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Dear Tumblr,

I haven’t written to you directly in a long time but I want to say thank you for being the sweetest and silliest (and sometimes grossest) medium I’ve had the most fun interacting with way before youtube/twitter/Instagram were a thing i could spread my narcissistic wings on. I know I don’t participate as much as I used to, but you’re my ride or die.

What saddens me even more is that the cfans are so loyal and supportive like 10x of any of us… They buy like 40% our album sales. They give us leads in votings. They make sure to attend every MAMA held in Hong Kong. They bought k versions over c versions for us because they contribute to the Gaon charts.They support the comebacks even when the only chinese member isn’t in it and the rest of EXO hasnt step a foot there for over an year. Zero concerts last comeback. The videos are being taken down from streaming sites. The chinese films and dramas exo members were in got banned from release. This year, even the MAMAs arent gonna be in HongKong most probably. Yet they buy billboards for exo members birthdays, hold collections to buy albums, lease a plot in Scotland under the name of Sehun, donate towards raising forests for their anniversaries, hold fanart exhibitions, do everything that is possible under the sun to contribute… Exo M no longer exists but C EXO Ls stayed… I just… I feel so bad. They have no access to twitter or youtube… They cant even interact with the rest of the international fans but they still stayed intact and powerful.

So these are my irrelevant thoughts on the discourse 

I want to start by saying that I was one of the people sharing the room theory here on tumblr, and that that’s perfectly okay. There is nothing wrong with taking part on these things. I consider tumblr to be a safe space for us fans to creat our content and joke around. It’s the place where we interact with each other, we published our fics, and smutty art. Dan and Phil know that, it’s okay for us to share those theories here because they have no interest in seeing the shit that we’re up to. This is how the phandom works on tumblr (mostly). However, when you take this theories and other phan things to websites like twitter or youtube where we interact with them it stops being okay. It’s not okay for us to preasure and bother dnp. It’s not okay to force them to do anything or shove phan in their faces. To all of those people commenting on phil’s video about how the video was fake because of the hour thing..fuck you. And yes I did reblog posts about just that, and it was kind of joking but it also wasn’t, but that’s okay because I did it here on my unpopular tumblr that dnp will never see. We have a right to creat our content and joke around, we’re a community and that’s what we do, but we have no right to disrespect them or violate their privacy.

I don’t think phil made the video to shut down theories, he’s a thirty year old man and he’s above that. I saw a post by @pseudophan saying that he probably just wanted to make a funny video that we would like and I totally agree. Maybe he lied to make the video, maybe he didn’t and the computer was just being weird, Either way let the man live!!

Do I believe in the theory? honestly, yeah

Will I keep posting about it while it’s still funny and relevant? clearly

WIll I ever say something to dnp about it or post it where they can see it? fuck no

Remember when Dark was talking about taking back control in Markiplier TV?

Remember when it was clear in Markiplier TV that Mark was there against his will in the Mark Bop segment..? It was orchestrated by Wilford after all….

The ransom letter looking thing on insta…

The security camera… Watching something. 

The countdown. What if it’s a countdown to total control?

First insta. Then his tumblr… Facebook, twitter, youtube…?

5 sites he uses to interact with us, yes.

H A I P L I E R. the letters we have so far… Wonder if it IS somethign ransom-esque. If the two are connected…


Shoutout to Jack for being one of the most honest, sincere, loving youtubers out there. What i love most about him, isnt just that he’s one of the sweetest people i know, but the fact that he cares about each and every single one of us. He isnt one of those youtubers who only do videos just to do videos, he doesnt make clickbaity videos, he loves what he does. He even apologized that he might not make two videos a day for us since he’s going to be busy. He would make two hour long livestreams for us. He would interact with us daily on youtube, twitter, tumblr, and instagram. He couldve easily just let fame get inside his head, but he didnt. He always looks out for us, he always tries to remember us when we meet him, he always talks to us as if we are already friends. Jack is such a good role model and the fact that he was always able to make two consistent videos for us for years every single day and still find time to talk us shows dedication. Dedication for his fans and for his community. All he wanted to do was make people happy and he did, and he always is. We love him so much just as much as he loves us. No wonder why we appreciate him so much, he’s so compassionate and amazing. Keep being yourself Jack, and thank you so much for everything youve done for us.

worriedpeach  asked:

"I'm looking for a fic. It's sort of an AU and I know it's still in progress. Dan and Phil are both YouTubers but have never met, and they interact on twitter to drive fans nuts. They finally meet and Dan wants to be friends but Phil doesn't meet new people because of a fallout with Charlie. The latest chapter ended with them kissing." - this is ships that pass in the night on ao3

