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Zhang Yixing/Lay x YouTuber!Reader - Fluff

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Summary: It all started when you, a YouTuber, got invited to a famous react channel to react to EXO. Being a huge fan of them, your reaction sparked an interest in not only your fans and their fans, but EXO themselves.

A/N: This was a request from @icehooligan - I’m actually SO sorry it took so long, but it was really fun to write! Thank you again!

“Your voice is just amazing!!”

“If you had a concert, i’d definitely go!”

“She’s so pretty”

The corner of your lips lifted when you read the comments to your latest song cover of a popular pop song. Glancing at the view count, you pearly whites shined at the 1.2 million views. You kicked your legs in the air and spun on your chair, smiling brightly for achieving your goal of 1 million views in just three days. You leaped out of the chair and stretched your arms.

“Ahhhh quitting my job was such a great choice!” You exclaimed to nobody in particular so you glanced at your plants. “Thanks for always being there for me.”

Poking a leaf of your innocent succulent, you sat back down with a radiant smile ever present on your gleaming face, adding to the appeal. Inhaling deeply, you closed your eyes and allowed the sunlight to seep through your curtains to caress your face gently. You soaked in the heat of the sun and sighed.

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I timestamped all the parts I found funny/relatable from the Q&A part because I’m weird like that & I love CMR 😂😊

0:59 - First the K.will Please Don’t reaction video w/ Shimon & Naoki, now this

Umu: If you were in a K-Pop group what position would you be?

2:30 - Jarod: Solely from my eyebrows, the visual / Henry: lol wtf dude

2:39 - Kevin: (memetastically) Rapper / Henry: (Hysterical laughter)

2:46 - Gwen: (lost af) Dancer? / Everyone: Lol Gwen u ok

Umu: What would your K-Pop group’s concept be?

3:16 - Jarod: Jazzy, in space, so we can be called far-out / Everyone: (110% done) Jarod pls

Umu: Most memorable K-Pop song?

4:59 - Jarod: (tries to pronounce Damdadi) Damn Daddy (looks satisfied) / Henry: Pfffftt / Katie & Peyton: 120% done from 5:01

5:05 - Stephen: Dinosaur / Naoki: I’m gonna say Dinosaur as well / (beat passes) / Stephen, Naoki, Emiel, Jarod: LMFAO / Me: What

5:30 - Katie: (thinking of Exo’s Ko Ko Bop) Ko Ko Pop…Cocoa Puffs

6:04 - Post-production Umu: It seems they’re having a lapse of Memory heheheh / Me: CMR is not CMR w/o puns

Umu: If you could live a day in one of the music videos we’ve watched, which one would it be?

6:43 - Khanh: Any one with all the girls in it / Everyone: *Shook af lmao* Khanh: Do over, do over!

6:56 - This. Just, this.

7:05 - Fiona: Vixx’s Shangri-La. Cause they’re hot / Me: You speak the truth, my friend

7:18 - Henry: I definitely would love to live a day in Ko Ko Bop / Lindsey: I was thinking that / Henry: Yeahhh hahaha / Gwen: That one has a lot of drugs / Henry: Yeahhh exactly / Gwen: (130% done)

8:07 - Gwen & everyone else: (Talks about a BTS/Exo MV w/ a pink beach) / Post-production Umu: I have no idea what these people are talking about. There is no “pink beach” in Spring Day. Jimin, with pink hair, is pictured AT a beach. Not Today features a pink-tinted quarry location, but I’m not aware of a “pink beach” in any BTS or EXO video. Y'all cray-cray.

9:05 - Kevin GIF in the making

9:13 - Kevin: The one where it’s white & a shitton of-of crap of-of ton of paint! / Khanh: lolwut

9:47 - Jarod: Yeah I’m like floating between 2 like chill w/ mah boys BTS in Wings or let loose in Bubblegum / Umu: Oh NCT Dreeaam! / Everyone else: (Corrects him) / Lindsey: That one was vaporwave af / Half the room: LOOOL / Henry: That’s so true goddammit lmao / Kevin: Waporvave? / Umu: (140% done) Okay next one!

Umu: Favorite composer?

10:29 - Emiel: Thelonious Monk *Proceeds to put sunglasses on & dabs. Jarod is triggered and challenges Emiel to a dab battle and that’s what happens for the rest of the video*




(Not really, but it’s very possible)


10:52 - Someone really needs to make all these Kevin GIFs

Umu: Only one species shall remain on Earth - Dogs or cats?

11:02 - (Half the room raises arms for dogs) / Emiel: (snarky teenage boy voice) Ughhh, laaame

11:36 - Kevin is such a soft bro I 150% support

Umu: Your K-Pop name?

11:49 - Peyton: (Imitates Umu) (NAILED IT!) (EXPLOSION) / Emiel: Lmao Peyton pls

11:54 - Jarod: You can just call me J.Lau / Lindsey: That’s disgusting

12:37 - Peyton: Pey Pey or Big Sexy / Khanh: I vote Big Sexy / Katie & Gwen: Nope, nuh-uh / Peyton: Pey Pey it is, then

13:41 - Jarod: (fanboys over Jungkook) / Everyone else: Ya cheeseball / A.R.M.Ys: We feel you, bro


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it makes me so happy to watch and hear people complimenting our boys :)

Types of YouTubers’ reaction to BTS

“You guys have been requesting for me to react to BTS so many times. Like yall are crazy. So finally, I’m going to watch their most recent video.”

*Watches the first part of the blood sweat and tears dance*

“Wait wait wait hold up. Was that a girl? This is a boy group, right? What the hell…oh my god it’s a guy. He looks like a girl!”

“I’ve seen a few YouTubers do this K-pop react kind of video so I’m going to jump on the bandwagon. I don’t really know what it’s about though.”

*Sees the boys dancing*

“What….how many people are there?! What the hell! Why are there so many? Let me count…1..2….3..4….5. Holy shit that’s gotta be like 10 members.”

“Hey, guys! I have a video requested by one of you on twitter! It’s called BTS - Fire. Interesting name. Let’s check it out”

*Everything is on fire*

“Uh, why is everything on fire! What the hell why is that guy on fire. The plane is on fire?! Now the bike is on fire? They must really like fire”

“What’s up viewers! Apologies for the late update. But, I’m back! And what better way to start then with some Kpop!”

*Halfway through spring day*

“What is going on…? Like I’m so confused. What? Why is he on a train? Why is he alone in the snow? Why is his hair pink? Oh god, I don’t understand! Why are they sitting on top of a mountain of clothes?!”

These are all based on my personal experience from watching countless reaction videos. Be aware that they are being exaggerated for comedic purposes. I do not mean to offened anyone!

Part 1 of the YouTubers’ reaction to BTS :)

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