. What talents of mine do you LOVE?

Jack: I love your impressions, and your whistling.

Joe: Of course you would go with the boring old impressions.

Jack: Well the other talents I can’t say on camera now can I?

Joe: Jack!! You don’t have any talents… I’m kidding, you’re really good at Djing but you’re also really good at flirting as well.

Jack: I thought you hated when I flirt.

Joe: With other people, it’s pretty nice when you do it with me.

15.Do I have any nickname? What is it?

Joe: We call Jack, Randy sometimes. I call him Maynard or Babe.

Jack: Joe doesn’t want me to say his because he thinks it’s too embarrassing but I’m going to anyways. I call him Suggy, my little Sugg, Bean, or Joseph.

Joe: I don’t accept any of them except Sugg or Joseph.

Jack: You love it when I call you Bean.

Joe: I don’t.

16. What is the first thing that I do in the morning?

Jack: if I’m not here Joe texts me, if I am him he usually wakes me up with a kiss vice versa.

Joe: Then again sometimes you make breakfast or I make breakfast.

17. Complete this sentence “My boyfriend is __________”

Joe: The love of my life.

Jack: Sweet, but my boyfriend is My World.

Joe: God you always have to one up me don’t you?

Jack: Yep, because I know it get’s on your nerves, and I love you.

Joe: I love you too, Prick.

I’ll Always Be There <3


Pairing - Joe Sugg x Reader

Warning - Mentions of virginity

Word count - 1031

Short A/N - My first fanfic/imagine, please message me some requests of plots and YouTubers <3

Joe’s POV

“Joe, do you remember {Y/N}” Zoe yelled from the other room.

“Like {Y/N} {Y/LN}, {Y/N} ” I yelled back.

Zoe marched into my room where I was sitting editing tomorrow’s vlog.

“Yeah, the  {Y/N} you lost your virginity too when you were 19” Zoe pointed out.

“Shut up, but go on,” I asked.

“She is like, hot now, she has a youtube channel, she sings, dances, games, things like that”.

“Show me” I begged

Zoe handed me her phone that showed her Instagram. She really has changed for the better. She has 1.2 million Instagram followers. I opened her youtube and she had 3.7 million subscribers. How had I never seen her since? I haven’t seen her since I was 19. She just disappeared but I guess she is back now.

I opened one of her videos. She was singing a P!nk song. Her hair was shorter than it used to be, she wore glasses and a flannel. I handed Zoe her phone back and checked  {Y/N} youtube channel on my computer. She still updated daily. She recently uploaded a Q&A so I checked it out to get to know the ‘new’ her.

She was sat next to a taller guy. I recognised him, it was her older brother. He was asking her the questions. She had a much thicker, almost American accent. General questions came up like;

Favourite singers = P!nk, Ed Sheeran and Take That
Favourite Instruments = Ukulele, guitar, drums and piano (she likes her music)
Favourite story based game =  Undertale
Favourite game = Overwatch

One question that interested me was “What places have you lived” she answered with, “well I was born in Ireland and when I was about 12 I moved to England and at the age of 18 my older brother and I moved to Austin, Texas”

That’s where she was getting her accent, she has been living for about 5 years. She was really funny, she always has been, that’s something I really liked about her.

A question came up “when did you lose your virginity” I knew she had lost her virginity me so I was wondering how she would answer this.

“Uhhh, I was 18 so like 5 years ago, It wasn’t anything special, I think his sister was in the room next door” she giggled at the thought which made me laugh a bit too.

“Did you like it?” her brother asked

“I don’t know, he was fucken hot, though, he still is, I found him on Instagram”. That made me really surprised, she still knows me. Should I message her or something, I feel like I should. I looked her name up on twitter and she already followed me! I don’t know whether to be excited or nervous about that. I went to DM her something. I didn’t really know what to say.

Joe - Hey, Zoe just showed me your Instagram and we really haven’t talked in a while, if you don’t want to talk that’s perfectly fine but I thought I would at least try!

I didn’t know whether that was too pushy or not, I was cringing at the message when she replied

{Y/N} - Hey Joe! I guess your right we haven’t talked in awhile, I’m guessing about 5 years. Since then I’ve moved and I have a really busy job I guess I haven’t thought about talking to some old friends  

Joe - If you’re ever up in London or something, please message me, I would love to meet up with you, of course, if that’s okay with you.

