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Tips for when studying is the last thing you want to do!

1. Write out on sticky notes the name of objects in your room, then go ahead and stick them on everything. Next time you turn on your light, make yourself look (or at least glance) at the word. Next time you open your drawer, look at the note. Any time you turn on your lamp, your laptop charger or your speakers, you’ll always have that vocabulary there and you’ll learn each of them in no time.

2. Play the radio/podcasts or a Korean show for background noise. Most of us don’t like to sit and scroll through Facebook in total silence. I recommend 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다 (which is available on youtube!) as it is centred around children and any vocabulary you pick up will be helpful. Others include:

• 2 Days 1 Night

• Hello Counselor

• 이웃집 찰스

• Hello Baby

3. Write down phrases on flash cards. Break down the words. Some people have more success reading phrases on flash cards rather than just single vocabulary. Stick these in a place you’ll sit at often, or you could also stick them on items they pertain to just like in tip #1.

4. Just once a day, when you’re out and about or even just at home, search the dictionary for a word. Say you’re out eating, and you don’t know the word for “to order”. Whip out that phone, search it up and try to commit it to memory. One word a day is 365 words a year, and odds are you’ll pick up more than that anyway!

5. Google Play has a selection of multi-language books. Buy a Korean and English children’s book and try to read it (if you’re up to it). The English translation will always be there, so it’s less brain power for you to go and search up everything you don’t know! Plus, you might learn some small phrases in the process.

6. Watch Korean YouTubers. YouTube is fun to watch, so why not watch it in Korean?
- 영국남자 (Korean Englishman) is an English man who is great at Korean, he always has English and Korean subs on. By the end of a few episodes you’ll know what “ 남자답다” and “살아 있네!” Means!
- Pony’s Makeup is a great channel if you love makeup. You’ll pick up makeup related vocab and phrases, as well learn new techniques and styles.
- Maangchi is a Korean lady who teaches you how to cook Korean food. It’s mostly in English but she talks about Korean words sometimes.
- 꿀키 is another cooking channel, however there’s no talking, only the blissful sounds of soup boiling and onions frying! She puts small instructions on her videos in both English and Korean. Take notes!

7. Download a widget on your phone that gives you a new word every time you swipe to unlock. Simple, easy and there in your pocket.

8. Fill your social media with Korean. Follow Korean study blogs (though don’t rely on them 100% as most are run by non-fluent speakers), follow Korean daily vocab twitters and Facebook pages. Everything you see will be Korean and you’ll start to pick up on words that you see all the time.

9. Don’t feel discouraged if you haven’t studied for a week. Don’t feel like you’re the worst at Korean, or that you’re so far behind everyone else. Everyone learns differently and at different paces. Me, I’m competitive and need to absorb as much as is humanly possible in a short amount of time. Others stick to a schedule. Some learn stuff here and there. There is no right and wrong way to learn.
Do you.
Remember, just one word a day equals 365 a year. 2 words a day is even more!

Ships that pass in the night (Chapter Eleven)

Title: Ships that pass in the night (Chapter Eleven)
Tags: Alternate Timeline, AU, Slow burn, strangers to friends, friends to lovers
Words: 4480
Dan and Phil are YouTubers. The catch? They’ve never met, and Phil doesn’t want them to.

Author’s Note: After a short break, this is back! Thanks for sticking with me, I’ve really missed this :D

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Procrastinating from English Coursework and so here is a masterlist for you all of my imagines. You may want it, or you may not want it but I really don’t want to do my coursework so I might aswell waste my time effectively! :) 

In this list you will find:

- Youtubers (Jack and Finn Harries, Marcus Butler, Alfie Deyes, Caspar Lee, Troye Sivan, Kian Lawley, Connor Franta, Jai Brooks)

- Logan Lerman

- Niall Horan 

- 5SOS (Luke Hemmings, Michael Clifford, Ashton Irwin, Calum Hood)

- Nathan Sykes

- The Vamps (Connor Ball, Brad Simpson)

- Taron Egerton

- Dylan O’Brien

(Can we also keep in mind some of these imagines are from 3 years ago now, so they’re not exactly the best! And some are just general whereas others were requests written for specific people, but they can still be read, you can just substitute yourself in!)

