Holiday misfortunes - part five

Pairing: Conor Maynard X Reader

Request: No

Fandom: Buttercream squad

Prompt: (Y/N) and Conor don’t really get along, but she decides to go on a lads holiday.


Silence fell across the guys, your cheeks flushed red with embarrassment as you pushed past them all and ran to the bathroom of your hotel room.

You heard them follow behind you but ignored it, locking yourself in and sliding down the door.

They knew, they finally knew. The secret you’d been keeping for the past three years you’d all been friends and you’d finally let it slip.

“Open the door!” Joe said, worry laced in his voice.

Ignoring it your eyes brimmed with tears, Conor’s shirt from before lay creased on the floor by your feet. You pulled it to your chest and cried into it.

Minutes or hours could’ve passed, you weren’t sure anymore. You didn’t care. You never wanted to show your face again, the boys kept knocking, individually attempting to get into the bathroom with you. All but one.

Eventually you heard Joe again, and couldn’t find the strength to argue anymore.

“Just open the door, (Y/N), please? I’m alone?” He said, your shaking hand raising to unlock the door as you slowly opened it, allowing him only enough room to slip through.

“Oh, (Y/N).” He said, seeing your state. He sat next to you, pulling you to his chest.

“How much does he hate me?” You croaked, Joe looked at you with a confused look.

“Who? Conor?” He asked, his eyebrows knitting together. You simply nodded, awaiting to hear of his disgust.

“He doesn’t hate you, I mean he’s shocked, we all are.” Joe said, you expected different.

“I guess this is it.” You said, closing your eyes and holding Conor’s shirt closer to you than before, clinging to it as if it would fix your problems.

“You’re confusing me?” Joe asked, you sat up to look him in the eye.

“You don’t get it? I never hated him, I pretended I did to make it easier for all of us. We can’t all be friends now you know I’m in love with him, I pretended to hate him so that nothing happened between us, I was so terrified of his rejection and the awkwardness that would surround it that I just decided putting up this mask wouldn’t hurt but it’s been killing me for three years Joe. Do you know how hard it is acting like you hate the person you’ve fallen in love with everyday for three years?” You asked, he just shook his head clearly trying to piece it all together.

“He doesn’t hate you, back. Hd never did hate you back, ever. He always wanted to give you a chance.” Joe said, you nodded softly.

“So, do you want me to go get him or do you just want to be alone?” Joe asked, you couldn’t quite decide what you wanted. Honesty, you wanted this to never have happened. You wanted to erase the past hour of your life. You fucked up.

“I don’t know Joe. I don’t know what I want.” You sighed, he nodded wrapping his arms around you.

Crying into his shoulder you allowed yourself to make your decision, the person who’s probably in a worse state than you right now, the person who’s the most confused by this whole situation, you needed to speak to Conor.

“Bring him in?” You asked quietly as Joe stood up, he nodded slowly and walked out leaving you alone.

Silently you listened to the exchange of words. Joe telling Conor you wanted to speak with him, Conor getting confused and Jack convincing him to go and see you.

Finally the bathroom door opened and you looked up at his face, it was a picture of confusion but it softened when it saw you.

“Hey.” You said softly, he sat down on the floor opposite you.

“Uhh, yeah hi.” He said, you could tell he wasn’t sure what to say. In all honesty, you weren’t sure what to say either.

“I’m sorry.” You both said at the same time, making you smile slightly.

“First smile I’ve seen in a while.” He said, you could tell it was strange for him to have you so venerable in front of him.

“Conor, I’m so sorry. I’m just going to tell you what I told Joe and if you want to leave after that then please, feel free to leave.” You said, although it hurt you to think about losing Conor you had to accept he probably wouldn’t say.

“Yeah, okay.” He nodded, eyes daring from yours to his shirt that lay at your feet.

“I didn’t hate you, I’ve never hated you. I just, I fell for you at that was terrifying and I never wanted to. I couldn’t risk your rejection and making it awkward and loosing the rest of the guys, that terrified me too so I just ended up pretending that I hate you but it got too much to keep seeing you hurting because of me. Three years I pretended to hate you because I was scared you’d reject me, it sounds silly I know. I didn’t mean to hurt you, I’m so so sorry.” You said, eventually letting him in.

You both sat in silence, waiting for him to leave. Time went painfully slowly as you waited to hear him stand up, you couldn’t bare to look at him.

“I said you can leave?” You said, but it came out as more of a question.

“I know.” He said, you looked up to meet his eyes.

“You don’t want to?” You asked, he shook his head smiling slightly.

“No, no I don’t want to at all. I love you, so much. I can’t believe all this time you felt the same.” He smiled.

“Seems like we were just scared of our own feelings.” You said, shuffling closer to him. His arms wrapped around your waist as he pulled you over to sit on his lap.

Your head resting in the crook of his neck as you hugged him tightly.

“I’m so so sorry.” You cried.

“Hey, no tears, there’s nothing to cry about.” He said, playing with your hair. You lifted your head to look him in the eyes again.

“I was awful to you Conor.” You said, feeling guilty.

“Yes, but you never meant any of it.” He said, before closing the gap between you. His soft lips upon yours.

It was a quick and simple kiss but it was worth more than any words right now, Conor finally knew you loved him and that’s all that you’ve ever wanted.

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