{Y/N} - Lucky you asked that now, I’m going to London next week to a convention with my job I’m sure I can get some time away to meet up with you, that would be amazing, I would love to catch up with you.

I left it at that, was I really gonna get to meet up with her after all this time.

-=A Week Later=-

{Y/N} told me where she was staying. It was a really nice hotel close to the convention centre where she was going. I walked up to the room she said she was staying in and knocked on the door. She opened the door, the same girl I saw on the youtube video.

“Oh my god Joe!” she squeaked and engulfed me in a hug.

“Hey {Y/N}!” I said in the hug.

She walked me into the room where there was a young girl sitting on the bed, staring at a phone. She looked to be about 5.

“Well who’s this?” I asked, the girl not looking up at all.

“Uhhh, this is Aiden, my d-daughter”  {Y/N} stuttered.

Daughter? She has a daughter.

“She is beautiful, how old?” I asked.  {Y/N} seemed really nervous.

“Nearly 5” she seemed really nervous.

Then it clicked. I know why she is really nervous.


He looked up at me. I know that he knows. I didn’t know what to say.

“I’m so sorry Joe”.

“You didn’t even tell me, you just left!” his voice was getting louder, he was clearly getting really mad.

“I was scared,” I told him.

“Of course you were scared, I would have helped you, In would have been there,” He said. I brought him into the hallway of the hotel, away from Aiden.

“I know you would have help Joe, I made a stupid mistake and I’m so so sorry”. I started tearing up.

“What did you tell her about her father, does she know who I even am”. He was also tearing up. I nodded telling him no.

“Who does she think her father is, what did you tell her when she asks”. He was furious.

“I just told her you died, that you were a police officer saving people. She calls you a hero” Now I was really crying.

“But that’s not who I am”

He was right, I should have told him. I was scared so I left with my brother. I was 18, I thought Joe would hate me forever if I told him but now him being here, I think I made it worse. I fell to the floor and Joe just covered me with a hug.

“I will always be here for you, through everything, I’m going to help you raise her”. He said staring into my eyes. Then suddenly his soft lips were pressed up against mine. This is how I wanted my family to be.


The road erodes at five feet per year along England’s east coastline…

The sound of waves lapping the shore. A twilight sky. Fingers laced over top each other. Toes digging into cool sand. A beach empty for miles, except the two of us. The sun had just fallen down the horizon and the air was quickly cooling down. Footprints came out of the ocean, headed to where Dan and I were stood. Silent. We’d be here for another two days, soaking up more warm weather and sunshine than we’d ever get in London. If I tried to remember what beach this was, I’d find my mind failing me, not that it mattered. It was Dan’s idea, anyway. Most of our time was spent indoors, enjoying each other’s company while we browsed the internet for hours. Here, though, we’d decided to put everything down and just feel.

Mornings were filled with kisses, soft ones that barely joined our lips. The room was always stuffy, we’d prop the windows open and let the breeze wake us up. I’d card through those curls, so in love with the man beside me. We would take our sweet time getting ready for the day, then venture out into the little town. He’d keep his hand in mine while we made purchases or ate lunch. We’d return after that, stealing more time alone and away from the rest of the world. We’d watch movies just to talk through them, and end up kissing like we did in the morningtime, I don’t think I remember how any of the movies we watched ended. That was okay.

When the sun finally set, I’d convince him to come to the shore with me. He’d be reluctant, but the moment he felt sand beneath his feet, those dimples would mark his face. He’d kiss my cheek and leave me behind as he ran for the sea. I’d take a moment to watch him splash in the water, before he’d look back at me expectantly. Then I’d join him. The warm saltwater would cling to our clothes, curl his hair even more, bring us even closer in the fading light. Day and night would be closer than they’d ever be, and we’d relish in those fairy tale moments, tugging articles of clothing then making love as the water rippled around us, and the warm breeze that caressed us each morning rushed in our ears until we could barely hear each other. We’d leave our clothes on the sand, to dry stiff and smell of saltwater forever. He’d cover my body in kisses, tasting the saltiness of the ocean as I would him. Then we’d wash it away, let it run down the drain and go to bed clean and content in each other’s arms. The next morning, when the wind was warm once more and the sun sat high, we’d retrieve our clothes.