Jack Harries:

- You meet him on the beach after he accidentally hits you with a ball (For mariahakharchen )

- He is your waiter when you get stood up on a date

- You’re throwing out old clothes (For therebeccam)

- He gets angry that Caspar likes you (Featuring Caspar Lee) (For rawrnarryfeels)

- He has to do whatever you say (For calaniwiki)

- You go camping together (For bieberfeverlife)

- He saves you from falling off of a cliff (For saartjedegroot)

Finn Harries:

- You train at the gym together (For seewhatmakesyoubeautiful)

- You babysit his sister (For pinetreeskatekd)

- You’re a vampire (For hazelharries)

- You’re a vampire part 2 (For hazelharries)

- You meet him at the airport when you go to a swimming competition (For strawberry-narry)

- He sets you up on a blind date, and then admits he loves you (Featuring Caspar Lee) (For gretchynmarie)

- You meet filming School of Comedy 

- You meet on a quiz show (For Marissa)

- He helps you prepare for your Oxford interview (For sailuvsjackandfinn)

- He hires a motorbike (For kassietehe) 

- You go shopping together (For infinite-unique)

- You think he’s forgotten your birthday (For gorgeous-youtube-crew)

- You meet in the supermarket (For Darcy)

- You think he’s cheating on you (For harrystylesismyaddiction)

- He’s a life guard (For infinity-blogs-and-beyond)

- You watch Paranormal Activity together (For lusjustdreamon)

- He surprises you with a puppy (For fuckyoufuckinfucker)

- You go paintballing together (For finnsbigschlong)

- You celebrate your “friendship anniversary” (Feauturing Caspar Lee) (For day-dreamerdressage)

- He has to do whatever you say (For calaniwiki)

- You and Finn are known as the schools pranksters (For captainstypayhorlikson)

- He tries to cheer you up after you are sent hate messages (For celinetheviolene)

- You break up with Finn to go to Juliard (For ninasfirstblog)

- You return from Juliard (For thewantedsparkle)

- He finds out you self harm (A/N: This was requested, I no way myself would romanticise self harm, and please if anybody would like someone to talk to my ask is always open, don’t feel you have to go through things alone)

- He makes you a photo collage for your anniversary (For jackthemaomslover)

Marcus Butler:

- You help him when he loses his glasses (For maydayemotions)

- You meet in a park (For caroline-is-cray-cray)

- You paint him (For k-i-n-g-s-and-q-u-e-e-n-s)

Alfie Deyes:

- You meet at the New Years Eve countdown in Times Square (For sonnyeclipse)

- You meet at the library (For gretchynmarie)

- You make a cake together (For Breanna)

- You meet out dog walking 

- You go to watch the London Olympics together (For jconnxo)

- The lift breaks down when you’re both in it (For gretchenweiners1)

Caspar Lee:

- You give him a tour of London (For yaslineforeverandalmostalways )

- He thinks you’re cheating on him with Jack (For naterubate)

Troye Sivan:

- You go to a private boarding school and he walks past the gates everyday (For addictedtothe1d)

- He gives you a promise ring at the beach (For delaneyschneider)

- He gets jealous that you’re on a date (For 1d-prefs-outfitsgalore)

- He finds your song book (For ali-hayne-rides-the-payne-train)

Kian Lawley:

- He’s your older brother and teases you that cheerleading isn’t a sport

Connor Franta:

- You’re in a drama class with him (For youtubers-andstuff)

Jai Brooks:

- You meet him whilst on holiday in Sydney (For hazelharries)

Logan Lerman:

- He watches you play the piano (For Rosie)

Niall Horan:

- You like him but he has a girlfriend (For madagascar180200)

- You get Niall and Harry to play a prank on stage (For Rosie)

Luke Hemmings:

He forgets about your date and goes out with the boys instead (for 5seconds0fsex)

- He admits he likes you after the boys bully him into it (for Indie)

- You play fight with him and he admits he likes you (Featuring Niall Horan) (For Poppy) 

- You find out you’re pregnant (For Beckzi)

- You do something daring to get him to notice you at a concert (For 50shadesofsharae)

- You help him make the bed (For theodahorse)

- He finally tells you he likes you (with a bit of help from Liz) (For chloehemming)

- You go to a baseball game with him, Ashton and Calum (Featuring Calum Hood and Ashton Irwin) (for Michelle)

- He finds out you’re ticklish

Michael Clifford:

- He dyes his hair for you 

- You both play your “surprise outfit” game (For boybandss-and-youtubers)

- He forgets he’s given you one of his favourite tshirts (For urbanlune)

- He finds out you’re ticklish

Ashton Irwin:

- He’s the new boy and he sticks up for you (For xxthepaynatorxx)

