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Everyone, especially to all my American followers, this is a really serious issue that we ALL need to take action against!

Net Neutrality is about to be taken away, removing our freedom of browsing through the internet however and whenever we want by placing paywalls and having our every move watched. The way we access the Internet on a daily basis could very well be changed for the worst for the sake of satisfying the greed of companies and other people with power.

But the good news is that YOU can do something about it!

In the description below this video I’ve shared, there’s a heck-ton of information on this issue!

You can call your representatives, write letters to the FCC, and most importantly…VOTE!!! As well as many other things. But please remember to be civil when doing any or all of the above. They can listen to you less if you act emotionally, so please try your best to stay calm and be mature about all of this.

PLEASE SPREAD THIS POST AROUND! Let everyone and your fellow American users know what’s going on! This is a VERY serious issue that could possibly affect the whole world if other countries decide to follow suite, but we as a collective can stop it by using our voices and the tools I’ve mentioned above.


Please watch and share this! We can’t let this happen to the internet!


Anger | A Who Killed Markiplier? Comic

oh boy look at this ugly, disgusting mess ;;u;; Honestly, I’m not too proud of this one. I feel like it’s too quick and uneventful. I planned this to be short, ..but idk. I hope you enjoy it though!

This was inspired by @asksomecoolkids‘ own WKM comic. I definitely recommend you check it out. It’s amazing

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A little bit of Markiplier
Because he’s awsome! xD
Wish I had time to animate more
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Darkness is your friend now ( Part two )

Here’s the second part!

Darkiplier x Reader


Your eyes began to open. Your vision was hazy, so you weren’t able to make out where you were.

But soon, your vision cleared.

You were somewhere unfamiliar to you. Dark gray walls surrounded you, not single furniture. All there was is a lone ceiling lamp just above you, swaying a tad although there was no window open to let a breeze in. Come to think of it, there weren’t even any windows. The room was kind of small but with no furniture, it was rather spacey.

You sat up to recollect yourself, holding your head.“ Shit… Where the hell am I?” You questioned, looking ahead was a closed door. Slowly and carefully, you picked yourself up onto your feet. You looked over yourself, checking to see if anything had happened to you just as you remembered that you had encounter with Mark… No… Not Mark.

“I… Am I dead? Or am I dreaming?” you said quietly to yourself before walking to the door. Reaching for the door, your arm froze when you had seen the knob turn by its self. ‘Oh god, someone’s coming in’ you thought, backing away back to the middle of the room.

There’s nowhere to hide.

The door opened slowly, creating a terrible creaking sound.

There was nothing there but pitch black, eternal darkness.

Curious, you stepped forward once again, squinting to see through that darkness. But it was to no avail that nothing could be seen through it.

When you took another step, a small chuckle could be heard. It sounded like it came from the doorway.

“Hello?” You called, staying where you were.

The floor then became flooded with black fog. You looked down; barely could you see your feet.

You gasped loudly when you felt something slimy wrap around your ankles.“ Ah!” You yelped when you were pulled out from under your feet, causing you to fall down onto your back. You tried to kick off whatever was clinging onto your ankles.“ Get off of me!” You grunted and struggle while you were slowly being pulled into the darkness.

“ Someone, help me!” You cried, your nails lightly scraping the carpet.

Once your feet had made contact with the pitch black room, you instantly feel cold. Shivers are consuming your entire body. You quickly grabbed onto the door frame to keep yourself from going any further.“ You’re not… taking me that easily!” You managed to say. Your body was half way into the dark.

You looked down, seeing that black, slimy tentacles had been pulling you, your ankles and feet just covered in gross, dripping sludge. The tentacle was becoming impatient, angry as it began to pull harder at your ankles. You screamed in pain, it felt like your legs were about to be pulled out of its sockets.“ FUCK!”

Tears streamed down your face as you struggled to pull yourself out of the darkness, closing your eyes nice and tight.

You heard soft laughter, getting closer and closer to you then it stopped when you felt cold hands touching yours.

