Mark may not know what’s going on in his own body, but he somehow knows deep down inside that that was a fucking pun…
and also, it Ethan!

I got a ton, it’s pages 20 and 21

anonymous asked:

If you have time may you draw Pastel! Dark and Anti and Anti is messing/ flirting with Dark. Love you ❤️😊

Pastel! Dark and Anti would be super cute ahhhh,,,

It took quite a lot of convincing to get Dark into that outfit, but damn was it worth it.

ily too you adorable anon ;;

idk i just feel like a lot of people would be surpised if they found out the extent of the fakeness of youtubers and internet celebrites (and famous people in general tbh), like their whole life is a fabrication that they use to make money. it’s their job to make themselves and most aspects of their life as marketable as possible. i’m not saying it’s a bad thing per se, but none of it is genuine and it annoys me when they pretend it is.