- He finds out you’re ticklish

Calum Hood:

- He finds out you’re ticklish

Nathan Sykes:

- You meet him fundraising for Red Nose Day (For Bianca)

You meet each other in a coffee shop

- You think he’s cheating on you with Ariana

- You do photography together (For kellisykes)

Connor Ball: 

He teases you for being small (Featuring Tristan Evans)

- He surprises you with pizza (For along-came-connor)

- You try to put him off when he’s doing a photoshoot (Featuring the rest of the boys) (For urbangrxnge)

Brad Simpson:

You hate each other, but soon realise it’s because you both secretly like each other (For hannahtomlinsonblog)

- He leaves you his number after you serve him in a pub (Featuring the rest of the boys) (For fieldingoutside)

- You’re on a late night food stop on tour

- You visit your own private beach together (For Grace)

- You go to see him at a photoshoot (Featuring the rest of the band) (For Bella)

- You go to the beach with the boys and Brad admits he likes you 

- You surprise Brad on his birthday

- You go travelling with Brad

Taron Egerton:

- He gets bored of you doing work and makes you watch Wolverine

- You break up with Dennis (Asbo)

-You visit him on the set of Legend

Dylan O’Brien:

- He looks after your daughter on set

- He waits for you whilst you’re in detention

- You join the cast of Teen Wolf (the notes on this one are crazy, thank you so much!)

- You distract Dylan whilst he’s in a lesson

- You surprise him at ComicCon 

- He ditches a showbiz party to spend the night exploring with you

- You’re trying to distract him whilst he’s filming

- He’s your best friend and wants to protect you at all costs because he secretly has feelings for you

You and Dylan bring your kittens to meet the Teen Wolf cast (Featuring the rest of the Teen Wolf cast) (For Aisha)

You spend a romantic night together under the stars

You go to the beach together

You’re a famous youtuber and you meet him on set 

You take a picture with him on the last day of school

He comforts you as you’re scared of driving in the rain

You go to prom together

He talks about how much he misses you in an interview

You always take pictures of each other at embarrassing times (for audrey-loves-ya-blog)

- He looks after you’re daughter when you’re filming a film together (For Julianna)

- He photobombs a picture of the Tylers on set (For damned-by-love)

- You surprise him at a photoshoot 

- Stiles sticks up for you in a club

- Stiles worries about you playing lacrosse 

Let me know if any of the links are wrong and I’ll sort them out :)

As You Wish (Cisco x Reader) Part One

Hello, everyone! I’m back and better, and writing again! A couple days ago, I got a request from the lovely @dontwishonme and I absolutely loved the idea! Originally the request was just going to be a one-shot, but it looks like it’s going to be longer than expected, so it’s going to have a few parts to it. It won’t be any longer than five parts, though, so stick around to see what happens to Cisco and the reader!

Request: Could I please request a Cisco X reader where the two of then are both in denial about their feelings for each other, so music Meister steps in, but instead of being trapped in a musical they end up in a fantasy adventure movie like the princess bride. And they have to follow the story and confess their feelings to escape? Thank you! <3    

Since this is a short fic including the Music Meister, I’m also adding music from Youtube to each of the chapters because it just makes sense lol and listening to music helps me write. Sooooooooo, here we go!

Part One

           “Cisco, we really didn’t have to do this tonight.” You assured him as he ushered you inside his apartment. The only source of light was the television which was on and ready for your guy’s weekly movie marathon. You had been best friends with Cisco ever since high school, and although your careers took you in a different path, you still kept in touch.

           Seeing as you were his best friend, you even helped out some with Team Flash- because, of course, you knew about Barry and the rest of the team. In the beginning, Cisco had tried his best to keep it a secret, seeing as though it was a dangerous profession; however, he was never good at keeping anything from you. Within a few weeks, you had figured it out on your own and waited patiently for Cisco to be comfortable enough to tell you himself. But, you were the first person he went to when he himself began to change. You had no idea how helpful you really were to him when he found out he was a metahuman and how much of a relief it was for him to know you still had his back, no matter what.

           But lately, Cisco has been very busy at work. You tried your best to be as useful as you could, but you had your own job and bills to pay as well, so it wasn’t easy to be there for him as much as you wanted to be. So, after a really tough week for Cisco and the team, you were surprised when he called you to make sure you were coming over to watch movies with him.

           “Uh, yeah, we had to do this tonight!” He gasped, frantically trying to pick up trash and dirty clothes from the floor and hide them in random spots like under the couch or in the closet as if you weren’t watching. You did your best not to giggle at this. “We have a movie marathon every Thursday! Why wouldn’t we do it this Thursday?”

