eyy, wanna watch me try a whole buncha Japanese snacks, well this is the video for you, because Japan Crate sent me their box for September.

You can get your own box of Japanese snacks from Japan Crate’s website.


Hi guys! So here’s a glimpse of our holiday in Kefalonia! It was the BEST holiday ever, it’s even on par with that time I went to Disneyland when I was 8! It was so romantic and Rose and I have come back feeling soooo refreshed and ready to make all the vids!




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Fun fact: Fortunately whilst editing this video, the GoPro totally caught me farting underwater… but unfortunately that didn’t make the final cut.


I put a lot of thought into this video. I dealt with my stepdad being physically and emotionally abusive my whole life and once he found out I wanted to transition, he lost it. If you are a parent of a transkid, just love them. That’s it.

A big thanks to Chris @seethestarsablaze, Hunter, Jett, and Sam for being a part of it.


VIXX High Note Battle 😂


Prince George leaves Justin Trudeau hanging on Canada visit


The Stuff: the taste that makes you hungry for more…


I’ve been meaning to make this video for nearly a year. This was my second attempt recording it and first time sharing it publicly! Curious what you make of this one :)

Today is my 10 year anniversary on YouTube! I created my channel on Sept 26th 2006 and uploaded my first video. 

The channel was called /fallofautumndistro as I had started making videos for my zine distro, The Fall of Autumn. It was probably the worst channel name ever, but it stuck.

At first I made mini-documentaries about letterpressing, offset printing, zine culture, etc. But then a few weeks later I discovered the YouTube community and that really changed everything.

I started making collab videos with Mr. Safety, nalts, MysteryGuitarMan, What the Buck, DaveDays, ShayCarl, and many many others. I started directing music videos for my friends’ bands, mostly imadethismistake.

After a few months of that I discovered the vlogbrothers in the summer of 2007 and we all know the story from there.

For a while I was one of the Top 100 Most Subscribed channels of all-time (back before that mattered) with only 50,000ish subs. My total view count is a bit over 5 million, but that seemed like 5 billion back in 2007/2008 when my channel was really at its peak.

What a fun period of my life, I used to write video ideas at work, and then rush home to film them and upload them before bed. Back when the comment section mattered, and your subscribers would actually see your videos in their subscription boxes! What an idea!

That silly YouTube channel lead to a book deal, a few albums, interviews in magazines and newspapers, TV airings, a business, too many friends to count, and an early retirement. While I don’t make many videos these days, I do still love the community, and I am still thankful for all the ways a video sharing website has changed my life. 

Happy 10th birthday, terribly named channel!

"ask youtubers "

Sooooo at the moment there’s a lot happening with my life. Getting kicked out if an apartment, might have to go live with my aunt. So I wanna distract myself a bit with drawing, and a lot of people asked being ask youtubers back so that’s what Imma gonna do.
Cause I didn’t do too much of it cause I was generally overwhelmed with all the asks but now I think I can deal with it.

So please distract me with the asks, destroy my ask box. and I mean DESTROY. You can ask as many questions as you like, make them funny and unique please, I don’t want a million shipping questions. I’m still gonna do them but that was one of my main problems with before, there were too many shaping questions. So please be creative with the asks.

I do any youtubers, unless I really don’t know them but yeah have fun with this Imma start doing theses again or at least try to.

(Youtubers a do for sure, anyone from the banana bus crew so Vanoss, delirious, ohm, etc. Septiplier, pewdiecry, phan, leafy, Pyro, marzia, anyone really )

Thank you to all my followers and supporters you’ve done so much for me and I hope you all have a wonderful day ^^

Ma prof d’allemand qui nous donne comme document pour l’oral une chanson d’un rappeur allemand



Will and Kate arrive in Vancouver by seaplane