Then we’d continue as usual.

“You know,” I rose to the tips of my toes in soft sand, cupping his face in my palms. “I’m really glad we came here.” He smiled and pressed our naked bodies closer together. I slid my hands into those same wild curls just as he leaned forward and claimed my mouth for his own.

“Me too.”

A/N: short drabble I wrote today cuz I felt super sentimental <3


Summary: While filming the girlfriend tag, you and Sean reminisce over your first time meeting.

Gender: Female

Notes: This maayyyy have ran away with me a little. I originally planned to write it as a small drabble kind of imagine before I went to sleep, however, it’s now 00:30 and I have over 1.6k words. Whoops.

Y/Y/N - Your YouTube Name


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Danisnotonfire Imagine A Kiss In The Rain

Requested by Anon: Hey can you make a imagine where dan and the reader are having a fight (they aren’t dating or anything but they are a thing) so the reader runs outside in the rain. And before she goes anywhere dan pulls her in a kiss.

“Do you honestly think this is making either of us happy? Because I know you better than you think Dan and I can tell you don’t want things to be like this.” You crossed your arms and jutted your chin proudly, waiting for a response. Dan rolled his eyes and shook his head.

“What is your obsession with making this serious? Maybe I am happy with us not having a label right now. Is too hard to believe?” Dan asked and you stared at him, with an icy gaze. 

“It’s been months Dan and we’re still exactly where we were at the beginning, when you said you wanted to see where things would go. They’ve not gone anywhere Dan and I’m sick of it. I can’t spend my life waiting around for you to commit.” Your eyes were challenging and Dan gave you a fiery look, but his voice was cold.

“I never asked you to.” His words slowly broke your steely exterior and you realised that he wasn’t going to make you a couple in the near future. 

‘I won’t wait anymore.” You gathered your things and Dan’s gazed softened. Without looking back at him, you walked out of his apartment and thundered down the numerous stairs, until you reached the entrance. It was raining and you didn’t have a coat, but you barged through the door anyway. 

“(Y/N)!” You whipped your head around, the rain hindering your vision and saw Dan standing in the entrance. 

“I’m leaving Dan.” You replied and started walking away. Suddenly, a hand was on yours and you were spun around, a pair of lips landing on yours. Dan held you close, as the rain battered the two of you, but neither of you cared. 

“Don’t go.” Dan’s voice was desperate and you blinked in shock.


“I know, I’m sorry and I’ll need to make this up to you, but please don’t go. Just…stay with me and I promise you won’t need to wait anymore.” You were sceptical, not quite believing that he was serious, but the wild look in his eyes was too much for you to ignore. Hesitantly, you took his hand and Dan sighed in relief. 

“Let’s go back inside.”

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I Love You Boyfriend Love Your Little 👑

I Love You Boyfriend Love Your Little 👑

Previous fic:

“So Jack what was that note about in your phone? who’s the lucky lady you’ve been hiding away?” Mikey teased while poking Jack’s side. The rest of the Buttercreams all made noises of agreement, minus Joe. They had just finished playing Games of Phone, and Jack already knew the question was bound to be asked. The “Lucky girl,” who wrote the note in his phone, was in fact Joe Sugg himself, and the note didn’t say “I love you boyfriend love your little princess,” but in fact, “I love you Boyfriend love your little prince.”

“Whatever do you mean Michael?” Jack tries to play dumb, as he scrolls through his instagram not really looking at the pictures at all. “Some girl literally just wrote that in my

“Can we see the note again?” Josh
asked with a devilish look on his face.

“Why? What’s the point?” Jack asked guarding his phone to his chest, looking at the other boys with confusion.

“To check the date, obviously,” Conor chimed in already reaching for the phone.

“I say we just let the man have his privacy,” Joe requested, he’s secluded himself from the group sitting on the couch far away from each other, his face as red as can be.

“Why’s that Mr. Sugg?” Josh didn’t miss a beat, you could tell that he already figured out their secret.