           You shrugged your arms out of your jacket, hanging it on the back of a chair before taking a seat on his couch. You sunk far into the cushions and continued to watch him tidy up before you answered. It was almost too easy to see that he was missing the usual spring in his step and instead, replaced it with a more sluggish walk as though he was dragging his feet across the floor. His shoulders were slumped and although you could tell he did his best to comb his hair, it still had that natural bed-head look to it.

           You frowned, “You’re tired. I really shouldn’t have come. You need your rest.”

           He quickly whirled to face you, holding his hands up as if begging you not to move from the couch. “I’m okay! Really! We’re watching movies tonight!” He furrowed his eyebrows and his bottom lip jutted out in a small pout, “You’re not allowed to leave. Not until we’ve watched at least one movie.”

           The smile tugging at the corners of your mouth was impossible to contain. You would never say it out loud, but when he got grumpy-tired like this, you always found it kind of adorable and no matter what, you’d always cave into his request.

           “Fine.” You patted the seat next to you. “But will you please quit trying to clean up? You’re bad at it. And you know my place isn’t much better.”

           He paused, thinking about it as he held a sock in one of his hands. Finally, he nodded in agreement before tossing the sock over his shoulder and joined you on the couch.

           “So, which movie first?” You asked as he melted deep into the fabric next to you.

           “You pick.” He mumbled, starring at the blank screen. “Least I can do is let you pick… Considering I haven’t really spoken to you all week.”

           Your heart pinched you slightly as you took in his words. You had texted him a few times this week and usually never got a response until about one in the morning. As much as this disappointed you, seeing as you couldn’t see your favorite dork, you never thought of holding it over his head. You understood he was busy saving the world, what could possibly be more important than that?

           You shook your head, standing up from the couch. “Shush, none of that tonight. Pick a movie, I’ll make the popcorn.”

           You walked around the couch, straight into the kitchen and reaching on top of the fridge to grab the box of popcorn he had up there. You felt a little more giddy and excited to see it was “Movie-Theater-Popcorn” because the extra butter was a guilty pleasure of yours.

As you popped the popcorn (pun intended) into the microwave, you felt yourself slipping a little from reality as you usually did when you thought about Cisco. You envisioned that this movie night would be different from the rest; maybe, just maybe one of you would finally confess your feelings for one another. As much as you had been leading up to it the past couple of weeks, you were shy and couldn’t help but hope that if he felt the same way- hopefully he did- then he’d beat you to the punchline and make the first move.

He’d wrap his arm around your frame and let you snuggle into his side like he usually does during a movie, except this time he’d pull you so close, you’d look up at him to give him a questioning look. He’d just smile down at you with that soft grin of his and when he blinks, you’d be close enough to see how this eyelashes brush against his cheeks. Then, he’d take you by surprise and move some of the hair out of your face and you’d hold your breath because feeling his touch always sent a tickling, warm feeling into your chest. You’d blush and he’d smile more, and he’d say something along the lines of “I love you” or maybe something with a little less emotion since you guys aren’t dating… And then you’d both lean in, you’d feel his warm breath brush against your lips and the tips of your nose would touch, and just as you think your heart is about to explode with anticipation, you guys k–.

The microwave dings to remind you where you really were; standing in the middle of his kitchen, leaning against the counter and drooling over your best friend who had no idea how you felt. Rubbing the color out of your face with the palm of your hands, you turned back around to remove the bag from the microwave and put its contents into a large bowl before heading back to the couch where Cisco had just inserted a film.

You grinned once more when you saw the case on the coffee table in front of you guys. “The Princess Bride?” You giggled as he gave you a cheeky smile before taking a handful of popcorn. “Good choice.”

“Thwank ooo.” He responded with his mouth full of buttery popcorn, causing a little louder laugh to escape you.

Halfway into the movie, you were curled up at his side like usual, enjoying the warmth radiating from the arm he wraps around you and the chest you had rested your head on. You were so engulfed in the passionate kiss that Wesley was sharing with Buttercup that you weren’t expecting the tug Cisco gave on your waist, pulling you so close, you were almost sitting in his lap. It had happened so fast, you couldn’t help but gasp and you could almost hear your heart thudding in your chest.

Was this it? Was he really going to do what you had just imagined a few minutes ago?

