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Since people wanted to see it, here’s the video! Thank you @booperplier for recording this moment for me :D

The video is cut off a small bit but after I hugged him, I said, “Thank you for everything, Mark.” and he said, “Thank you for creating things for me!”
This was honestly one of the best days in my entire life and I will never forget it.

10DaystoMarksBirthday: Mark as an Inspiration

Day Five!

I think we all know Mark is quite the inspirational guy. His heart is in the right place, and he overcame everything that was thrown at him and is standing as a strong man now; the man that we look up to and admire. And I believe he’s a real hero for just being him.

[Advanced] Happy Birthday to @markiplier! #MarkIsAHero

A Day at the Beach: A Markiplier Egos One Shot

(For @chibikuroneko13 who requested a story of the Egos at the beach! Hope you guys enjoy!)

“You guys have never been to the beach before?” Amy asks, almost dropping the yarn wrapped around both her hands. Host has taken up knitting. He’s terrible at it so far, but he refuses to give up for some reason. “Why not?”

Host shrugs, continuing his sloppy knitting. “It’s hard to for us to travel anywhere as a group. We all have the same face, half of us are psychotic, and the other half are… eccentric. We typically cause quite a ruckus.”

Amy shakes her head. The Egos almost never get out of the building, except when Oliver makes grocery trips or Wilford goes for pizzas. “We’re going to the beach. I’m taking you, and that’s final.”

Now she’s starting to regret the decision. They’re all piled into a minivan amongst the beach supplies. Mark wants to shoot a video of the guys making sandcastles, and so he and the rest of the team are in the other car, leaving Amy alone with the Egos. She has no one to blame but herself though. She insisted that she could handle them.

“There’s another dog!” Wilford shouts, pointing out the window at a person walking their dog. “It’s so cute. Can I take it? Just for a little while?”

“No!” Amy says for the eightieth time since they left Ego Inc.

“The Host feels like this is a pointless venture. He does not want to be here, and he would prefer it if you would STOP POKING HIM WITH THE FOAM NOODLE, SILVER!” Host rages from the passenger’s seat.

“I want to ride up front with Amy,” the superhero complains, poking the Host again.

Amy rolls her eyes. “Host gets to sit up front because the rest of you give him anxiety. Leave him alone, or I’m going to let him narrate you into jumping out of the car!”

Silver pouts and Ed snickers beside him. Bim is all the way in the back with Wilford and the Doctor, and he looks very uncomfortable squished between the two of them. “Amy, how much longer until we get there?”

She takes a deep breath. “We get there, when we get there, Bim.”

And finally, finally they get there. Mark, Ethan, and Tyler start setting up for the video while Kathryn and Amy herd the Egos out of the shot. “We can’t let the fans see you! They’ll all have a heart attack,” Kat yells at Wilford who is looking down at her like he’s a little annoyed but very much terrified.

“But I’m the channel’s icon!” he insists, pushing his luck. Kathryn grabs his ear, yanks him down to her level, and whispers something to him that make his eyes go wide. When Kat releases the Cotton Candy Killer, he backs away slowly at first and then runs to catch up with the others. The Egos head to the edge of the water as Teamiplier films the video.

Amy always keeps the boys in the corner of her vision until they’ve got all the footage they need.  Bim and Host start to craft their own sandcastles, which they’re quite good at despite never having tried it before. Most of the others are up to their waists in the water, splashing each other or searching for shells. The Googles opted out of coming since sand and saltwater don’t mix well with robotics, and someone had to keep an eye on Dark. But the others seem to be enjoying themselves, at least for the moment.

“You did a good job,” Mark says, walking up behind her after loading the camera and mics back into the car. “You make a pretty good Mom.”

“They are kind of like children. Big, scary children with knives and superpowers.” Amy hugs herself and sighs. “I just want them to be happy.”

Mark rubs her shoulders a bit when he sees how tense she is. “They are, especially when you’re around. So give yourself a little credit.” He rests his head on her shoulder and hugs her close. “Thank you. I don’t know what I’d do without you here. And I’d never know how to deal with them if you hadn’t convinced me to give them a chance.”

Amy rests a hand on top of his head, ruffling his hair a bit and smiling at the Egos. Wilford and Ed are filling buckets with water and approaching at an alarming rate. “Um, Mark. I think we might want to run.”

“What?” Mark says as Amy sprints away. He looks up just in time to get a face full of seawater as the Egos dump their buckets on him. They all stand there for a moment as Mark sputters and drips. “Ok, you want to play this game?”

Wilford and Ed run, and Mark immediately starts chasing after them as Amy throws her head back and laughs. Wilford leaps over Bim and Host’s sandcastles while Ed heads back for the water. Doc, who is digging a trench, screams at Wilford leaps over him as well. Mark yells for Tyler and Ethan to come help him catch the Egos, and the two boys grab their water guns from the back of the car and run to Mark’s aid.

Amy and Kathryn lay out towels near the sandcastles and watch the water war unfold. “They’re not so bad once you get to know them,” Kathryn says. “I can see why you like them so much.”

Amy leans back on the towel and smiles. “Yeah, they’re my boys.”

About the Host
( darkiplier & the host )
About the Host

@fear-is-nameless: Dark, how well DO you know the Host? He was sitting at your right side after all in Markiplier TV, surely that means something?

Dark: “I know the Host quite fondly, oddly enough. Actually, I’ve known him for a \while now, long before he began wearing the bloodstained blindfold and off-white jacket. He possesses various… talents that I find fascinating, even if they are often used for storytelling. He is almost always calm and collected, and his tongue is as sharp as his mind. 

Imagine, a novelist who possesses precognitive intuition–the ability to predict the future and describe everything that has happened, is happening, and will happen in the next few seconds… Such attributes can be put to use in more ways than one. That’s one of the reasons why you saw him as my ‘right-hand man’ during that conference in early May.”

Host: “…referencing back to Markiplier TV. Darkiplier continues speaking of the Host’s capabilities, but soon changes his tone…”

Dark: (sighs) There are times where I wish he didn’t have to narrate everything. That can be rather bothersome after a while, if not frustrating. It’s one thing to speak of what you have predicted, but it’s another when it can turn into a double-edged blade– (irate) SILENCE!

Host: ”…shell cracking slightly. The Host immediately falls silent.“

Dark: ”…Thank you. If you wish to learn more about the Host, you are free to ask him yourself. I believe I’ve said enough, for now.“