“Because you guys pry too much, and keeping somethings to yourself is important,” Joe tried his best to come up with an explanation but it fell flat, which Jack sent him a small smile for.

“Nah, I say we all attack,” Conor looked toward the others for agreement, Casper was of course on board.

“I say we wait because the truth will come out soon enough, Jack can’t be with his phone 24/7 now can he?” Curse Josh, he was one of the smart ones of the group.

And so it began.

The boys were trying everything to get Jack’s phone, even going so far as to steal it in his sleep, unfortunately for them Jack’s put a passcode on it. The boys were at there wits end trying to figure it out as well.

“Come on Jack, is it really so bad that you have to put a lock on your phone?” Conor asked that morning, while pouring himself a bowl of Rice Krispies.

“It’s not, it’s just the fact that I’m tired of you guys prying into my private life, so until you guys guess the passcode then you’re not going to know who the note is from,” Jack smirked feeling quite happy with himself, before he continued his breakfast.

“You know we’re never going to stop, until we get what we want, right?” Josh asks, giving Jack a smirk.

“Well bring it on then,”

Weeks later, Jack has grown tired of this game, his phone gets locked up at least once a day by the Buttercreams, and Josh keeps looking at him with this creepy smirk because he’s the only one who’s figured it out. He was lounging in bed, the flat to himself and Joe was coming over to hangout. He missed his boyfriend, the boys have been all over his back for weeks now that he hasn’t had a moment alone with Joe.

“Jack!!” The lovely voice of his boyfriend rang through his flat alerting him from his thoughts of Joe.

“In my room!” He calls out smiling wide as he hears the sound of his boyfriend coming his way. “What’s up stud?”

“Nothing much, been doing a bit of editing. You? The boys still driving you crazy?” Joe stripped off his hoodie, and crawled into the bed, resting himself against Jack.

“Of course they are, I don’t even understand why it’s so important?” Jack placed a kiss on Joe’s forehead and then more places on his face, causing the older man’s face to flush red from the affection.

“What did you expect? Maybe if you had said some name like Molly or Darla maybe they would have left you alone, but now they think you have some mystery girl in your life,” Joe chuckles, at how out of proportion this thing is, to think it all started with a note in Jacks phone.

“I think Josh’s figured us out, he keeps giving me creepy looks every time we all go out together and I hang around you, or when I even mention your name,” Jack burrows his face in Joe’s neck, while embracing the boy tighter.

“I bet he has, every time he comes over he just starts into a conversation about you, I’ve started to wonder if he has a crush on you or something,” Joe played with the hairs on the nape of Jack’s neck, thinking of all the conversations he shared with Josh about Jack. “It shouldn’t be too hard to find out, you’re always giving me this looks, making flirty or sexual innuendo at me, touching me, don’t get me wrong it’s cute, but you don’t exactly rock in the discrete department.”

“Neither do you, you’re face gets red every time I look at you, or someone makes a joke about us being together. You don’t particularly hide your jealousy very well either, it’s very evident when the boys bring up my ex and your mood drops from a 10 to a 1, but don’t get me wrong it’s cute,” Jack teases back earning a pinch from Joe. “Ow!”

“Don’t be a Prick,” Joe mumbles sleepily, he moves his right hand to the spot where he pinched Jack and begins to rub it softly. “Shh go to sleep, I’m tired.”

That’s what the two boys end up doing, sleeping until they disturbed by a gang known as the Buttercreams.

“JACK MAYNARD!! YOUR PASSCODE IS JOE SUGG!?!” Conor’s shout could probably be heard from all of London, along with the loud shouts from the rest of the gangs.

“Shit,” both boys let out, as they wake from their slumber. They have a lot to explain to their friends, hopefully the note is forgotten about by now though… Probably not.

song suggestions!

i really wanna do a fic about one of the boys based on a song just because i love doing those buuuut i’m having trouble picking a boy and a song!

will you guys send me some suggestions?

mcdonaldguy  asked:

IMAGINE: a YouTube Poop of a black & white film

Professor Layton and the amount of water larger than a little rap song i want komaeda to run. what will happen to you. if u get ppls names on posts and im done so well,, 39ish hours playing it and listen to Beyon-.