While wearing my Space Crustaceans; Crustaceans from Space shirt, a guy stopped me and said said “ Cool Shirt man! Is that from a movie or something?”

I didn’t know how to explain briefly that it’s a song from two YouTubers, Meekakitty and Nanalew so I just said “ yeah!” and ran away.

Poor guy is gonna be looking for a movie that doesn’t exist.

How I converted mum to a YouTube fan

I have a youtube channel. It’s a let’s play channel, like Jack’s, Mark’s, etc etc
I was recording a video and mum walks in like “what the hell are you doing?”

I said “wait till I’m done and I’ll show you.”
I finished the video and was telling my mum about let’s plays and how entertaining they are. She was still a little confused, so I showed her one of Jack’s videos

Not only does she understand what my channel is now, she really likes Jack’s videos. She’s watching his Happy Wheels series.

I believe my work here is done :)


VidCon Recap : YouTubers and DOUG FREAKING WALKER!

Another super awesome part of being at VidCon was getting the chance to meet fellow content creators who’s videos I just cannot get enough of. 

Domics makes hilarious animated videos all over the internet. I got to talk to him about how he got into animation and tell him how good his taste in music is. 

I met William Haynes TV and he was super fun to hang out with. He’s just as funny and awkward IRL (but in the best way). 

BrizzyVoices was a huge inspiration for me to get back into Voice Acting and to do my impressions videos. She was super nice and encouraged me to keep pursuing that dream. 

I met Joe and Elliot from SourceFed again and got to talk to them about Doctor Who and Sherlock which is my preferred topic of conversation. 

Molly and Elizabeth from AVbyte were really cool to meet! Elizabeth even remembered when I asked her on Tumblr about how she made her puppet

I ran into Jake and Eliza in line for the LBD reunion panel and I feel like they were one of the few non-LBD YouTubers I kinda geeked out over. I live Platoon of Power Squadron and if you haven’t seen it yet DO IT NOW. 

So…I met Doug Walker…That Guy with the GlassesTHE NOSTALGIA CRITIC! I have no words. None at all.

Well, except these few. Meeting Doug Walker was one of the most surreal meetings. Like he just came out of no where. It was awesome to see one of the original YouTubers, who then left YouTube and found MUCH success, IRL. For several years of my life I tried to figure out how I could BE HIM LIKE HIM!

I loved getting the chance to meet all of these brilliant content creators. Just being around them and talking to them made me feel more awesome by association.  

Check out these people if you haven’t already. I promise you won’t regret it.