You opened your (E/C) eyes to see that man again, staring into your soul with a devilishly hungry smirk.“ Oh dear, look what we have here… You’re still hanging in there.” His thumbs lightly rubbed the top of your hands before he grabbed onto your hands as if to pull you in but it was to just rip you away from the frame and he held you there for a moment, staring at the fear in your eyes and licked his lips as if he could taste your fear and it was delicious.

“Ju-Just please! Help me out of here! Please!” You begin to hyperventilate, grabbing onto his hands tightly. Tears just pouring as the thing behind you, tugged harder at your ankles.“ I’ll do anything! Please! Just please!” You begged.

His smirk only grew wider at the offer.“Anything?" Slowly he pulled you closer into him." Anything I want?” Not-so Mark’s red eyes glowed a tad as they pierced into yours.

You realized your mistake, but no going back now. You wanted out.“ Yes, Anythi-”

You were cut off suddenly, his pale grey lips pressing against your soft plump lips. What really caught you by surprise is that his thin, long tongue forced its way through your lips, dancing with your tongue.

You kind of wanted to pull away but then again you just wanted to melt. He sure knew how to work that tongue of his.

Soon, he’d pull away from the kiss, a string of saliva connecting between his tongue and yours.“ Sure, I’ll help you out…” He chuckled menacingly, licking his lips to disconnect the saliva string.

You could feel your face heating up, your cheeks completely red.“ T-Then pull me up!” You begged once more, then gasped loudly when the tentacle pulled hard.

Hang on then.~" The male lightly let go of one of your hands to place it upon your cheek, leaving a soft touch before he released the other hand which made you get quickly pulled into the darkness.

The last thing you saw was him, smiling child like.

Your scream echoed throughout the darkness.

Shattered | Darkiplier

Request: @martheghost asked “OKAY BUT IS THERE A SEQUEL TO “Reflections of the Past” BECAUSE I REALLY NEED ONE THAT’S FILLED WITH FRUSTRATIONS AND ANGST AND AN EVENTUAL HAPPY ENDING I’m so sorry for yelling I HAVE EMOTIONS also if you don’t wanna write it don’t worry I just have feELinGs”

Synopsis: Sequel to “Reflections of the Past”, Dark tries to find a way to release you from the mirror and things get rather bloody and tearful.

Warnings: manipulation, anxiety, blood, death, one (1) slit throat, broken mirror, crying, denial, insanity

A/N: Sorry this took so long but I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS GOT DELETED.

Originally posted by markired

You watched as Dark sat as his desk, his eyes scanning over his paperwork. You wondered what he could possibly be so invested in. Whatever it was, it was important.

Over the past few months you noticed that no one really ever visits Dark. You had your theories, of course, but if Dark is just Celine and Damien or if he’s just using them as pawns for whatever he has planned, Celine and Damien always enjoyed the company of other people.

“Hey, Dark?”

He didn’t look up. “Yes, Y/N?”

“Do you ever get lonely locked away in here?”

He paused for a moment. “Of course not. I have you, don’t I?”

“In case you didn’t notice, you avoided me like the plague for years.”

“I’m aware.” He finally looked up at you. “I prefer being uninterrupted in here much more than whatever…chaos goes on out there.”

“What about William?”

He sighed at that and went back to his work. “He is capable of handling himself. And it’s Wilford now.”

You crossed your arms. “What about that guy with no eyes–The Host, I believe?”

Dark didn’t respond at first. The cogs seemed to be turning in his mind. He stood suddenly and started walking towards the door.

“Where are you going?”

“Hopefully, towards answers.”

He abandoned the papers at his desk that, unbeknownst to you, all pertained to getting you out of that mirror.

The Host was writing when Dark arrived in the library. Despite his lack of eyes the words still flowed out of his pen in beautiful swooping calligraphy. He continued to mutter quiet narrations under his breath. Dark assumed he was just feeling reminiscent of his Author days. If he was aware of Dark’s presence he didn’t show it.

The entity stopped in front of his desk. “Host. I’m afraid I need your help with…an issue.”

