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Homework EP Release Show (Full Livestream)


Homework EP Release Show Live

December 15, 2017

*one more time while eating something* oMG WHAT IF-

coffee bean Schneeplestein!! I needed to!! Aaaaa- i should draw more ego’s :“)

Eating Açai bowls in Chiang Mai = dreams 🌈🌟 maybe one of the best ones I’ve ever had. And all in perfect timing because today celebrates one year of me being Vegan! Can’t believe it’s come so fast, and it’s the best thing I ever did 💚 Our journey and travels in Chiang Mai are nearly coming to a close but I’ve taken many videos and the vlogs will come as soon as I retrieve my laptop back from work 😅

Winter Witch Playlist

December is almost upon us, and with it comes my favorite season of the year…Winter! This playlist is has both instrumental and non-instrumental pieces that range from classical to southern gothic. The sounds focus on the “cold” and “bleak” aspects of winter. Lots of Minor tonalities and low vibrations to get in touch with your primal self as you tap into a visceral energy hidden in your subconscious. Snow dwellers - rejoice!

Spotify playlist here

Youtube playlist here

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List of songs:

Snow - Lisa Hannigan

Utreise - Ulver

Al Capella - Ulver

Resan - Forndom

Mareridt - Myrkur

Loven - Myrkur

Early Snow - The Sword

Helvegen - Wardruna

Colder Heavens - Blanco White

Graves - Whiskey Shivers

Haunted Past - Philip Wesley

First Dance - Robin Spielberg

Ruska - Apocalyptica

Galgasang - Finntroll

Black Wings - Tom Waits

Dance Under the Winter Sky - Austin Wintory

Far Horizons - Jeremy Soule

“what is love?” (BABY DONT HURT ME- no wait im sorry pfft-)

Hi yes, i just did this right now because i wanted to try out this kind of simple style pfft– and also- coloring!! Its been a while since i used watercolors- pls teach Anti what love is. :“)


What are you guys reading this winter? Check out my video to see what’s on my WINTER TBR list, and check the down-bar for even more Christmassy-wintery book suggestions! 

So excited to cozy up under a blanket with a hot chocolate and start my winter reading list! 

Happy reading,



Darren Criss - Going Nowhere (Official Audio)


Darren Criss - The Day That The Dance Is Over (Official Audio)