Ships Passing in the Night

thank you! :D

- tori

i wanna write a full on essay about how much i love literary web series and the whole idea of them, like literary web series are the only fandom space i know of in which a liminal space between fandom and characters exists to the point where fans can actually interact with the characters on twitter and tumblr and youtube comments, bridging that gap and making the series come to life so much more and add an entirely new dimension to it that tv shows and movies don’t do

and a lot of these series are small groups of people like you and me creating web series because they saw a gap that needed to be filled, saw a classic book or play that needed to be done, saw that it needed more queer and poc and other forms of representation in our modern world, and just straight up picked up a camera and did it, the idea that these little spaces and groups and creations exist is inspiring in itself and speaks to how important and powerful the voices of young feminists like us really are, we are literally creating the representation of ourselves that we can’t find in more popular forms of media for each other to enjoy, while at the same time giving wonderful nods to beautiful classic literature in an entirely new light, and that to me is just mind blowing and inspirational in so many ways and it warms my heart so much


YouTubers Interact On Twitter - Part 5

why i love & appreciate jack

shoutout to jack for being one of the most amazing, compassionate, respectful, positive, humble youtubers out there. there are reasons why i look up to him, there are reasons why i dedicate so much of my time for him. he isn’t like any other and out of all the youtubers i’ve watched, he had the biggest impact on my life. it isn’t just the fact that he makes good content videos for us; but its bc he cares about each and every single one of us and you could easily see it.

once, he apologized for not being able to make two videos a day for us since he’s going to be busy (when there’s plenty of youtubers who can’t even do one a day). he stayed up all night long until 3am to make sure that he posted the video for us. everyday, you’ll see him interacting with us, whether it’s on youtube, twitter, tumblr, etc. he would mostly always go on these tangents and give us these important messages for us to remember, to help guide us to the right direction. he created so many friendships in this community, he did everything he could to make us happy.

i cant thank him enough, and through all the lives he saved, through all times he made us smile, through all the times he helped us, i could see potential in him and its amazing. we all do these things for him, yet we could never repay him for all the things he’s done for us. i’m gonna remember jack, i’m gonna remember all the messages he taught me, that maybe one day, i’ll teach other people, the way he taught us.

he’s so much more than a youtuber; but a best friend and a hero to us and i want him and other people who don’t watch jack to realize how important he really is to us.


Jack is way more than just a simple YouTuber. He is a friend, a hero, an inspiration, a lifesaver, and way more. Jack is always there for us, in our most darkest times or even our most happiest times, he is always by our side, supporting us. His main goal is to make people happy, to make them smile through the videos that he makes & the things that he says. He is always interacting with us, everyday, via Tumblr, Twitter, YouTube. He reads all the posts on his tag on Tumblr. He tries his very best to make as many people as possible happy, and that’s what he did. That’s what Jack did. We can’t thank him enough. We could look up to him as a friend. He said that if we ever meet him to come up to him as if we are his friend and if we’re watching his gaming videos to make it seem like we’re playing with a friend. Jack means the whole world to us. He doesn’t care about money or the number of subscribers he has; he genuinely cares about us and he told us how much he loves us all and how happy we make him. He deserves all the posts/messages/notes/fan art that’s dedicated to him, because he has saved so many people. He’s a hero, a lifesaver, like I said before. We just love him so much and I don’t know how I could ever repay him. 💖

Frederator Networks is hiring!

Why grow up, when you could work with the cool kids at Frederator? Seriously - it’s not brain surgery.

Frederator is seeking someone to head up our Social Media activity and what better place to look than amongst our fans. Read on for the full job description. Please read thoroughly and make sure you meet all of the requirements and submit for the job correctly!

Social Media Coordinator

Job description:
- Will represent several companies and properties on various social media outlets including Tumblr, YouTube, Facebook, twitter, Instagram, and more.
- Interact with our fans and have an understanding of how best to respond to them.
- Ability to analyze and evaluate performance, come to conclusions.
- Stay in touch with production and programming departments for current information.
- Evolving the position with changes in social media platforms.
- Constantly engaged in content and platforms.
- Ability and willingness to respond to relevant content/posts during off hours.

Minimum job requirements
- Must be familiar with YouTube, tumblr, Facebook, twitter, G+, Instagram (at a minimum)
- College graduate or high school with equivalent experience.
- Work full time on-site (New York or Los Angeles metro area)
- Basic understanding of Photoshop (crop images, apply text)
- Interested in being a team player
- Ability to follow instructions and finish projects.

We’ll get extra excited about you if you:
- Are familiar with Frederator properties
- Are interested in web-based entertainment beyond Frederator content
- Have any art skills
- Are comfortable in front of a camera on occasion, taking selfies

To apply:

Send a cover letter, resume and some links where we can see what you do on social media to This can be personal content, but should be appropriate for a job application. Please no phone calls.

Failure to follow instructions will reflect poorly on your application.

Good luck!