Taking a deep breath to steady your excited heart, you risked glancing up at your best friend. You were expecting to be disappointed at the sight before you, but your heart melted almost as soon as you realized what you were looking at.

Cisco had fallen asleep holding you, head tilted back, laying against the couch and his free arm hanging loosely off the side. You couldn’t help but watch him a little longer than what was acceptable for “just friends.” His soft snore caused his nostrils to flare up every time he exhaled and his mouth was slightly open. You wanted to comment on how he might swallow bugs if he didn’t close it, but you also didn’t want to disrupt this peaceful moment.

It ended for you when something in your pocket vibrated. You quickly pulled out your phone to see a message lit up on your screen. It was from Caitlin and it read:

Are you going to tell him tonight?

Although you had never admitted your feelings to anyone, nor would you ever do such a crazy thing, the team already assumed such emotions between the two of you. Caitlin was the one to swear up and down that Cisco felt the same way, and that if you didn’t do anything about it, you might regret it, and blah blah blah.

Sighing, you set the phone down on the cushion beside you, deciding that it’d be best to just not respond, before tapping Cisco’s shoulder lightly. “Hey, Cisco? Cis?”

“Hmm?” He stirred a little before opening his eyes and blinking a few times. “Huh?”

“Come on. You’re falling asleep. I’ll help you to your room.”

He was surprisingly easy to convince when half asleep and just simple nodded his head and rubbed one of his eyes as he stood up. You took his arm and slowly led him to his room, supervising his movements as he plopped down onto his bed and buried his face in his pillow. Still smiling although the disappointment still hung in the atmosphere, you tucked him in with the four blankets he had at the foot of his bed.

When he turned back around to face you, he frowned. “I’m sorry movie night was ruined, Y/N.”

“Don’t be sorry,” you shook your head, giving him a soft smile. “You’re just exhausted. Get some rest, okay?”

“Are you leaving?” You checked the clock on his nightstand to see it was almost two in the morning. His eyes were already closed and he was trying to stifle a yawn as he mumbled, “It’s late. And dark. You shouldn’t drive.”

You just giggled before saying, “Goodnight, Cisco.”


You watched and waited until his face relaxed once more and the tension in his shoulders disappeared as he fell back into a peaceful slumber. Once he was set, you headed to the couch to pick up your jacket before you noticed the movie was still on. Wesley was helping Buttercup through a dangerous forest, completely grabbing your attention.

Aw, what the hell. You thought to yourself as you sat back down on the couch. The movie wasn’t over yet, so perhaps you’d stay until it was over.

As you watched the movie, you tried not to think about the sleeping man in the room next door. You tried not to think about the warmth he gave when he held you, or the way his hand felt around your waist, or how peaceful he looked when his eyes were closed.

And you definitely didn’t try to think about how tonight didn’t go the way you hoped, just like every movie night. Because you were his best friend and that was more than enough.

Wasn’t it?

We. Are. Not. Children.

(Rant be prepared. Running on no sleep and I’m pissed off.)

Trigger: talk of gore and suicide.

I’m not saying my age. But I’m pissed off that I have to be ashamed that I’m in this fandom. Because a majority of the fandom is males who are under 15 no 14, people assume we are immature, childish, and have no respect for others and are just trolls sticking up for their favorite crafter.


The youtubers themselves may act goofy and just be there for money. But take a glance at how we see them. Take another look at how each one is viewed to us.

In the Wattpad community, and even here, I’ve seen things from gore to fluff in a matter of seconds. The stories and head canons people share are beyond child like or at the level of a 12 year old. Though some are young, I admit as a reader their writing is better than mine.

We have insane alternate universes for each one. Hell, half the Skylox stories are about suicide and cutting. We have literal battles to the death on who is right. Each crafter is unique with each author. I haven’t seen two alike in personality.






I dare you to argue. Try me. I will give examples.

