Yo, so I have a couple of things to say about this video actually!

1. This is the story of something that happened to me a couple of years ago. I was legitimately, horrifyingly stalked by a man who lived a few doors down from me, for at least ten months and neither I nor my housemates at the time had any idea. We ended up finding out, not because he slipped up or because we were vigilant, but because he chose to seek me out in person, at the bus stop adjacent to our street and tell me all of the fucked up shit he knew about me thanks to stalking me for ten months.

2. I kind of made this in response to all the shitty clickbait videos people make that have titles like “SCARY STALKER TRIED TO KILL ME”, but actually they just got a weird look from a guy one time, y’feel? I want people to know that stalkers are real, that this is real shit that really happens, and when it does, it’s a living hell.

So yeah. Watch this, click the actual video link so you can click the shiny subscribe button, ‘cause I have a lot of stories and I’m super willing to share them.

160211 The Three Musketeers Musical (Spot)

Minuto 14:39

W: ¡Se esta yendo el germen!

V: Puff… pues a mi pff, el dedo se me esta poniendo duro…

W: Si bueno, da igual, luego le das un masaje… De-de de dedo

~( ・ิω・ิ) ¿Porque no mejor que se lo de willy? … El masaje… De dedo… 7u7


“E poi ho sentito un’emozione accedersi veloce farsi strada nel mio petto senza spegnere la voce”


I’m a dreamer. I dream of happiness. I dream of change. I dream of achieving my goals. I dream of making a difference. I dream of becoming friend with my idols. I dream of looking back and regretting nothing. I dream of love. I dream of riches. I dream of family.
I’m a dreamer. I dream of living with my inner scars. I dream of never thinking about suicide again. I dream of overcoming depression. I dream of helping others realize their self worth. I dream facing my fears. I dream of being happy. I dream ending mental illness. I dream of equality. I dream of a safe place for everybody
I’m a dreamer. I’m not a quitter.
—  Isaac McFadden