His pen stilled as he looked…well, not looked up at Dark. “The Host inquires as to what Darkiplier’s issue may be.”

“I need to know how to get someone’s soul that’s trapped in another timeline a tangible body in this one.”

“The Host wonders why Darkiplier assumes that he can help in such a situation.”

“Because, if I recall correctly, I helped you once and in return, you swore to help me.”

That, of course, is a different, much more bloody story. The bandages around The Host’s eyes grew redder in agreement.

He got up and disappeared into the stacks, returning moments later with a thick, leather bound book. He placed it on the desk in front of Dark.

“Everything should be in here?” Dark questioned.

“The Host assures it.”


Dark picked up the book, turned on his heel, and left.

The Host sat back down at his desk and picked up his pen. As he began to write again the beautiful calligraphy morphed into harsh, furious scratches, his anxiety growing with every word. Drops of blood fell to the page, unnoticed.

You pressed your hands against your side of the mirror to try and get a better look at what Dark was holding as he walked back into the office.

“What’s that?”

He dropped the book unceremoniously onto his desk. “Answers.”

Then he sat down, opened the book, and started scanning pages.

“So are you unreasonably cryptic just for dramatic effect or…?”

You sighed when he didn’t answer. You looked around your side of the mirror, an exact replica of his office, and sat down in his desk chair. Picking up a letter opener to entertain yourself with, you kicked your feet up on the desk and prepared yourself for several hours of silence.

After a long period of not talking or moving or anything that normal people do, Dark stood again.

“What is it now?”

“I have to go kill someone.” He said bluntly before leaving the office and slamming the door behind him.

You sighed. Of course he did.

It wasn’t hard for Dark to find you in this timeline. It also wasn’t hard to convince you to come with him, it seemed that you in this timeline was much more easy to manipulate than the you that he knew.

He brought you from this timeline back to Ego Inc.

You gasped upon him entering the office with…well, you. “Is that me?”

“You from this timeline, yes.”

Present-Timeline-You raises a hand to cover their mouth in shock. “What the hell…” They whispered through their shaking fingers.

You got a feeling that this was the person Dark had to kill. “I’m sure this is all very alarming to you but I’m afraid you won’t be alive for much longer to process it.” Now you looked straight at Dark as you spoke to them. “I deeply apologize for whatever he’s about to do to you. After all, we can’t have more than one me walking around.”

Present-Timeline-You could barely stutter out a coherent sentence to verbalize their confusion. Before they could, Dark procured a knife out of thin air and slit their throat. They continued to stand for a moment, a look a bewilderment still etched on their features as blood gushed out from the wound. Then, like a marionette who’s strings had been cut, they collapsed in a heap.

“Well that wasn’t pleasant in the slightest.”

Dark did not respond. Instead, he dipped his fingers in present timeline you’s blood and started drawing sigils on the surface of the mirror while muttering under his breath in a long dead language.

You already began to feel the effects of it, like a pull of some sort, pulling your soul toward a more tangible host than a simple mirror. Your eyes widened when you saw Dark holding a very familiar cane. The one Damien used everyday. You were surprised that he still had it. You smiled and closed your eyes, relishing in the sweet sting of nostalgia as Dark swung the cane and shattered your mirror.

When you opened your eyes you were on the floor. You suddenly sat up, gasping in much needed oxygen. You caught a glimpse of yourself in one of the shards of mirror. Your throat was no longer cut thankfully. You began to feel along your arms and legs, remembering the times when you could touch and breathe then smiled because those were no longer distant memories. You looked up at Dark who watched you with fondness in his eyes.

You leaped up from the floor to embrace him tightly, tears pooling in your eyes. “Thank you, Dark. Thank you so, so much. I-I…thank you.”

You felt his arms slowly wrap around you. “You’re welcome.”

You didn’t release him for a long time. You stayed with your head rested on his shoulder, tears of happiness and relief wetting his suit jacket. When you did step away you wiped your eyes and immediately began thinking about what you would do with your newfound mobility.

Then you gasped. “William! Or Wilford- whatever. You have to take me to him. I need to see him.”