talking about this digimon social media au w/ growlm0n and this happened 

  • daisuke is lord of snapchat, probably has a vine account and is in constant competition with mimi over who has the higher snapchat score
  • mimi is a beauty blogger/vlogger on youtube and does lots of hauls and fashion tags, including the ‘boyfriend does my make up tag’ feat Jyou
  • daisuke and mimi are both very proud owners of a selfie stick, they take selfie stick selfies with each other like selfie stick-ception
  • hikari likes pinterest and it’s all posts over cute interior design and baby animals or something, also probably baking recipes
  • miyako is one of those fandom types, probably has a tumblr that’s a mix of her favorite shows and random aesthetic pictures, also a soundcloud account where she posts unfinished music mixes or something
  • daisuke’s top snapchat friends are mimi, ken and takeru. takeru’s score doesn’t even reach triple figures because he can’t even be bothered to keep up with the sheer volume of pictures from daisuke
  • ken probably replies a little more often but it’s normally pictures of the floor or blurry wormmon candids
  • taichi has a gaming channel on yt and sometimes daisuke does a collab with him as that one sort-of-funny guy from vine who falls out of trees and eats more ramen that is humanly possible
  • daisuke tries to make yt vlogs but doesn’t have the attention span to sit and edit them so he ends up making ken do it,,,
  • no one can keep up with daisuke on social media
  • yamato is ~*~*twitter verified*~*~* probably
DenNor AUs to Consider
  1. Actor AU where the only reason Denmark and Norway bond at first is because they have a lot of scenes together.
  2. Ballet AU where Denmark and Fem!Nor get a lot of the lead parts together.
  3. Coffee Shop AU where Denmark is an author and Norway works at the coffee shop. They properly meet through Finland.
  4. Dentist AU in which child!Iceland is transferred to a new dentist. Single Parent!Norway doesn’t know the dentist and is afraid of how Iceland will feel about them. When Iceland comes out laughing Norway demands to know who the dentist was.
  5. High School/Gakuen AU where Denmark is in the band while Fem!Nor is a cheerleader and they meet during one of the games when the band purposely speeds up the pep music to screw with the cheerleaders.
  6. High School/Gakuen AU where Denmark and Norway are nerds and part of the chess club.
  7. High School/Gakuen AU where Denmark has no legs or legs that are cut off at the knees. Norway is new to the school and shares one or more class with Denmark.
  8. High School/Gakuen AU where Denmark is sort of popular because he’s such a huge dork. Norway takes the bus to school because his family is too poor to buy and keep a car. They properly meet after Denmark sticks up against Norway’s bullies.
  9. Human AU in which Denmark is born into a poor family but is one of the most cheerful people ever. Norway is born into a rich family and seems to be a perfect porcelain doll. They meet each other during the holiday season when Denmark is trying to find something he can get for his mother using the money he saved throughout the year.
  10. YouTube AU where Denmark and Norway are a popular comedians so they end up getting to know each other through collaborations and YouTube conventions.
Haters be like:

*Pentatonix wins Sing-Off, gains internet popularity *

Haters: They aren’t going to get very far, its just A capella after all.

Pentatonix: *Releases three albums and two Christmas albums, plus variations for Europe and Japan. Has platinum selling album*

Haters: well they probably use autotune, they probably sound terrible live.

Pentatonix: *has an hour and a half long concert in which the bass and beat boxing shakes the venue, and the vocals slay non-stop throughout, several YouTube videos to back up this. Has live covers done in one take. Has casual covers which slay*

Haters: But two of the members are gay!! Thats going to lose them points.

Pentatonix: *fans fully support and respect their relationships, keep supporting the band regardless. Portion of fandom ships two said members harder than FedEx*

Haters: WELL, well they’ll never be as popular as other mainstream artistes!!

Pentatonix: *Wins grammy. Has one of the only four platinum selling albums of 2014. Has sold-out North American, European, and Asian tours. Gets nominated for Billboard Awards. Casually plays pool with One Direction members at the after party. Also casually hugs and takes pics with Taylor Swift and other celebs at said afterparty. Opens for Kelly Clarkson. Has over a billion YouTube views and over 8 million subs*

Haters: *stammers* w-well I bet they’re REALLY stuck up and rude to their fans!?

Pentatonix: *interacts with fans on social media everyday. Takes pictures with fans whenever they come up to them,no matter where they are. Scott even acts as the selfie stick. Has chair girl at concert. Each member hugs chairgirl. Has meet and greets. Loves fan gifts. Come outside after concerts to meet fans even though they have meet and greet packages. Has documentary. Does PTXperience and Superfruit and Kirstie’s website. Has spreecast with fans at the end of every month.*

Haters: *sputters* B-But their hand gestures when they’re singing!! Are they necessary?? And Kristy’s mouth, why does she do that?? And I don’t like his hair!!!

Fandom: *drags them*

PTX. Schooling the haters since 2011.

avengersnerd4lyfe  asked:

64 65 74 and 75 with Steve please ?!

64. Don’t post that online! | 65. Last time you said that, you set my house on fire. | 74. Is that my shirt? | 75. Just kiss each other already! Prompt idea list here

You barely had time to react as Tony raced past you, a video camera and pile of cloth in both hands. A look of pure giddiness was on his face.

