youtubers react to k pop

Types of YouTubers’ reaction to BTS

“You guys have been requesting for me to react to BTS so many times. Like yall are crazy. So finally, I’m going to watch their most recent video.”

*Watches the first part of the blood sweat and tears dance*

“Wait wait wait hold up. Was that a girl? This is a boy group, right? What the hell…oh my god it’s a guy. He looks like a girl!”

“I’ve seen a few YouTubers do this K-pop react kind of video so I’m going to jump on the bandwagon. I don’t really know what it’s about though.”

*Sees the boys dancing*

“What….how many people are there?! What the hell! Why are there so many? Let me count…1..2….3..4….5. Holy shit that’s gotta be like 10 members.”

“Hey, guys! I have a video requested by one of you on twitter! It’s called BTS - Fire. Interesting name. Let’s check it out”

*Everything is on fire*

“Uh, why is everything on fire! What the hell why is that guy on fire. The plane is on fire?! Now the bike is on fire? They must really like fire”

“What’s up viewers! Apologies for the late update. But, I’m back! And what better way to start then with some Kpop!”

*Halfway through spring day*

“What is going on…? Like I’m so confused. What? Why is he on a train? Why is he alone in the snow? Why is his hair pink? Oh god, I don’t understand! Why are they sitting on top of a mountain of clothes?!”

These are all based on my personal experience from watching countless reaction videos. Be aware that they are being exaggerated for comedic purposes. I do not mean to offened anyone!

Part 1 of the YouTubers’ reaction to BTS :)

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This was my first time officially listening and watching Got7 and....WOOOOOOW CRAZY GOOD LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK IN THE COMMENTS AND LET ME KNOW MORE K-PO...


youtubers react to k-pop #3: a phan summary

- “are we about to watch some kpop??”- dan

- dan and phil judging the production value and theme

- phil being cute

- “okay i can dig it”- charlie (AHHH)

- “this dance routine is far to physical for me”- dan


- phil awkwardly crossing his arms

- “wheres my mummy”- ACTUAL PHIL

- dan laughing and laughing at phil

- #stopphil

- “is that blood”

- vampires

- dan and phil both hoping the video is horror

- “…ah no”

- phil looking horrified at the spit flying out of the girl’s face

- “i was not expecting that”- phil

- dan thinks they’re watching torture

- dan being confused

- dan is confused

- “what what is happening..okay”- dan

- phil also is confused


- “what the hELL”- also dan

- dan making hand motions at the laptop

- phil being horrified, poor lil phil

- “i kinda want to shoot someone now”- phil


- “more rapping in kpop”- phil

- phil scratching his ears and agreeing to everything dan says

- dan being smart

- “we should all manufacture some drama”- phil

- dan proceeds to tell phil he hates him

- phil stutters and looks at dan

- “i dont like your hair color”- dan

- phil pointing at dan and saying, “i dont even know this guy, he’s an actor”

- “whhhaaaat”

- phil nodding at whatever dan says

- “this is not available to watch in your country” “WHY?” “EVERYONE SHOULD BE ABLE TO WATCH IT”- phil

- dan laughing at phil

- “i promise me you ill know all of the bands”- phil

- “i feel like a fake fan”- dan

- “i need to get my street cred back”- also dan


Dan and Phil and other Youtubers React to K- Pop #2.XD