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Dating Jack Maynard Would Include

*not my gif*

-Taking so many selfies together

-Him always wanting to cuddle no matter where or when he wanted to cuddle you

-Taking care of him when he gets sick *which seems to be a lot honestly*

-Staying in bed till ridiculously late times during the afternoon

-Always messing around with his hair

-Constantly snapchatting each other doing practically anything and anything

-Always stealing his clothes

-Going with him when he gets tattoos and even getting a few yourself 

-Being in so many of his videos *even if you weren’t the featured collab he would always pull you into the videos*

-Him being jealous of the other boys when you spend a lot of time around them without Jack being with

-Him being especially jealous of Conor because you spend the most time with him *as in when they all lived together*

-Making food for Jack, Josh and Conor because they’re hopeless in a kitchen

-Him being an extremely needy and touchy boyfriend all the time. Always wanting your attention

-Going out together and both getting extremely wasted together

-Feeling very hungover the next morning and doing absolutely nothing but sitting in his bed or on the couch watching films and cuddling

-Him being the worlds biggest tease *I mean come on. He teases about everything. Even in his videos*

-So much sex. Like honestly the boy never wants to stop

-Him making jokes about the two of yous personal life all the time, resulting in the boys constantly having to edit out a bunch of footage from vlogs and normal videos

-Joe treating you like his little sister and taking care of you when you and Jack are sick. *most likely from Jack getting you sick tbh*

-All the boys being very protective of you when you go out with them

-Being really close with all the boys

-Being really excited and supportive of all the exciting things Jack is getting to do with his new found ‘fame’ from YouTube

-You and Anna getting along really well

-Him begging you all the time for a cat. *we all know much he loves cats*