“Wha-” you started, but suddenly he thrust both objects in your hands. Then he ducked behind you. You tried to turn around, but then a loud voice came booming from down the hall.

TONY!” You’d recognise that voice from anywhere: Steve. Within seconds he had sprinted over to you. He was dripping wet, like he’d just gotten out of the shower, and wore nothing but a towel around his waist. You had to bit back a scream.

He looked behind you at the billionaire who was now giggling like a child. “The steal-my-clothes-while-I’m-in-the-shower prank? Really? What is this, high school? I’m going to kill you!”

“Oh c’mon, Spangles,” Tony said. “It’s just a harmless prank!”

“Harmless,” he grumbled. “Right. Last time you said that, you set my house on fire, Tony.” Then he glanced at you, as if just now realising you were there. “(Y/n), is that my shirt? Where you in on this?” His eyes widened at the camera in your hands. “Don’t post that online!

“Of course not! Tony just handed me these, I swear.” Tony was about to say something, but you tossed Steve his shirt. You didn’t want to start another Civil War. “Here.” He caught it easily, almost surprised that you had given it up so easily.

“R-really? Just like that?” He eyed you suspiciously, almost like he was expecting something else to jump out at him. To be fair, you were known around the tower for your pranks…

“Just like that,” you promised. “I’ll delete the video, too.” With a few clicks of a button, the video was deleted for good.

Tony’s jaw dropped. “Hey! I could’ve been YouTube famous!”

You shrugged. “Maybe, but you’re already famous famous, Tony. Give the guy a break.”

Steve smiled at you, grateful that you were on his side. But Tony just rolled his eyes. “You’re no fun, (y/n).” Before sulking off, he grumbled loud enough for you to hear, “If it was anybody else, you would’ve gone with it. Just kiss each other already, for god’s sake!”

You pretended like you hadn’t heard him, and thankfully, Steve did, too. “Thanks for sticking up for me back there, (y/n).”

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Hello! I was searching for fics based in anime or manga stories, could you please help me with this? Thank you so much ♥

A Flash Before the Line Gets BlurryDan gets dared to date Phil Lester, a guy from his school who only dates people for seven days before breaking up with them. Based off of the manga, Seven Days.

A Small EternityDan is a sort of ghost who can never be touched by a human, or he’ll disappear.  Phil falls in love with him anyway.  Based on the manga oneshot Hotarubi no Mori e by Yuki Midorikawa (it was also made into a short anime film). 

Death Note - Based off of Death Note.

Monster - Phil joins the Survey Corps to exterminate the titans, but is that really the reason why he joined? Includes: Kuroko no Basuke, Free!, Attack on Titan, Youtubers, and One Direction Makoharu and Larry Stylinson.

Unravel - Dan and Phil grew up being best friends and just over three years ago became boyfriends. With spending more and more time with each other, Dan has noticed a strange thing or two about Phil. When his suspicions turn out to be something far more alarming than he imagined, will he stick by his love’s side through thick and thin or flee in fear for his life? Tokyo Ghoul crossover.

If anyone has any more suggestions, let me know! c:

Subnautica #22

Jack, I’m so sorry that you’ve been feeling down for the past couple of weeks. 

I know you can’t please everyone on the channel, but you do your very very best, but you’re always gonna have some people that just want you to stick to one thing. You can’t change that. But just know that there are a lot of people in this community that do accept what you upload and appreciate that there is variety on the channel. Like, sometimes there are games on your channel that I never thought I would like, but I give it a chance anyway and most of the time I really enjoy it! I don’t do that with, well, any other YouTuber really. You’re different, I really do enjoy anything you upload, and so do many others in this community. I like that you have a lot of variety on the channel and you don’t just stick to one thing. That makes me look forward to your next uploads each day. I’m always excited to see if it’s a new game that you’re playing or if you’re playing something for a series. Either way, I’m happy with whatever you upload. Please don’t beat yourself up over this Jack, I know it may suck but again, there are a lot of people in this community that do enjoy anything you upload. Try not to let it get to you too much :) ~<3


Dan had never been one for camping, when I asked him if he wanted to come with me, he was not very excited about it and when I told him he would be spending a whole week with my family he was even more unenthusiastic. It took me almost an entire week of begging but he finally agreed. And then we packed everything we needed and my parents picked us up from our apartment. I have to say that Daniel is coping a lot better then I thought he would. He might even be having a good time.