For the first time in what felt like forever, Dark looked reluctant. “That might not be wise, Y/N. Wilford barely remembers that timeline. He has repressed so much of it. There’s a very good chance that he won’t remember who you are.”

“I don’t care. Even if he doesn’t have the slightest idea who I am, he was my friend, and I want to see him again.”

After several moments of contemplation, Dark exhaled sharply. “Very well.”

He opened the office door and gestured for you to exit. When you did he shut the door behind him and began to lead you through Ego Inc. You recognized people from the rare times that Dark spoke of them. The Googles, Dr. Iplier, Bim Trimmer. You made a mental note to introduce yourself to Bim later, he seemed nice.

Dark brought you to an empty sound stage. It appeared that someone had just finished using it, the set hadn’t been cleared away yet. He led you down a hallway that branched off of the sound stage and brought you to a door with a large, pastel pink star hung on it.

Dark knocked, more for your sake than his own because he obviously didn’t care for knocking.

“I’m working!” A voice that was not quite like the one you remember snapped from inside.

“Open the door, Warfstache!” Dark snapped back. He glanced at you. “You have a visitor.”

There was the sound of rustling from inside before the door swung open to reveal a pastel clad man with a grin plastered on his face.

“A visitor, you say?”

You were taken aback slightly by his appearance. Gone was the military style uniform, it was replaced with a white dress shirt, bubblegum pink suspenders, and a matching bow tie. In fact, bubblegum pink seemed to be his whole ‘aesthetic’, even his well groomed mustache was the unnaturally bright shade.

But you knew this was the Colonel. You knew. His eyes were the same eyes that he had that day. The day that he snapped. His eyes were full of amusement and laughter and madness. That was the Colonel you remember. Now he was a entertainer. A rather famous one apparently.

He grasped your hand to kiss your knuckles. “Lovely to meet you. Would you like an autograph?”

Your heart sank a little. Only a little. You didn’t really expect him to recognize you right away anyway. “Um, no…Wilford,” You said his new name slowly, still not quite used to it. “it’s me. It’s Y/N.” You spoke again when he didn’t answer right away. “Do you remember me?”

His grin seemed to falter for a split second, you almost didn’t notice. “N-No I don’t believe I…do.”

Dark seemed surprised that Wilford hesitated. He didn’t expect him to remember you at all.

You took his hands in yours. “Wilford. Do you remember me?” He had to remember. He had to. “Remember the party? And Mark? Please, you have to remember.”

He shook his head, muttering incoherently under his breath.

You started to sound more desperate but you didn’t seem to care. “Damien and Celine were there. Remember your friends, William. Remember me.”

The muttering got louder and combined with chuckling, “It was-it was a joke. It was all a joke.” He let go of your hands to cup your face. “It was all a joke! Y/N, it was all a joke! Ha! Oh, Y/N I finally found you.”

You didn’t bother to correct him. “Yeah, Wil, it was all a joke.” Tears started to roll down your cheeks again as he pulled you into a hug. You turned your head to look at Dark. “Thank you.” You mouthed silently.

He nodded then left, leaving you and Wilford to catch up.

Wilford released you then dragged you into his dressing room. “C’mon! I have so much to show you.”

You felt yourself smiling more than you ever had in years. You were reunited with your friends again and all was well. All was well.

Darkness is your friend now (part one)

I’m posting this on here because why not? Art doesn’t always pretain to drawing or painting~

Darkiplier x Reader


There you were, just sitting in front your computer at your messy desk in your room.

The night was young but you weren’t looking to go out tonight. It was your night to relax and do whatever you pleased.

The computer was your friend tonight along with your favorite youtubers.

Pewdiepie, Game Grumps, Jontron, Cryaotic, RPGMinx seemed rather productive today, but you had no one else on the mind but Markiplier. You finally get to watch the Raspy Hill video you had been waiting to watch. Reason being you decided to wait for October to roll by, tis the season for frights

“I’ve been waiting so long to watch this.” You smiled, clicking the video and made it go full screen. You then noticed how short the video was, but shrugged it off.

