It’s nice that K-pop is getting more exposure but some of these YouTuber’s are really using you guys for views and subscriptions. I even watched one guy say “my friend told me if I wanted to boost my channel to just react to K-pop so here we go” really??? This is pissing me off now. Don’t get me started on the racist and disgusting remarks.
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Imagine the views

Pairing: Jack Maynard X Reader

Request: No 

Fandom: Buttercream squad

Prompt: I just felt like writing, so here’s what happened.


“Hey everyone, today I’m joined by the only female who talks to me besides my sister and my mum, it’s (Y/N)!” Jack smiled into the lens of the camera as he casually put his arm around your shoulders. 

“Hello, I’m back!” You smiled, tucking a stray hair behind your ear as Jack pulled his phone from his jean pocket. 

“Oh, and Josh and Conor are here too, the question masters.” He added, they both waved. 

“So ladies and gentlemen, this video is finally happening. It’s the ask Jack and (Y/N) video you have all been requesting. We asked you to hashtag Ask (Y/N) Maynard, and here it is!” He smiled cheekily as he removed his arm from around your shoulders and unlocked his phone. 

“What have I gotten myself into?” You asked, seeing his smile grow as he scrolled through the tweets. 

“You’ll regret this later.” Josh laughed. 

“Yeah, from the look on her face she regrets it now.” Conor laughed, making Josh laugh harder. 

“Shut up you idiots. Okay, (Y/N), would you rather live with us or live with Joe and Caspar?” Conor asked you, you thought about it for a minute. Joe and Caspar lived separately now so you had to cast your mind back to when they lived together. 

“I think I’d rather live with you guys, only because I don’t wanna be pranked all the time.” You answered, Jack nodded. 

“We’d find a way to prank you, wouldn’t we boys.” He winked. 

“Try me.” You laughed, he raised his eyebrows and passed Josh his phone. 

“Alright, stop flirting now you two!” Conor said, raising his on eyebrows and pulling a stupid face at the camera. 

“Jack, tell us about the last time a girl blew you off.” Josh laughed. You smirked at the question. 

“Pass.” Jack said, you shook your head. 

“That’s not fair, I didn’t get a pass.” You said, Jack blushed. 

“That’s right Jack, (Y/N) didn’t get a pass.” Conor laughed. 

“Fine, we were at a cafe and she gave me her number and I texted her and it was her boyfriends number. He wasn’t too happy.” Jack said, all three of you burst into laughter as he sat embarrassed. 

“Next question, (Y/N) are you and Jack together?” Conor said, this question was always asked in the Q&A’s so you’d gotten used to the explanation and basically knew it off by heart, although it did hurt you every time to have to say it. 

“No ladies, Jack is a single lad don’t worry. We’re just really close friends, we have been since before he started this channel.” You smiled, you were hurt Conor chose that but you knew you’d get asked and he had no idea you liked Jack. 

“Anymore questions?” Jack said, you were confused as to why he cut in so soon but the video went on. 

It ended up with Jack doing a shot of ketchup, you making a face mask out of flour, mayonnaise, beer, and ground coffee, Jack cracking an egg over your head and you styling Jack’s hair with Nutella. You’d both cleaned up quickly, giving Josh and Conor time to decide the big question to end the video on. As you both returned to your seats there was an unnerving silence. 

“Okay, and for the final one..” Josh spoke slowly. “KISS!” They both shouted. 

You looked at Jack in disbelief, he looked back with the same expression. Conor and Josh were smiling like idiots at each other as you sat shocked. 

“Look guys, you’ve already explained you’re not together. Just do it!” Josh urged. “Think of the views this video would get if that was the thumbnail.” He added. That hurt a lot. 

“Yeah, whatever lets do it.” You said, Jack looked you right in the eyes. 

“You’re sure you want to do this?” He asked, closing space between you. You nodded and closed your eyes. It was quick, a simple small peck on the lips. 

“And there we have it, our Q&A! We all hope you enjoyed this video, give it a like and a thumbs up if you did!” Jack smiled before switching the camera off. 

“Thanks again for the help, guys.” He smiled, you nodded and gathered your stuff. 

“Rushing off so soon? I thought we were ordering pizza?” Conor asked you, you tried hard to hold back the tears in your eyes. 

“Oh, right yeah we can. Jack, I’m borrowing your shirt I’ve got egg on mine!” You said, avoiding the boys eyes and quickly walking to Jack’s room. There you let the tears spill. 

Think of the views. 

Jack just wanted you in his videos for views, he didn’t care. He never actually wanted to be your friend, you were just someone he could get views from. You knew you weren’t good enough to really be his friend.  

“(Y/N), is plain cheese pizza okay?” 

Quickly you wiped your eyes and threw on a shirt, opening the door to Jack standing there. 

“Yeah, that’s great, thanks!” You smiled, walking to join the guys in the living room. 


Idk?? Part two maybe??? Ugh I hate all my writing. Anyway, have a wonderful day/night