“Y/N, how do you start a fire?” Dan yelled out, while bend over the fire pit.

“It’s easy,” I yelled.

“No it’s not.” He muttered.

I smiled and walked over to him “So this is really is your first time, lighting a fire?”

“No, I’ve done it before… I think, I just don’t remember how.”

“No worries Y/N is here to save the day.” I said while acting like a superhero. I kneeled next to him and started to rip up some newspaper. I looked over at him and stared.


“Start ripping up some newspaper and making them into balls about the size of your hand.”

“Hmmmm.” Dan started to rip up the pieces of newspaper.

“No, those are too small, you need to make them bigger.”

“But they’re the same size.”

“No they’re not, mine are bigger.”

“Fine.” He sighs.

A grin spreads across my face, this is going to be fun.

“Ok that’s all the newspaper we need. Now we’re going to place the balls into the fire pit and then place the small sticks around them, like a hut.”

“Which sticks do we use?”

“The tiny ones over there.” I say pointing to the small ones across from Dan.

He reaches over and places them on the newspaper balls, making a small hut around them. He brushes his hands on his jeans. A giant smile grows on his face.

“This is better then those hikes your mum makes us do.” He giggled that.

“You don’t like the hikes?” I asked.

“Hmm… no” He shakes his head.

“haha. You can finish making that hut now, we now start using the slightly bigger sticks.” I reach over and began to place the sticks around the newspaper/ tiny stick hut.

Dan started to pick up some sticks and placed then on the hut as well.

“Now we need about 4 really big sticks, and the hut will be finished.”

“You mean like these.” He said lifting his hands, both holding a sticks that are bigger then his arms.

“Ah um… no those are too long.”

“For the campfire maybe but not for,” he doesn’t finish but jumps up “A daring sword fight against two master warriors.” He throws a stick to me. “Do you accept my fight?”

I pick up the stick “Daniel you are no match for me.” I jump up and point the stick towards Dan.

We start to circle around the camp pit, swing our ‘swords’.

“I think that it is you Y/N that is not a match for meeee.”

“Wrong.” I smile.

Dan lounges forward and whacks my stick.

“Whoa.” I swing my stick as well.

Dan moves out of the way and I miss. I laugh and hit his sword this time.

“You are not a bad fighter but I am better.” He says with confidence.

“You are too prideful and that will be your down fall.” We start to circle faster staring straight into each other’s eyes. Neither one of us doing anything.

“Y/N DANIEL HAVE YOU FINISHED BUILDING THE FIRE.” Shouts my mum from the shelter.

Which cause us to drop our sticks.



Dan and I look at each other and burst out laughing.

“We will have to finish this another time.” Dan says in his best warrior voice.

“Good thing my mum stopped us, I was going to win.” I say kneeling down again.

“What, never I totally would win.”

“Sure,” I grin up to him. “Come on we need to finish this fire.”

The End

Imagine Troye and Connor getting into a really heated make-out session in Connor’s hotel room when the fire alarm goes off causing all the YouTubers to evacuate their hotel rooms. And Connor and Troye in a rush, randomly throw the first clothing items they see. Thus, they come out wearing each others clothes with their hair all over the place. And nobody says anything in particular at that moment, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t notice. Connor and Troye stick by each other, faces red of embarrassment and then they get told they can all go back to their rooms. Connor and Troye try to be quick about it, but then everybody comes up to them saying

“Well, some of us were getting lucky, huh?”

“Don’t forget condoms.”

“You two are just like rabbits, I swear.”

“You would think we could leave you alone for five minutes.”

And that’s how Connor and Troye end up coming out to most of the YouTube community

Someone write an O'Brosey fic where Dylan is a famous youtuber and Tyler is a famous Viner and during a vidcon or something they end up running into each other literally because they’re both busy filming a video/vine.

And maybe one of them ends up spilling their smoothie down their shirt because hohmygod my favourite youtuber/viner is in front of me and he just whispers shit and apologizes and walks away quickly because ew the smoothie would be gross and stick to him (I have a strong feeling it would be Tyler that spilled his smoothie, so brownie points to you if you write this).

And over the next few days they see each other again and again and again but never face to face, just like across the hotel lobby before ducking their head and running because he doesn’t want to have another awkward meeting. But then something happens and they end up having to talk to each other.

And bingbangboom it ends up good and the next day there’s a vine of them kissing on Tylers Vine, and a new video of them announcing their relationship on Dylans channel