“HELLO everybody, my name is Markiplier and welcome to Let’s Play: Raspy Hill.” You smiled at his normal greeting. “So, I got a lot of emails that said I needed to play this because… There were mannequins in this and if you know me, you know I do not like mannequins.”

The game started. It was a bit slow at first but then you found yourself laughing when he was given chase by dolls floating towards him as he panicked.
Then something didn’t seem right, Mark was getting surrounded by those things. his voice becoming static and sounded as if he was over a radio broadcast. You then jumped with a gasp when the screen had flashed with a picture of Markiplier, screaming and holding his head while a loud high pitched sound played. After that, the screen went black.


Then eerie music played

“I don’t feel quite like myself.”

There Markiplier was. staring at you. The screen glitches between that face and him laughing like a madman and the video game.

“I’ve been having strange dreams lately.”

Then it glitched again between him with a growing smile and him looking as if he’s struggling to breathe.

“But now, you’re here.”

You shivered when you realized that ,with every glitch, his eyes never left yours. You just wanted to stop the video but you figured that ’ hey, maybe this was a joke?’

“And I’ll make you feel right at home. . ”

He continued to stare, glitching a bit. Then it showed the game again, glitching between him and it. His smile just growing oh so menacingly.

“Welcome to Raspy Hill.”

Then the stitched up floating dolls came crashing into your screen, to tilt as if you were falling. The screen came back to him, a close up of his face, his eyes looking over his glasses as he smiled.

"Enjoy your stay… (F/N)”

The screen went black.

You saw, in the reflection of the black screen, a dark figure behind you. You couldn’t make out who it was but you felt hot, heavy breathing on your neck. You dare not move, afraid of what may happen if doing so.

“Who…” You started but stopped when you saw pale, kind of muscular arms lightly wrap around your neck, hugging it. The touch was a tad cold.

The figure leaned in closer to your ear.” But, (F/N), you just watched me. .” It sounded like Markiplier, but more distorted and radio sounding.

“You… Can’t be him.” You glanced at his pale, what looked like grey to you, arms as they tightened a bit more around your neck. It could be your imagination but you saw what looked like black smog creeping around you.

Then you saw Not- So Mark smirk in the reflection of your computer screen. ” Oh but I am… But Far more, Dark than he is.” He released a soft chuckle, his right hand lifted up and he placed his finger tips on your chin. It was just a soft touch, a cold one but it made you want to melt none the less. “Answer me this… Why did it take you so long?”

” For… For what? To watch this?“ You bit your bottom lip.” I…uh… had recently become a fan and I wanted to wait til October.“ You answered calmly even though your heart was racing. You figured that as long as you went along with whatever he was getting at that nothing bad would happen…

He slowly released your neck, causing you to sigh in relief but that relief wasn’t for long. He grabbed onto the back of your chair, tipping it backwards thus making you fall down with it.

“AHH!” You screamed, not expecting this. you then looked up to see that the man was staring at you. It was definitely Markiplier’s face but… his eyes and skin were different. His eyes were a handsome, dark bloody crimson and the sclera were black instead of white and it was clear that his skin was the pale grey you saw before.

"Oh, how cute.” his smirk grew as he saw the growing fear in your (E/C) eyes.“ In a way, I’m flattered.” He kneels down onto one knee and placed his left hand upon your cheek, caressing it gently which caused you flinch and your cheeks turning a soft shade of pink when he was inches away from your face. “October is the best month for frights.“

Not-so Mark’s face suddenly glitches into something distorted and creepy. His eyes looked completely hollow, nothing inside but black smog seeping out and his mouth began to look jagged like a scary jack-o-lantern craving, the black smog seeping out of that as well. The noises that he had made were unsettling. Gurgles and maniacal laughing. Black sludge hanging from his jagged lips.

Your eyes widen, pupils becoming small. Your heart raced even faster than before. Your entire body shaking as you stared at the abomination.

You released a scream just before you felt the black smog consume your entire body and entered inside of you.

Everything became black as you passed out.