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I debated on whether or not to have them talk sweetly about Amy and Wiishu, but at the end of the day I thought it’d be truer to their characters if they just ended up talking about murder. XD

Read parts 1-26 here!

I’m watching Mark’s charity livestream and I just remembered that I didn’t post this small drawing! This was done awhile back to get back to doodling and I really enjoyed drawing it!

And also go check out Mark’s stream! He’s playing games, skyping, and donating/supporting charity for water. So please help donate or spread it around! :]


Shading!!! and youtubers!

1st & 2nd: It’s cry/cryaotic being a little cutie!  I know I said that the lines were confident but these lines look a bit too confident, as if this was rushed. When drawing you need to be patient. If you try to draw something very fast, it won’t look good. As the popular saying goes, “Quality over quantity”. The shading is ok but the background is again terrible. My advice is the same as last time, pay more attention the the character’s environment.

3rd: I remember this. I did it after watching that video where markiplier says every word of the song “Bad Blood” It was hilarious. There are a lot of mistakes with the proportions of the characters. For example the guy in yellow’s arm is longer than the other. Both bodies seem flat and smooth, which is not how a body should look like. If you take a closer look you can see that your body, no matter what shape,you can see that it has many bumps and dents, whether it be muscles poking out or fat creating folds. My advice - research anatomy in real life and try colouring in one direction.

4th: This was an idea young me had, where markiplier snaps and goes on a rampage. And surprise, surprise, I still didn’t know how to draw hands holding knives. The guy at the door, Mark, has way too short legs and way too long arms. The perspective is a bit wonky as well. The couch should be at a more diagonal direction. Also the guy behind the couch, jacksepticeye , should be a bit bigger due to the dramatic perspective. I suggest using darker shading by pressing harder on the pencil, for a more dramatic effect. There is also a technique, were you draw lines from a certain point of view. This will help you map out each object more accurately.